Northwest Native: Never Have I Ever...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Never Have I Ever...

During college, my best never-have-I-evers were 'eaten Chipotle' and 'dyed my hair,' followed by 'gotten a tattoo.' Now I've done all three of those things, and it's harder to think of things to say on the spot. Luckily, it's been years since I actually played the game, and for the purposes of this blog post, it was acceptable to have a draft for months and just add things as I went. Thanks, blogging!

What is my current best, you ask? (Oh you didn't? Well, you're the one reading this post, so essentially you did.)

I've never...

Eaten Chik-fil-A
You probably think this would've been my best one in college, but I don't think Washington or Oregon even had them at that time. There are apparently three in Washington and two in Oregon now. One of them is close to us and when we drove by it once the drive-thru line was probably about a mile long. At 8 p.m. I am not even kidding (or exaggerating). I actually plan to never eat there, so you will probably all squeal that I need to go try it right this second...but I will not.

Moving on...what else have I never done?

Broken a bone
No description really needed here.

Been stung by a bee
I blame my crippling fear of bees on this. If I had been stung (and wasn't allergic) I assume I'd find it to not be so bad.

Watched Love & Basketball
I don't know if this is a big thing for everyone, but I feel like all of my friends were obsessed with this movie and consider it a classic. I mentioned it to Michael once and he was also shocked I've never seen it.

Gotten a flu shot
I avoid shots like the plague, so a voluntary shot? NOPE.

Gotten the flu
This is not where I tell you that I'm anti-vaccine and how I think that getting the flu shot will actually give me the flu. No. I am very pro-vaccine, but when you've never actually had the flu and you absolutely hate needles, you will go as long as you can (probably until you actually get the flu) before you get a flu shot. Here's hoping I never ever get the flu in my entire life.

Eaten oysters
Unpleasant textures and seafood are two things I struggle with eating, so I have refused to even try them. But they were my dad's favorite, so some time in the near future I am definitely going to try one in his honor. If it's gross, I'll never do it again.

Watched Father of the Bride
You will notice a pattern in this post. There are a lot of things I haven't watched that the general population adores/constantly references. (A lot of the often-referenced movies that I actually have seen I watched just so I could understand the references. #noshame)

Watched Bachelor in Paradise
I've mentioned that I don't watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but I have watched them in the past (and now I'm watching The Bachelorette--how things change when you start a post draft so long ago), so here you go.


Cut my hair shorter than my shoulders
I'm way too terrified. I mean, I know hair grows, but not that fast. Plus I have a round face (and maybe a large head?) and I feel like it'd look awful. (I seriously picture myself trying to get a cute chin-length bob that looks good on tons of people and having it look like a straight up bowl cut on me.)

Watched Back to the Future
Not for lack of wanting to. I KNOW, PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME! I just don't want to pirate it or pay for it. I dunno, I just have never really tried. My siblings gave me so much grief for this at Thanksgiving last year when I mentioned it. [I just saw that it's on Netflix so I am going to watch it! Michael has apparently seen the movies and doesn't like them, so I'll have to do it on my own.]

Gotten a subscription box of any kind
I love to read blog posts about what people get in theirs, but I don't think I'll ever do it myself. I hate paying unnecessary money (I seriously refuse to shop online 99% of the time if I won't get free shipping), so paying a 'styling fee' and not liking anything I got would cut me to the core. And having to put that credit toward something I was just meh about would also hurt. As for beauty boxes...I don't like makeup, remember? Another note, I refuse to ever get Birchbox. The reason? My mother-in-law got a subscription from coworkers for her birthday. They ask you some questions about your hair/skin/whatever. She was going through chemo and had no hair, so she reached out and asked them if she could get something other than hair products (or at least choose 'bald' as an answer to the hair question--but Birchbox only lists that as an option for the guys). They said no, and she got her first box and it was 75% hair products. That's just bad horrible customer service, in my opinion.

The craziest answer I've ever heard is from Katie. When she was in Seattle last year we met up and it came up that she's never seen a single episode of Friends! I told her she has to watch it, but then we both were like, "But it's the ultimate never-have-I-ever answer!"

