Northwest Native: The Halls are Decked.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Halls are Decked.

Today I'm sharing my Christmas decor! I feel like no one probably cares about this but me, but it's my blog, so I'm the only one who needs to care about it, right? Right.

We'll start with the tree. Our very first Christmas tree! In our apartment years we just had this little tiny fake tree from IKEA. Also, #NobleFirsForever. Also also, we got the tree Sunday night and I didn't remember to water it until yesterday morning. Maybe a fake tree is the way to go for us...
Here are just a few of my favorite ornaments.
We got ornaments every year growing up, and 90% of mine were penguins because I love them so. This is my favorite penguin. And I love this umbrella from Pike Place Market!
I love foxes, and my mom gave me a set of two of these guys this year.
Our first married Christmas ornament, that I didn't order until January last year and of course it's penguins. My mom bought me this ornament on Sunday when we were shopping. :) I love me some deer decor around'll see below.
My mom's friend's daughter used to babysit us and she's also my hairdresser. She gave me our wedding present late last year, when I went for a haircut in December. She decorates ornaments and sells them, and she gifted us five or six. I love this one!
We went on a road trip to Montana in 2013. It was so much fun and I love our ornament.
You saw these in yesterday's post, but I couldn't leave out my Harry Potter and Hagrid ornaments. (These were Hallmark ornaments years and years ago.)

Next to the tree/fireplace is this guy. The lights blink, alternating red and green.

The fireplace! From left to right: Michael, Flora, Tully, me. I'm a freak and I've coordinated the stocking hangers too. Michael gets Santa because he has a beard (duh), I get the penguin because penguins are my favorite, and of the two left, Flora gets the reindeer because she's (dark) brown and graceful like a deer, and Tully gets the snowman because she's light-colored (and she's not overweight, but she's not sleek like Flora, so the fluffiness works too).

Bath and Body Works candle and sleeve.

Ugh, ignore the dust.

What did I tell you about deer decor?

Couldn't figure out where to put this. It has a hook to hang it on the wall, but it's pretty small. My mom suggested I put it on our tree and I probably will!

Another deer.

Bathroom door.

Closet door.

Coffee bar (and another deer).

Love my hipster Santa towels! I got them at Ross pretty recently.

This is in front of you at the kitchen sink...

...and this is the other side.

My string lights keep randomly going out and it's a pain to turn the green ones back on with the ornaments on top of the battery pack, so I actually moved them so they're entwined with the red ones across the counter.

The Christmas countdown was on our windowsill, but when we got our tree I moved it here.

This star has snowflakes on it, but it's so small and high up that I might just leave it up all year...

Sooo dark, sorry. I put this on our curtain tie back before we got our tree. I could switch it over, but I kind of like it here. Especially because it's so big.

Just two little snowmen.

Now that our TV is on our fireplace, I love decorating our entertainment center as a console table.

Bonus...this isn't Christmas-y, but I finally started on the gallery wall in the dining room! I need some smaller pieces to put below and above the mirror.

Since our table is so small, I just have a candle ring (that my mom gave me over the weekend) and a gold glitter faux candle (that I got just last night at Home Goods).

Funny story: I ordered a magnetic wreath hook from Amazon, because the over-the-door hook I bought doesn't work with our door. I could've sworn our front door was metal...turns out it's wood. #fail But our door from the kitchen to the garage is metal, so I'm going to hang something there.

I also need a doormat for our front door (I want this one), a tree topper, and a tree skirt I bought a tree skirt last night at Home Goods and holy cow did I want to buy everything in the store, and I have the below 'Merry Christmas' sign I need to hang up somewhere. And a cute little bathroom hand towel that I didn't take a picture of. :)
The tree skirt.
I need to figure out where to put this!

Most of my decor is from Real Deals, hand-me-downs from my mom, or from stores like Ross/TJ Maxx/Target/etc. If you have questions about a specific thing, if I know where I got it, I'll let you know!

Linking up with Victoria and Sarah for their Christmas link-up, and Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday (a day late).

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  1. I love hearing the stories behind Christmas tree ornaments! No two trees are ever the same and there's always a meaning behind each ornament, even if it's a simple this is my favourite animal. And I love Flora's stocking, for some reason white stockings are my favourite!

  2. *raises hand* I care about it! I freakin' love holiday decor. And I'm nosy so I like to see people's houses... :D

    We have those stocking hooks, too! Although mine came with two snowmen... not a reindeer :( (And I didn't use them this year. I hung the stockings differently.)
    I love your entertainment center. And I freakin' love all the deer decor! I like the 'woodland' look when it comes to Christmas decorations!
    Everything's so beautifully decorated! Looks great!

