Northwest Native: Open Letters [8.25.16]

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Open Letters [8.25.16]

I am super sad because this is the final Open Letters link-up hosted by Julie. This month's cohosts are Kelly and Jacqui.

Dear Mystery Coworker,

How dare you eat my Larabar. Oh you thought I wouldn't count how many were in the box after I took it out of the fridge? You obviously don't know me very well.
[Side note: Don't order Larabars with chocolate chips in the summer if your packages get left outside. They melt and permanently stay melted--putting them in the fridge doesn't work, and just gets them stolen by coworkers.]

Dear Work Coffee,

I have put up with you for far too long. First of all, you're just gross. Second of all, try as I might to beat the guy who makes you super weak every morning (because while it doesn't taste good, weak coffee with the amount of creamer I use is disgusting) he gets there first every time. I think I'm going to start making giant batches of cold brew every week.
[Side note: My mind was blown when I first learned this, but you can just add hot water to cold brew and then it's normal coffee. Since cold brew is super concentrated, it won't be watered down as long as you get the ratio right. Though I prefer it cold.]

Dear Self,

Why must you add side notes to every single open letter?! Geez, just stop talking for once.

Dear All Items In This Attempted Blogger Picture,
You rock, don't ever change.

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  1. I have that mug :D I didn't know this was the last open letter link-up :( I'm glad I planned to join in tomorrow!!
    Our work coffee sucks, too, but fortunately all my coworkers know how to make it. Ha. (And I like your side notes! Hahaha!)

  2. I'm all about that picture too. A Kindle & cute coffee mug? Always a win
    Really about the cold brew? I need to look up how much to add for hot coffee - I have a jar of cold brew in my fridge right now.

  3. Ahh I'd be so annoyed about the stolen granola bar, that's crap! Love your fox mug of course!

  4. I cannot believe someone stole your granola bar. That is so wrong. My office doesn't even have a coffee maker. Sad but true. I work in a very strange office and I'm putting that nicely.

  5. Yes! I love that you counted your bars! Too funny.

    That mug is the best!

  6. why is there always that one coworker who is rude & eats other people's stuff?!?!

    also, that fox mug is TOO cute. where did you get it?!

  7. i want to know what book you were reading haha.
    people who eat other people's food deserve melted chocolate bars. RUDE.

  8. I hate my work coffee too. I bought a electric kettle and now I make french press coffee. I also have our old coffee maker at my desk now too. This way I can make my own and not the gross stuff my coworkers make. So mean of coworkers to steal food. I had one who used to steal my yogurts. Not cool.

  9. Aww, your intro! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the linkup :) I have seriously loved all your letters!!! Coworkers stealing food are the WORST! Also I tried one of the larabars (no idea what flavor it was) and it was like licking the rubber sole of a converse sneaker. How do you (and the rest of America, bc they really are popular!) eat them?! Haha ;) P.S. Side notes are the best <3

  10. I can't believe someone you don't know ate your food without asking! All I can think about is the Friends episode where someone eats Ross' sandwich, hahaha. That is the cutest mug ever!