Northwest Native: Love/Hate/Personal [9.19.16]

Monday, September 19, 2016

Love/Hate/Personal [9.19.16]

This is probably my new favorite way to write a post. It's like favorites...but better. Even though lots of the things I put in the 'love' category could work for 'personal' so it doesn't make the most sense...just go with it.


All things fox and Cost Plus World Market. My mom bought me this adorable spoon rest and fall kitchen towel at Cost Plus (that's how I shorten it) and I am in love. And then I laughed when I set the spoon rest on the counter next to our two sets of salt and pepper shakers: a set of two foxes, and a fox salt shaker that goes with an owl pepper shaker. Yes, I have a problem. (Really want this blanket, guys.)

I finally finished sending thank you notes. I wrote my last thank you note on Sunday. Yes, that's September 18th. Yes, we got married on October 10th. They say you have a year, right? I took that extremely seriously. (Also I looove these thank you notes we got from Target!)

These babies. Have you tried them? If you haven't, you should. The picture is terrible because I just snapped it really quick to send to Michael when I was loading up on treats for our viewing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. These have been a favorite of mine for years, but they're kind of hard to find sometimes.


That now I don't only get a weekly update email from Bloglovin', but it tells me in my feed how many new followers I got. Getting that -1 follower email is all fine and dandy, but staring at a -1 all week is not fun. I don't even really care about followers and page views, but the -1 is still a downer. (Also I had 200 followers exactly before then and I was excited about that milestone/round number...I just need one more follower and no unfollowers and then I don't need anyone else to follow me ever! Ha!)

In the same vein as last week... I hadn't seen this story before, somehow it stayed out of the news unlike Brock Turner. This guy raped (I don't care about the technicalities; I know they dropped the rape charges, but in my mind any penetration is rape) two unconscious girls and they woke up to it happening. So, no, I don't agree with the judge's bullsh*t ruling that he avoids all jail time and after two years of probation this will be completely expunged from his record. He gets no consequences. His probation includes two years of not drinking alcohol...he's 18 or 19, so he isn't even legally allowed to. Wow, what a harsh punishment. RAGE. I do appreciate, however, that it seems that the school he was planning on going to has dropped him. At least that's what the article makes it sound like.


Only one outfit picture this week... And it's the exact same as Friday's outfit last week but with swapped out pants and no necklace...
Wednesday, September 14th
Top - Camo Skinnies - Sandals (similar) - Watch

I went shopping with my mom a week ago Saturday, and she generously bought me a new coat! My rain coat was way too big on me, and it was super light so it provided no warmth. I needed one that fit and was a little bit heavier. I had basically resigned myself to paying about $200, but this jacket was  (and still is, as of yesterday) on sale for $140 (from $210) and my mom offered to buy it for me (I got the navy)! (Don't you love my facial expression? Haha!) I wore it to an MLS game on Saturday and we had to walk 15-ish minutes in the rain to get there and it was perfect! Also, I feel like a grown-up in it.

We made this slow cooker chicken curry on Sunday and it was delicious! Definitely recommend!

And that's all I have for today! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. I love that jacket. Is it warm enough for the wintet? I need a new coat as well.

    1. I think it's warm enough for winter here in the PNW where it generally doesn't snow, especially if you wear layers underneath and maybe a scarf (and hat if it's reeeally cold) but it doesn't get much colder than the 30s here most of the time. If you live somewhere that's covered in snow all winter or is lower than the 30s all winter it's probably not warm enough.

  2. So funny you just finished your thank you notes! I'm the person that if I didn't write it within two weeks I would have been like, "Eh, surely they forgot" and never done it. So props to you for hanging in there!! Love love love that coat. So pretty!

  3. I gave up on Bloglovin'. They kept changing stuff and it made me angry so now I use the Blogger dashboard (for blogs I want to check every day) and Feedly (for more informational/resource type stuff).

  4. STAAAAAAHP!! Ugh. Now I must go spend all my money at World Market. THANKS ALOT, MATTIE! Seriously, though. My kitchen is fox-themed so I essentially need that spoon rest. DAMMIT.
    My mom bought me a rain coat over the summer and I've never worn it/have no idea where it is.... I think it's still at her house. Haha!

  5. Yesss, I hate that it shows the follower count right on the top of the bloglovin' feed. I've never seen those gummies before which is probably for the best, haha. I love just about any sour candy. Love that raincoat & now I kind of want it in red! I have a really lightweight one with a hood that I love, but it's definitely not warm. I just printed that recipe to try out one week soon!

