Northwest Native: Gonna be materialistic for a minute.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gonna be materialistic for a minute.

So, both of our Christmases are now over. We celebrated with Michael's family this past weekend. I am always more excited to give gifts than to receive them, because I try to pick things that will make people happy. When they opened their presents on Sunday, both of my sisters-in-law told me I was really good at giving gifts, which is the best compliment I've received this year (that will be my only New Year joke, swear).

As much as I love giving, sometimes you get things that you're so excited about and love so much that you want to share them with the world (or the seven people who read your blog...same dif). I realized that some of the things I received just made me want to buy more I added my 'wish list' below each section. I'm hoping to spend less on clothes/shoes/etc this year in favor of other things, particularly things for our house, so you'll probably notice that theme in the wish lists. I also figured this post would help explain my empty budget post in December (and hopefully in months to come).

Tech-y Things

I mentioned in passing to Michael that I probably should upgrade my Kindle eventually, though my super old one still worked, and he got me a Kindle Fire! I am loving it. I like that the screen is lit, so I can read in the dark if Michael's sleeping or something. The battery life isn't as good as my old Kindle just because this one does a lot more. But I'm cool with it.

When we were at Michael's family's house over the weekend, we learned the magic of the Echo Dot from Amazon. They have theirs connected to their lights and thermostat too. And then we opened our own for Christmas! And now I want to buy this thermostat and light switches that connect to the Echo Dot so I can fulfill my lifelong (okay, since 1999) dream of living in a real live Smart House.

Wish list: Thermostat

Kate Spade Things

I remember last year saying it was the "Kate Spade Christmas," and this year was no different. It may have contained even more Kate Spade than last year. People just know what I like (and it helps that my mom, and mother-in-law and sisters-in-law all love KS too).
I asked for the wallet when I stumbled on it during the surprise sale and immediately emailed it to my mom, so it's not available anymore. My SILs each got me earrings: the anchors and foxes (she didn't even know I was obsessed with foxes!). My mom gave me the abalone studs. The purse is little (the penguin wallet almost doesn't fit!) but I've been wanting a black purse for a while, so it was a nice surprise.
Not pictured, my mom bought me a polka-dotted apron that matches my teapot. The apron has measurement conversions inside the hem (like these ones do). Last year she got me some cute KS black and white dish towels, and now I'm even more determined to just deck out our kitchen with her polka dot stuff! My mom also got me this adorable pancake kit. Can't wait to wear my apron and make cute pancakes. :) Michael and I each got a mug too!

Wish list: Colander, canisters, baking dish, mixing bowls, utensil holder

Clothing Things

Another burgundy, peplum-esque, scallop-trimmed, lacey, side-tie, long-sleeve top. I don't know if there was ever a top that contained that many details that I love! I liked the blush one too, but it was a little too sheer; I didn't want to have to wear a tank underneath.
I asked for (and got) this penguin sweater from my mom, and then my SIL got it for me too! Obviously, this is another very 'me' thing.
The softest grandpa cardigan you ever did see in the 'grey griffin' color.
This turtleneck dress in the 'solid hunter' aka best jewel tone ever. Bonus: my MIL said she bought it full price and it's now on clearance so they may be able to price match it and give me a gift card for the difference!

My mom also got me the cutest long-sleeve navy and white striped peplum top, but since it was a surprise aka I didn't ask for it, I don't know how to find it!

Wish list: I actually don't want much, but I have Old Navy rewards and I'm considering putting them towards activewear (this or this) and/or this cardi-coat.

Other Home Things

I gave my mom the idea to buy the Portland map from Ork Posters because we'd been meaning to buy it ever since we moved here (we have the Seattle one already) and I'm so excited to find a place to hang both of them up together!
Michael and I always seem to get each other the same thing/themed gifts accidentally. One year we both got each other copper mugs and Moscow mule supplies, the next year we got each other Packers hoodies, and this year I got him the Harry Potter illustrated versions (book #1 and book #2 are the only ones that are out so far), and he got me a Kindle Fire and...
I mean, that's Harry Potter/book themed, right?! I so love this mug.

Wish list: Print (for the coffee bar!), pet portraits of Flora and Tully

Mom: If you're reading this and I didn't include something you got for me, it's probably because I forgot/don't want to ramble. :) I loved absolutely everything I got this year. The only things that needed to be returned were because I/we already had them or they didn't fit. And that's how I want to continue this year (and, well, forever): only buying things that I will actually wear/use/need/etc.

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  1. Very nice Kate Spade haul!! My mom got us the first two illustrated HP books too! Well, they are "for Camden" but I'm counting them as a gift to me as well.