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  1. This is probably one of those generational gap things, but I don't even know the movie Love & Basketball.
    You can live a life without Back to the Future. I've seen it, but I don't need to see it again.
    I'm with you about not being a fan of seafood or weird textures...but, I have a personal rule about trying anything twice. I've tried oysters more than once, and I'm still not a fan.

  2. Yikes, that's so insensitive and inconsiderate of that subscription box company. My goodness, I'd be so upset if my mother had gotten the same thing when she was recovering.

    Off to Barbados, talk to you soon love. Xo

  3. Yay!! I'm so glad you posted your Never Have I Ever list!

    I've done a lot of these things... but I'm totally with you about Love & Basketball, getting the flu shot, Father of the Bride, and Bachelor in Paradise. I subscribed to the Dollar Shave Club for a while and we received three months of Bark Box as a gift last year :)

    I've never had a flu shot and I don't ever plan on getting one. I have to admit that I love Chick-fil-a (but not their dickhead founder/owner/whatever) and my husband is a big fan of the Back to the Future movies- so against my will, I've seen them. Haha! I've probably seen 2 or 3 full episodes of Friends, but that's it!

  4. I love this... so fun.
    You GOTTA watch Father of the Bride - its just too cute. the 2nd one is just as cute in its own way.
    Good for you - I'm not a fan of flu shots myself.
    & you're right, bee stings aren't as bad as you think. They're not something I want every day of my life, but its not like someone chopped your arm off... unless you're allergic to them, them yeah - they're horrible. My dad got stung in the nose by a wasp & his nose SWELLED so big, he almost looked like a cartoon character

  5. I've never eaten Chick-Fil-A either but I want to to see what all the fuss is about. Everytime I'm in Minneaopolis I tell myself to make a stop there but it never happens. I hate seafood and anything that swims but there are oysters that I can get in Texas at the grocery store that I LOVE - sooo weird! haha

    Back to the Future is so good - I'm curious to hear what you think of it when you watch it!

  6. I'm with Erin (above)... I have no idea what Love & Basketball is either. Not sure if I've ever even heard of it.

    I would recommend seeing Back to the Future, if only for the experience. But, BttF it is one of my personal favorites, so I admit that I'm a bit biased.

    Thank your lucky stars that you've never gotten the flu, for the flu sucks! I've had it at, diagnosed, three times but I suspect that I had it a fourth time, but didn't go to the doctor until the main symptoms had passed and all that was left was a hacking cough and fatigue. I work in a school with snotty, germ infested kids so I take the flu shot. Unfortunately, though, the last time I got the flu, the shot didn't work that year... Whomp, whomp...

    Have a good one!

  7. Love this post, what a fun idea! I've actually never eaten oysters (and I live on the Florida coast), watched a single episode of The Bachelor or Love & Basketball, so you're not the only one. But no Chick-fil-A?!?, girl you are missing out! :)

  8. thanks for linking up even though i forgot!! summers = lazy!

    i've never had chik fil a either and i had chipotle for the first time ever last month.

  9. I'm with you on never having tried oysters. I can already imagine the texture is going to be disgusting. But I'm going along on my husband's next work trip and apparently they all love them - so I've been told I have to at least try one on the trip. I guess I will but I'm already planning to not be happy about it afterwards lol

  10. I know you aren't planning to eat there, but if you do ever get the urge to go to Chick fil a, do not let the line deter you. It seriously goes SO FAST. It's ridiculous. I have never watched Bachelor in Paradise or gotten a subscription box either! Glad I am not the only one to have not jumped on those bandwagons.