  6. ahhh - momma still wanting you warm in a good coat - love that.
    I try not to pay attention to stats because after 10 years of blogging, I still have no following :) haha

  7. Yes to chicken curry, your new coat from mama and Trolli gummies!! You're so cute and I love that you love foxes and gorgeous thank you notes!

  8. Trolli candy is my favorite!!! I love the sour worms!! I don't know if I have tried the eggs. I am thinking if they have been around for awhile then I probably have but I better look for them again just to be sure. You know, FOMO and all. Love your cute towel and spoon rest!

    That article gives me all the rage. Oh wow, you aren't allowed to drink??? You weren't supposed to be anyways! UGH! Love that white top of yours and your new coat, how sweet!

  9. Love the Trolli sour bright eggs! And also the sour brite crawlers (which my friend gave me a bag of for my birthday!)! Your fox decorations are soooo cute!! Maybe I'll see some foxes soon, along with the groundhogs! Ha!

  10. LOVE your new coat! Navy looks so good on you! I don't think I have tried those Trolli eggs before but I love gummy worms, so I feel like I would love them! That fox stuff is beyond adorable!

  11. Love the jacket & the foxes (is that the plural?) :) Hope you guys had fun at the game!

  12. Two years of being banned from alcohol when he can't buy alcohol anyway? Ridiculous. I love World Market. Their store brand stuff is quite good. I really like their chocolate bars.

  13. There are many things I love and not love or dislike, I try not to use the word hate as hate is such a strong word and usually we don't like something but that doesn't mean we hate that thing. Like some days I get dressed and don't like how the outfit looks even if I wore the same outfit a week ago this day I don't like it so I have to change this is why us females often take longer to get dressed then most men, not all men but some

  14. I've had two people unlike my Facebook page in the last four weeks and it somewhat irks me cause it's like wtf? But mostly IDGAF, whatever.

    Hope you had a nice weekend girlie. :)

  15. We've had a World Market for about a year now & I think I've only been there once or twice. I really want to check out their kitchen stuff now! Yay for getting those thank you notes done! Writing them was so tedious & we just had to force ourselves to spend an entire evening to get them done, hah. I hate the Bloglovin' thing too! I wish they would STOP changing their website & their app because that is the only way I read blogs. Very cute jacket! And how awesome of your mom to buy it for you! :)

  16. That fox stuff is adorable! Excellent find!

    & those camo pants - cute! :)

  17. what is cost plus world market? is that the same as world market? i never knew there was a cost plus in front of it. i'm not allowed to go into that store because apparently i buy everything WHATEVER.
    oh wow. thank you for sharing that, i had missed that case.. i cannot believe that guy only got probation and can't drink... wtf? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE. i hope his school drops him, and i hope everyone everywhere for the rest of his stupid life remembers his name and won't hire him or date him and someone accidentally on purpose runs over him with a car.
    oh that new jacket is super lovely!! still more than i want to/am allowed to spend right now, but i will save it just in case someone buys it for me for christmas. is it very very very warm, or just nice warm? lol
    bloglovin can suck it. i want to remove that stupid -1 (or -2 as it was for me last week gee thanks bloglovin) like i don't care either but i don't want to see it.

  18. I LOVE Cost Plus! I just got my desk from there. I always think the name is so far off from how cute and unique it really is.

    You crack me up with your Bloglovin' girl, lol!!

    I LOVE your army pants. Love, love. And yes I've had that candy... need to forever avoid.

  19. Sour candies are my love language ;) HAHA I have to find some of those!! And I really want to make that chicken curry recipe now!!!! Hope you have a great week, Mattie!

  20. Ahh yes all the fox things! My sister sent me a snap today of a fox autumn sign at Walmart and even though I hate that place I'm tempted to make a trip just to get that fox!

  21. I shorten Cost plus world market as cost plus as well. When I saw people shortened it to world market, I was like, what store is this??? Ha!! Those fox towels are cute! As for bloglovin', I love bloglovin' for reading my blogs as I like the app for it on my iPad. I understand about the -1 follower, it is a little downer, but in the end, if they don't want to read the blog then I don't want them reading it! Ya know? I was so excited when I hit 100 followers!

  22. I haven't been to World Market in forever, but those fox things are so cute! And I really like your jacket! I really like coats that are longer like that (but not too long!) I really need a new jacket for the winter. I've had the same winter jacket for 5ish years now and it just doesn't fit right anymore.
    I like the Trolli sour gummy worms, but I've never seen the eggs! I'll have to look for those next time I'm at the store.

  23. I love Cost Plus. We buy a lot there. I haven't seen those Trolli eggs. I need to get my hands on some. I love their sour gummi worms. Love the jacket. I need a new one desperately.