Northwest Native: Currently... [December 2016]

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Currently... [December 2016]

I don't do a currently post every month, but I didn't want to let this whole week go by without at least one post, and this seemed like the easiest way to include everything I wanted to include. :)

Loving... That we got snow! Also, that I was able to work from home on my four snow days (last Thursday & Friday and the Thursday & Friday before that--two separate snow 'storms'). I also love that the snow is (hopefully) done for a while now, because I don't want to miss out on Christmas with my family.
Pictures are from the first snow. We got more the second time around, but of course, I took no pictures.

Staycationing... The weekend before this past weekend, Michael and I took a little 'staycation' in Portland! We stayed on the water and did a bunch of fun things like brunch at Portland City Grill, a craft fair at the expo center, happy hour hopping, and more!
Scenes from just outside our hotel. Love the fog!
The view from Portland City Grill.
The other view from Portland City Grill. :)
Downtown. The building on the right is Pioneer Courthouse, and just beyond it is Pioneer Courthouse Square, where Portland's Christmas tree is.

Laughing... At how true some Portland stereotypes are. One stereotype is that people are overly nice here. One example is in an episode of Portlandia, they show a four way stop, with two cars that kept waving the other one to go first. Then they would both start going, and stop abruptly, and try to wave the other one to go. And that went on forever. Anyway, Michael and I wanted to get a picture of this statue with the wreath on it, and cars were actually trying to slow down to a crawl or stop so they wouldn't be in our pictures! It was hilarious, kind of heartwarming, and also kind of embarrassing. I just wanted them to go about their business as usual and not disturb them!

Drinking... Tons of homemade lattes (well, during my snow days I was) from my new favorite mug. This mug is from Powell's (famed Portland bookstore) and I think I first saw it maybe a year ago and wanted it, but didn't buy it. I saw it again at our local Powell's store, and the next time they didn't have it anymore, so I thought it was a lost cause. When I saw it at the original Powell's I made sure to snatch it up this time!
One of Portland's nicknames is Rip City, and the drip of course refers to rain/coffee.

Wrapping... I finally wrapped all the presents I have so far over the weekend. I found my wrapping paper at Walgreens for $3 a roll and I love it. I have a thing for trucks/cars carrying Christmas trees. (See this doormat that I still want and haven't yet purchased.) I meant to take pictures of some wrapped gifts...but I forgot, so this is what you get.

I'll be back here next week! :)

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  1. I LOVE that you guys did a little staycation! I think that's adorable!

    We've had lots of snow and ice, but it haven't stopped our plans :) Life must go on in the Midwest when snow hits the fan. Haha.

    I love that mug. And that paper. I'm such a sucker for cute wrapping paper! Target & Marshalls are my go-to!

  2. I love staycations! It's been a while since K and I have really been able to go out and enjoy NYC. Alas, I've had to spend a lot more than $3 a roll on wrapping paper (the drugstore near the office only stocks fancy Papyrus-branded wrapping paper, ack!).

  3. Staycations are my favourite, travelling is the worst part vacation and exploring things close to home usually eliminates the airport factor! That wrapping paper is really cute. Wrapping paper is one of those things I buy a whole year in advance during after Christmas sales. The downside is that I have to wait a whole year to use it!

  4. Yay for the first snow! And stay cations are so much fun!

  5. Oh fun! We got a bit of snow last weekend and we sort of 100% staycationed in our own house. heheh It was kind of awesome.. I'd like to get more snow... but now it's supposed to be 61 degrees on Christmas day here... LOL I love that wrapping paper. I would love to visit portland, we haven't been yet. I like that people were so considerate, but that is also hilarious. :P XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. LOL to the niceness of people in Portland! I doubt anyone in Philly would even notice you were trying to take a picture... or maybe that's just because I walk super aggressively in the city and know that *I* wouldn't notice, haha. That wrapping paper you got is super cute! I'm envious of anyone who can wrap gifts without wasting half the roll. And ugh snow. We had a touch of snow/wintry mix over the weekend, and I was totally freaked out about driving in it... and it's only December. Wahhh!

  7. Have a great week... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & your hubby!!!

  8. Hooray for snow days! I'm glad that Texans aren't the only people that pretty much shut down if there's some snow on the ground. I love that Powell's Mug! We visited Powell's when we were in Portland and I loved it so much! I could have spent forever in there!

  9. Great views from the Grill!

    Love that mug.

    I got away from Currently posts this year, but I really do like them.

  10. The car/truck carrying a tree is definitely my current Christmas favorite thing (aside from nutcrackers), I have an indoor rug from Target that we got last year that I love. The niceness of Portland sounds amazing, because cars here don't even stop at crosswalks, let alone slow down, haha. Happy almost Christmas :)

  11. Your staycation sounds like fun! I think it's such a nice way to relax sometimes! Yay for snow! Do your dogs like it?

  12. We've gotten a fair amount of snow over here in Boise too! I'm hoping we will get more on Christmas! Your staycation sounds fun! Growing up near Seattle, we never really spent much time in Portland, so there is still a lot of places I want to check out there! I have been to Powell's though! And would really like to go back!
    OMG that is so funny about the niceness of people in Portland! We always complain about how rude people here are, and my dad always says "At least people in Seattle will give you a friendly wave after cutting you off in traffic!"

  13. LOVE Portlandia and totally remember that skit - being nice is well...nice, but so different than here in NYC where no one would EVER get out of your way for a pic!

  14. I love that coffee cup. So stinking cute. And how much fun to do a staycation. I used to do those and feel like we should do another. Love the picture of the snow and your tree and mantle. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  15. Girl, I legitimately want everything that has a car on it hauling a Christmas tree on its roof. It's too cute! Merry Christmas!!

  16. The only vacation we will be having over the Christmas holidays is a staycation as well with some day trips out with Jessica and Leo and maybe one with Jess, Leo, Kelli, Daemon and Blain to a dinosaur park

  17. Yay for staycations! They're always so much fun :)

    Edye | Http://

  18. Love the idea of a staycation. I really like exploring what's around me as well. I'e never been to Portland, but I'd love to go sometime. I didn't realize they were known for being nice. That's hilarious about you trying to get the picture, but too sweet as well!


  19. love the photos in this post, lady. i hope the holidays weren't too rough for you. i managed to get through them in one piece. :]