  11. I CANNOT GET OVER THE CHICK-FIL-A ONE! Why do you plan to never eat there?!

  12. I can't believe that you've never had Chickfila! It's so good, and I don't think that I could live without it! Although, you really can't get into the parking lot at any normal eating time because everybody wants to eat there too. I absolutely refused to eat oysters growing up too! The texture thing really freaked me out. Then when we went to New Orleans last year my husband told me that I had to try them because we were in NOLA. So I tried a raw oyster and a charbroiled oyster. The raw oyster was totally disgusting, texture was gross and just blah! The charbroiled oyster was so amazing! They don't have a funky texture because they're cooked with garlic, butter, and breadcrumbs! So I definitely recommend those when you're going to give oysters a try!

  13. WOW about Birchbox. I can't believe they did that. That's seriously awful. Why don't you ever want to eat at Chick-fil-A? Also, Bachelor in Paradise is SO awful, so you're not missing out there. Haha. You know what's crazy? I've never seen an episode of Friends either! I didn't really start watching TV until college.

  14. Birch box sucks!! They are the only subscription I've ever gotten and they gave me crap when I cancelled. Terrible for your MIL, they should be ashamed. I love your nevers, your honesty and found myself nodding in agreement as my nevers for several of these. Except sadly in 8th grade I cut my waist length hair above my shoulders and cried for 5 days. Don't do it, lol.

  15. I am like Spongebob and scream when there is a bee near me. I've been stung several times in my life and if you get stung, let me say, it hurts like hell, so whether you've been stung or not, we can all squeal for 20 min when the little buzzing insect flies by. I did a pumpkin-themed subscription box last fall, it was fun, but I wouldn't do any of the clothing or beauty ones!

  16. I just tried Chick-Fil-A for the first time about six months ago. They just recently started opening up a bunch of them now. It wasn't bad but not something that I would want to eat all the time. I've never had the flu either! People think I'm crazy when I tell them but seriously, haha. I've gotten a flu shot before but haven't gotten one the past few years. Oysters kind of freak me out too, mainly the texture thing! And those subscription boxes are kind of a waste. I did the Walmart one for awhile which was only $5 & it was sent out each quarter + they included a full size item. And I did Ipsy for like two boxes & cancelled because their stuff kinda sucked!

  17. What a great post idea!! So many of these things made me go, "You are not missing out!" haha! (With the exception of Father of the Bride because I still quote that movie all the time!) I used to have a few subscription boxes and now just see them as a huge waste of money because I often didn't like anything in my box. Like, I'll save the $20 and just pick out things I want, thanks! And I've been stung by a bee once in my life, which makes no sense given my extreme fear of bees (like why was I close enough to a bee to get stung in the first place? That was in sixth grade, clearly I've learned from my mistakes!)

  18. I love these. I have done so many of them in my past. I am also afraid of bees. So very afraid. I love Chick-Fil-A but we don't have any in Nevada (I think they are getting one in Vegas though). I can't believe she has never seen Friends. That is the ultimate one.

  19. I can forgive you for the Chick-fil-a thing, but you REALLY should watch Father of the Bride and FOTB Part 2. UNREAL.

  20. i have never watched Love & Basketball either. i don't actually know what it is haha.
    i normally haven't seen/eaten a lot of things people are obsessed with here, i'm used to it. i do like chick fil a though :) yummy.

  21. You have never had Chick Fil A?!?!?! It is a southern staple!!! Father of the Bride is just a cute movie, just watch it ok!!! I have never Love in Basketball, or any of the Bachelors, nor have I cut my hair above my shoulders either. I have unfortunately been stung by a bee even though I am terrified and try to avoid them. Found out I was allergic too. So not cool.

  22. What a fun idea for a blog post! But, never had Chickfila!?!?!?! You have NO idea what you are missing!

  23. omg at that bee meme LOL, that is me too. I've also never been stung and have a literal phobia and people always get embarrassed because I freak out, but I can't help it! I cut my hair a little bit above my shoulders once and I hated it so much that I'll probably never choose to have short hair again-- which is what I have to remind myself when I see other people with really cute short hair, haha. I'm not one to rave about fast food but chick fil a is sooooo good!

  24. Up until recently I'd never seen any of Friends either! I finally watched it last year and LOVED it!

    Also, I've never gotten the flu shot or the flu either! Crossing my fingers it stays that way!