  3. I love how you have decorated your home!! It looks so amazing. I love your coffee bar!

  4. Looking good! I'm putting some of my pics up Friday. I figure, why not?

    I love the bag that has the flowers in it. That's a crappy way to describe it, but you know what I mean right? LOL

  5. I wanted to see your Christmas decor! So thanks for sharing ;) I love everything. Everything, really. We just got some of this battery pack lights and I'm already tired of them, ha!

    I'll take three Get Your Jingle On signs, please! ;)

  6. It's all so festive!!! Love it!
    I love you're little coffee bar!!!
    I'm a sucker for christmas pillows. I cant ever have them with Harvey so I envy everyone elses

  7. I love seeing people's homes decorated for Christmas. Your place looks gorgeous! Your tree looks fabulous and love how the ornaments have meaning to you, that's so important I think. Of course, the HP ornaments are adorable and favorites. I love the red/gold wall deer and the hispter Santa too. I may have to see if my Ross has some! Out of curiosity, the string lights you have in the large vase - those are battery operated? May I ask where you purchased them? I'm looking for something similar for a gift I'm working on. Thanks!

  8. Love that deer pillow! I wish I was getting my decor on right now, but we're travelling the next province over for the holidays. Currently getting my wrap on so we're good to go well in advance!

  9. Wow so much to love about this post. I love all things deer too. So cute. And I have a ton of penguin ornaments from when I was little because I loved them too! I think you did a great job decorating your house. Love that you picked out the stocking hangers based on a beard, penguin love and the color of your dogs. Sounds like something I would do. Love Christmas pillows and I didn't get any yet. Boo.

  10. I looove seeing everyone's holiday decor, so I'm so glad you shared this! We missed a day watering our tree and I swear half (not really) the needles fell off...that is one chore I'm not a fan of! I love everything (I feel like we have the same taste), but the little penguin with ice skates might be my favorite! so cute!

  11. Other bloggers totally care about Christmas decorations! So many meaningful ornaments! Love them

  12. holy moly girl your christmas decor is out of this world! you're awesome. i love all the penguin ornaments, so freaking cute. it seems like everyone did the ornament a year thing growing up, i'm going to complain to my mum and ask why i didn't get one and demand 30 ornaments by next christmas.
    i've never had (or seen in real life) a real tree and would 100% forget to water it, just like i forget to water plants (inside or outside lol)

  13. Once I had a large tree, but now I have a small one that sits on the table although at the moment it is still in a box on top of the cupboard can't get Tim to get it down I keep asking he keeps saying yeah he will do it soon and still not done

  14. I love deer decor at Christmas, too! Thanks for linking up with us today!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  15. That just married penguin ornament is the best - so cute!

  16. Your house looks AWESOME... but let's also talk about what a BABE you are in your wedding dress on your sidebar! Stunning! Thanks for linking up with us! XO

  17. Look at you being all festive and shit. Lol! No but seriously all your decorations are cute. I love your first ornament.
    Do your dogs mess with the tree? Ours do. Lol

  18. Your house is so freaking festive. I'm jealous! (We don't have a single decoration up and really need to get our act together.) Love the hipster Santa towels, and I think we just got those fox ornaments as a gift! Are they from Home Goods?!

  19. I care, I care. I LOVE your decor. I am deer crazy right now and especially plaids! Your house looks cozy and inviting. Good job festive babe. My home tour is This upcoming Monday and I'm already thinking, what can I add next year, lol.

  20. OMG You have the cutest stuff!! I love that deer pillow and all those ornaments! This year we basically just have a tree up and some apple cinnamon candles set about. Not enough for me to post a home tour haha ;)

  21. Awwww, I love all of these pictures! Your decor is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing your decor with us... now I feel like the biggest Christmas slacker for not throwing up snowflakes all over the apartment, LOL. Must get on that. Stat.

    I love your hipster towels--and the ornaments :) Adorable.


  22. Looooove your Christmas decor!! And I really like that deer pillow. This inspired me to do one of my own... hopefully it makes it live :)

  23. LOVE all your decor! I squealed at that fox ornament! So cute.

  24. I love all of your decorations! I need to check out Home Goods for some decorations because I barely have any! I also pretty much like anything with a deer on it too, haha.

  25. I really like your decorations! I always enjoy seeing how other people decorate for Christmas! I love all the deer stuff! I've noticed all my decorations are woodland creatures. Lots of deer and birds!

  26. Your decor is so sweet; I love all the deer. I agree with your mom.. put the little Christmas sign in the tree!

  27. the hipster santa stuff AND the hipster santa mug! by the way your coffee bar is my favorite thing ever (for obvious reasons, too). and the harry potter ornaments!!! <3 i love it.

  28. Love your decorations! I have so many ornaments that have sentimental value and meaning and it's so special to have things like that in your life :)

  29. Your home and all the decorations look lovely.. puts you right in the holiday spirit.

  30. Love everything, especially that cute little fox ornament!