Northwest Native: Why I'm An Adult

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why I'm An Adult

Disclaimer: A lot of these have to do with getting married/combining my life with another human's life, but there are tons of unmarried people who are way more adulty than I am. These are things that make me feel adulty, not things you need to be/do to be an adult, obviously.

Disclaimer #2: Posted late because I had it allll written and forgot to schedule it! Yikes!

I posted why I'm not an adult last week, so check that out too. And then link up with Lexi and I for Weekly Lessons!

I got married.

I changed my last name. Like, seriously. The government allowed me to legally change my name. I'm still kind of surprised by this.

We bought a house. Even though we had to borrow a large sum of money from family to afford the down payment, we own a house.

One time, when pretending my mom was Google, she told me, "I don't know. Google it." So I actually had to find something out myself, can you believe that?!

We bought a car.

Time goes by so quickly. Is it just me, or did time drag forever when you were little? A year was like seven lifetimes. A month was an eternity. We would take a six-ish hour road trip every summer to see my grandparents, and every time I asked how much longer (probably like five times per trip) my parents would answer in how many Gumby episodes (not that I was watching it in the car, but that's how I could comprehend time). I still trudge my way through the week and say hallelujah when Friday comes, but this past year has been the shortest year of my life. In less than a month, it'll be our first anniversary. It feels like we got married a month ago. Whenever I would wish time away ("I wish my birthday would get here!") my dad would warn me not to. I rolled my eyes then, but now I know just how right he was.
We pay for car insurance and health insurance.

I make my own appointments, which I hate and dread, but I still do it. (Though, as you know, I still don't have a PCP or a dentist here.)

Speaking of the dentist, I floss daily.

I got blood drawn twice recently and I didn't even freak out that much. I mean, I'm never going to be one of those people who donates blood, but I'm no longer that person who freaks the nurse out so badly with her nervousness that she makes the doctor do it.

I pay student loans...unfortunately.

I get excited about purchasing things like a vacuum, a new bed frame, a new mattress, a new end table. I was also excited to receive our robot vacuum, but I think my level of excitement over that categorizes it as a, "Why I'm Not An Adult" bullet point.

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  1. Time through Gumby episodes hahaha, I'm dying! Mostly because yeah, that's what makes sense as a kid... I used to do that but through how many Arthur episodes.

    Time seriously goes faster as an adult. I 100% believe that.

    Isn't making appointments the worst? When, as adults, do we get personal assistants who will schedule all the appointments, hmm?

  2. Adult purchases are the best and worst. Also, how does $500 disappear so fast? It seemed like SO MUCH MONEY when I was younger. And Christmas is here and gone before I blink! It took YEARS for Christmas to arrive when I was a kid. *sigh*
    I'm still refusing to make a dentist appointment. Although I did go to the eye dr. last week.

  3. My grandmother always told me the older you get, the faster the time passes.... nothing ever was more true in my life than that statement.
    I to this day hate going to the doctor without my momma :)

  4. Hahaha nothing reminds you that you are an adult like getting excited about household needs such as vacuums, new towels, etc. And time really does just fly by these days! I swear this is the fastest year there ever was.

  5. YES to getting excited about buying a vacuum! Ditto for things like a coffee maker or washer dryer combo. I think you hit official adult status when going to Home Depot to look at paving stones and pick up lawn fertilizer sounds like a fun evening activity.

  6. Gumby episodes! Haha, that's so cute. I get overly excited about new house things too. I remember when I first moved out on my own and learned to cook meat via Youtube videos (my mom almost never cooked) and I was sooo proud of myself! It's like that scene in Stepbrothers when Will Ferrell holds the toilet paper over his head in success lol!

  7. for real though, KC has this super boring/sciencey explanation for why time goes by faster as you get older. it's really simple actually, as an adult we have more time behind us so we know a day is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. as a kid, we don't have a lot of time behind us, and a lot of what IS behind us is forgotten - most kids don't remember the first couple of years of their lives, so years/months are unfathomable to them, and weeks/days are eternities. but as an adult we've done a million and one things... does that make sense? KC explains it way better lol.
    you should get excited, a new vacuum is a huge amazing thing! i want a new bed frame. actually, i just want a bed frame. our bed is on the floor. talk about not being an adult lol.

  8. I always marvel at how fast time goes by, I think it drives Brian crazy because I'm always like "can you believe at this time last week (or year, or month, or yesterday!) we were doing such and such?" Haha

  9. I love the telling time by Gumby episodes! Chris told me when he was really little, his parents used to do that with Barney episodes. I get super excited about appliance purchases too!

  10. I was just thinking about the last one! My husband found a great deal on a couch that was exactly what I wanted (a beige or white shade, that won't show our dogs' hair, and not leather). 12-year-old me would not have understood 28-year-old me being excited about it.

  11. I remember my grandfather always warning us kids that when we got older, time would move quicker. Dang it. He was right!

  12. Yup to all of these! When I first got married and bought our house, I always felt like an imposter!

    Buying new appliances makes me way more excited than it should!

    The student loans are probably the worst part of adulating!

  13. UGH paying for insurance and student loans is the worsttt. I'm always like, "How did I have so much more money when I worked part-time and got paid way less? Oh, that's right--NO BILLS because I was in grad school and on my parents' insurance!" Those were the days... Sometimes, my dad will surprise me and pay my bill at the dentist and it's pretty much the greatest gift ever. #sad I've gotten way better with blood draws too in recent years! Only mild hyperventilating! haha

  14. Adulting is SO hard. However, I was told that I came out of the womb like a little adult. I never played with my siblings or cousins when we had family get togethers, I sat with the "grownups" & listened to their conversations & drank the lil bit of Miller Lite that wouldn't fit into my grandfather's glass right from the can. Ha, ha!

  15. i get excited about buying things from williams sonoma (and girl, when i was a ws employee, i got even more excited). this is worth mentioning because a) i don't cook; and b) i live with my parents at present, so i don't really have a kitchen, so i have absolutely NO NEED to buy anything from there.

  16. Ha ha, YES to all of these. I always felt like I would still be able to get away with feeling non-adult some of the time, but now that I have a kid, that pretty much has gone out the window forever...and also now that I'm turning 30 tomorrow...YIKES!!

  17. Being an adult sometimes sucks. I hate paying all the bills, going to the doctor more often and not being as careful as I used to. But there are definitely some perks to it.

  18. Yesss, what is with time going by so fast once you grow up? Loving your measurement of it in gumby episodes when you were little.