  2. Having a lit-up Kindle is wonderful (I now use the Kindle Paperwhite, which has a backlight, so a little different from a Kindle Fire, but it has that function).

    That penguin wallet from Kate Spade is really cute!

  3. Those anchor earrings are so cute! I received a KS earring/necklace set last Christmas and it's still one of my favourite things.

  4. I am in LOVE with all things Kate Spade, especially those anchor earrings! I actually just received an anchor necklace for my birthday, but not KS. And I love that your mug came with a mini spoon/wand! Buying only what you need/will utilize is a great goal for this year and one I'm working on as well. Great presents!

  5. hehe I love it. Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. We had a lot of fun picking things out for people this year! :) I love all of the cute earrings etc. that you got, and it's so nice that you have a Kindle Fire now! I didn't get a ton of clothes but feel like I bought a big chunk in October/November... so maybe I'm good to go.. I might need reminded I said this in a month or so... HA Happy new Year! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. That HP mug!!!!!!
    I so adore my Kindle Fire but I literally have to charge it every other day... but I do use it quit a bit - I use it for audio books in my car & use it for movies at lunch at work. It does get used daily though.

  7. Whoop whoop! I love seeing everything you got. You have great taste and your family knows it! I just ordered two of those soft turtleneck dresses from Nordstrom, I cannot wait to get them. My husband really thinks we need to get the echo dot and I think he's right, ha ha!

  8. I LOVE the Harry Potter mug! I've been looking at getting that one but my husband told me that I am not allowed to get anymore coffee mugs. Boo! :(

  9. Yay for all the Kate Spade stuff and cute clothes!!! We have had the amazon echo for a year now and our tv, thermastat, lights and even our Christmas tree was hooked up to it. It is so fabulous and I never want to have to get to to change the temp again lol.

  10. I love the blue stone earrings & the fox earrings too. So cute.

  11. I got myself the Fire for Christmas and I'm not sure I love it, but it's my first tablet/ereader, so I'll live. Lol.
    And yay for Harry Potter things!

  12. We got the dot as a gift and now I want lights that connect to it too, haha. Looove your penguin wallet and HP mug! The illustrated books are definitely going on my wish list and I love that you and Michael are always on the same wave length with what you gift each other!

  13. The Smart House reference is everything. Hahaha. We got a dot, too!
    My ears aren't pierced, but those fox earrings are obviously adorbs. Haha! Our kitchen is bright colors and I love it!
    I freakin' love the HP theme between you and Michael! My m.i.l. got me the 2nd illustrated book :) I want pet portraits of L&E, too!!

    *I'm glad you did a post like this! I was thinking about doing something similar. I think I'm going to go with an "Amazon-ing" post :)

  14. I don't think it's materialistic to be happy with your gifts! they sound great. and it sounds like you returned the favor in spades. I love those portland maps, I really need to get one.

  15. You got a lot of amazing stuff. I am loving the KS stuff. And the penguin sweater. So cool. And definitely brag. I want the Echo and thermostat too!!!

  16. That Kate Spade wallet is adorable! I got a sky blue Kate Spade bag for early winter/spring from my mother in law, and I pretty much squealed opening it up! Also, my in laws gave us an Echo dot for Christmas. At first we were like why?! but we are having so much fun with it!

  17. LOVE everything. So cute! The idea to print conversions on an apron is flippin' GENIUS. People are just so smart, sometimes.

  18. I'm getting the Echo with $$ from my mom and step dad - they're out of stock until the end of January. Now you make me want the smart thermostat! LOL

  19. congrats on buying nothing in december girl!
    i have a kindle fire as well and i love it. very true about the battery, but i don't mind. i love that it's lit and the covers are in colour - my old one was just a list of books and it would take me forever to find something.
    i love that you and michael get each other the same things/themed things. hilarious! love the mug.

  20. That's great that you got an Amazon Dot! We got one during Black Friday and my husband bought the outlets and it was so awesome to be able to tell Alexa to turn off and on Christmas! Also a new Kindle is always really exciting too!

  21. That penguin wallet is everything. The end.
    I enjoy gift-giving as well and would take it as a great compliment if I was told what your sisters-in-law said to you.

  22. You got some really awesome stuff for Christmas! We want to get a smart thermostat someday too as I think it would help with our utility bills (maybe... maybe not, haha). I love that you referenced Smart House.. great movie! The Kate Spade stuff is so cute! Your family knows you so well, haha, penguins & foxes! I've never heard of Ork posters before but I love them. They don't have an Omaha one unfortunately but I might have to get the Denver one!