Northwest Native: Outfits Lately, Vol. 3

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Outfits Lately, Vol. 3

I haven't posted one of these in about two months! Luckily, I took hardly any outfit pictures in that time, so this shouldn't be overwhelmingly long.

A few things: I've decided not to link to jeans unless they are exact (or a unique color/style), because most of my jeans are pretty basic dark-ish wash jeans, and I don't feel like it's necessary to find similars because they're everywhere. It also came to my attention after my last outfit post, that people are super nitpicky. Sorry not sorry, but not everything 'similar' that I link is going to be an exact freaking replica. Also, if the item I have is from past years, but they keep releasing the item each year with minor adjustments, I'm just going to link to it. Someone was very upset last time that my gray Old Navy poncho isn't the exact same as the one from this year that I linked. In the beginning of my first outfit post, I included this disclaimer, but in the last one I didn't. So I guess I'll just summarize this in every post so people don't flip out on me anymore.

Wednesday, November 9
Sweater (similar) - Jeans - Booties

Wednesday, November 16
Sweater (similar in solid gray) - Necklace (similar) - Booties

Thursday, November 17
Sweater jacket - Boots (similar: spend, save, steal)

Tuesday, November 22
Top (in black/in pink/in blue & red) - Necklace - Jeans (similar, similar) - Boots (similar: spendsavesteal)

Monday, November 28
Sweater (similar) - Tee - Necklace (similar) - Boots (similar)

Tuesday, November 29

Wednesday, November 30
Sweater - Scarf (similar) - Leggings - Boots (similar: spendsavesteal)

Thursday, December 1
Sweater (similar) - Scarf (similar) - Booties

Wednesday, December 7
Vest (similar) - Tee (similar) - Boots
This is a thermal tee with a badass penguin wearing a leather jacket. It's a few years old from American Eagle and I love it. Searching for a similar shirt was dangerous because I wanted all of the penguin things I came across!

Thursday, December 22

Sunday, December 25
Sweater - Scarf (similar) - Lipstick
Not an outfit post, I know. But I wanted to show my sweater and scarf (that were Christmas gifts)...until I realized I wore them both in the next outfit. Oh well, at least I can also tell you about my new favorite lipstick from Glossier! I sent my Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange a week late, and it was shipping to Canada so it took longer (I'm a terrible co-host, I know). Cassie was interested in trying Glossier lip products, which I had never heard of. Since I was going to have to ship it to myself and then pay to ship Cassie's package, I decided to throw in another one for myself to get free shipping. I chose 'Jam' thinking it may have been a mistake since I rarely wear lipstick and it's pretty dark, but I am in love. It is totally matte, and if you put it on with nothing over or under it, it basically doesn't come off at all. I'll sometimes layer just Chapstick over the top (or under) if my lips are dry, but if I don't, I can drink coffee and not leave a lip print! Basically, it's the greatest and I want 'Zip' & 'Crush' now.

Wednesday, December 28
Sweater - Top (three other colors 40% off here) - Scarf (similar) - Boots (similar)

Tuesday, January 3

Wednesday, January 4
These are the best tights ever. I don't want to wear any other tights as long as I live. Also, this dress is crazy soft (and on clearance in all six colors!).

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  1. Stripes are always my go-to in a top. But I also really love that burgundy peplum top! So pretty!

  2. Why are you so cute and stylish?? That lipstick looks fabulous on you! I love dark, wine colors.

    Link drama, eh? That's kinda weird... I definitely expect "similar" links to be slightly (or very) different. Plus, what looks good on you might look terrible on me!

  3. I had the polar bear version of that penguin thermal from AE and it was one of my favourite shirts. And then it got caught in the industrial dryer at camp one summer and tore. I was so sad...even though it was quite a few years old.

  4. I love that grey striped sweater.
    & that last dress is ADORABLE!!!!

  5. So many cute outfits, Mattie! I love the "tough" penguin top. And ALL your boots! I have a tough time with finding boots that fit. I'm short, so sometimes they are too tall and I also have fat calves. Boo!

  6. omg, whaaat?! at people being mad about what you're linking? Looove that sweater jacket & now I'm mindlessly clicking through the nordstrom rack website, haha. Love all of your sweaters and you're giving me inspiration to start wearing more of my scarves again!

  7. You have really great fall style, you know that? Also, Jam looks fantastic on you! You look so pretty in it. I'm happy I could introduce you to the brand :D Thank you so much again for all of the goodies!

  8. Love these outfits! I only started taking an interest in fashion a few months ago so this is fun for inspiration!

  9. Love these! I think my favorite is the sweater from Wednesday Nov 30th :)

  10. That penguin shirt is so cute, and I love the vest that you have paired with it too! Then again I love anything that's plaid!

  11. You know I think you're so adorable! I love to seeing all your super cute outfits! That top from November 22, give it to me, ha ha! There's that cute Huntergreen dress, love it and I certainly cannot live without tights,

  12. Major dramatic eye roll about people complaining about a link. I'm surprised you even took the time to find something similar! I'd be like "eh, it doesn't exist anymore. so there."

    You're adorable, these outfits are adorable. :)

  13. The internet would shudder to a halt if I posted my outfit photos. Yours are great!

  14. Loving all the stripes :) People need to get over themselves for what you link. I think providing something similar is totally acceptable and people will find any reason to bitch!

  15. I love that flora shirt. So pretty. My girls have a similar poncho sweater that they wore for our Christmas photos. I loved theirs and now you have one. I need to get my hands on one too. People are way too nitpicky. I love your outfit posts.

  16. Do you ever think to yourself "someone just yelled at me over the internet about a grey sweater, what is life?" Blogland is weird. Super cute outfits as always!

  17. How odd you got yelled at. Im not sure what part of 'similar' isn't clear.
    Rock it sister! Xo

  18. You just can't beat sweaters and leggings! They are so cute/comfy and stylish! Great assortment of outfits!

  19. I love all of your outfits. Seriously, can you dress me? The OTK brown boots! The patterned blouse with purple flowers! The plaid vest! Cozy sweaters! GAH. Heart-eyes 4eva.

    Also, I usually don't even bother linking to "similar" items because so many of my clothes are ancient, hah.

  20. Cute outfits.. I have the jan 3rd maroon top.
    cute fox scarf and pendants

  21. LOL are you serious? i can't believe people are that nit picky, not to mention rude. when i link things, i rarely do similar, and if i see someone wearing something that i like but its sold out, i consider it my responsibility to find something similar if i want it, not theirs. bugger off weird people. rude.
    love all of your outfits, and that photo of you two is precious. that lipstick is gorgeous on you!

  22. oh you are looking wonderful!!!!! Outfits 3, 5 & 7 sing to my soul! I love them. What a good job at documenting your fits. I love how there's so many to look at! And could you guys look happier in your pic?

  23. Are people really that nitpicky about these outfit posts!? Sheesh, I just think it's fun to see what everyone is wearing these days :) Though I understand if it's a coat/top/shoe/whatever I really want but like, come on. LOL...

    Anyway, that said everything is adorable and those boots are to die for adorbs! Also need to look into this lipstick. I don't wear much makeup, but I hate a pout that leaves smudges on coffee cups (or other glasses). Love all your outfits (the second sweater especially!). Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, OH! And I love all the Kate Spade things too!


  24. where did you get the fox coffee mug