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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

M&M: A Love Story - Part Four

In case you missed it: Part One // Part Two // Part Three

So after Michael ditched me but before I saw him in November, he was still saying we should hang out (I found a screenshot from October, but forgot to include it in part three). And apparently in December we were planning on hanging out too, which I have no memory of.
Michael still talking about our future that apparently only he realized was going to happen.
Me actually thinking we would hang out before Australia...riiiight.
This must've been after the December hanging out didn't happen.

And then this. Yes, I decided he wasn't allowed to miss me when he always had all these plans to hang out and they never happened (and because when I saw him in November he barely even tried speaking to me).

I don't have any screenshots after that until February, and the ones in February are just him saying 'love you' some more. In case you forgot, on February 11th, I flew to Sydney, Australia to study abroad for a semester (and didn't get there until February 13th because of the long flight + time difference--flying home I left June 30th and got back...June 30th). Some people have said they want to hear about Australia--I actually had a blog back then that you can read here. It wasn't really polished or formatted well or anything. It was for the sole purpose of my friends & family keeping up with me and for me to look back on.

We started talking on Facebook chat verrrry frequently when I was in Australia. I think the time that kicked it off was in April, and it was like 2 or 3 a.m. his time, but he was finishing a paper. And I just think this exchange is super funny. (Back story: I went to a Blazers game [Portland's NBA team] with my brother and sister-in-law. I was texting Michael that day. They were playing the Kings [Sacramento's NBA team] and Michael bet me that the Kings would win. He bet a kiss [and I was like uh, I don't want that if I win--ha!] and the Blazers won. I find this especially funny now because he has become a huge Blazers fan since we got together. #Iwin)
Please excuse his having a dirty mind and having to clarify that 'doing it' was not a dirty term *eye roll*

There are approximately a million more messages of me just saying more variations of "yeah right we'll never hang out" (just in April!) but I'll spare you those, even though some of them are super clever.

I only screenshotted three messages from May, one of them from after he received the postcard I sent him.
And this one that's hilarious because I am super clever and made up a fun word.
Lol, "lovepinions."

And here is where I would normally go all 'to be continued' because I have A LOT of screenshots from June that I plan to include... But it's either I make the post so long that no one reads it, or I keep going until it's an eight-part story and everyone's sick of it and doesn't read it. So, either way, no one reads it.

Clever use of 'girl friend' and 'boy friend.' The space is v important.

I think I'm pretty hilarious for this one. Especially that last line at the end. #comedygold

We were talking about puppies, I guess. And I don't know where the 'engaged' came from...but we did end up engaged and living together less than a year after this conversation. Although the 'puppy' didn't come for almost a year and a half.
If he was right about everything else, does that mean we're having triplets some day? Please, please, please let him be wrong about that one.

So there is just some of our witty banter. We started to get really good at time zones. I remember my housemate there (who is still one of my best friends!) would be done talking to her friends/family before me, because she's from Wisconsin, so the time zone was different, and I used to get so upset when she would want to watch Friends or Boy Meets World (I had both series on my laptop) and I would have to stop talking to Michael to do it.

Also, that same housemate is tall and blonde and gorgeous annnd Michael loves Wisconsin (he's a Packers fan) and one day they Facebook chatted for a while and I remember being kind of sad. I had talked to Abby about him and how I was on the fence, and they live two time zones away from each other, and Michael clearly had a thing for me...but I was still like, "Great, now he's gonna be in love with her" (even though I knew she wouldn't reciprocate that). Hahaha. Hashtag crazy pants. He actually asked her if it was even worth it to pursue me. He wasn't sure just how serious my mega-sass was, so he didn't know if I was interested at all and was wondering if he should give up. She told him that he should go for it, sooo she and Allison both had a hand in getting us together. And they were both bridesmaids. :)

The Facebook messaging was fun and all, but I think the moment I knew we were destined to date was when he posted the video for Boyfriend by Justin Bieber on my wall (it had just come out). be continued! (We'll finally get to the part where we saw each other in person since I rushed through this part! *gasp*)

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  1. You're killing me, Mattie. Hahaha.
    But I find all this totally fun and entertaining! I loved the "sister and sister?" retort. Hahaha! :)

  2. I honestly grinned through this whole thing... & love that he posted Justin Biebs on your FB wall. This is like a perfect modern day romance that needs to be written into a book :)

  3. Hahahah. This could be a book. You two are so adorable.

  4. Seriously I love these posts so much! My husband and I also started talking on Facebook and would send these random Facebook messages and chats to each other and they're so much fun to look back on! I can't wait to read about when y'all finally meet!

  5. It is cool you have a record of all this!! And can you imagine triplets!!

  6. Hahaha he seemed pretty sure that you were destined to be together! But to be continued??? GOSH MATTIE!!!!

  7. Oh, young collegiate love. And Facebook messaging. And getting irrationally jealous of your friend fb messaging your crush. Three things that go hand-in-hand(-in-hand?). Pretty much reliving my senior year here haha. YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE. And Michael was so intuitively smart about you two, ha. I would have definitely been all "yeah ok whatever" like you were!

  8. Your conversations are so great! I hope he's not right about the triplets! ;)

  9. Okay, somehow I missed Part 3 on Blogger AND Bloglovin'. Not sure how that happened but I just went back to read it! I love that you guys still talked while you were in Australia & your messages are so cute! Haha. I'm really interested to read the next part when you guys finally get to hang out!

  10. Wow, you guys sure talked a lot for barely having hung out together! And I could totally see where he'd be nervous that you weren't interested- super sass! I would have been the same way though, especially with living together and puppies, etc. Sidenote: I had a gorgeous friend in high school and I wouldn't introduce my boyfriends to her for fear that they'd leave me for her lol. Can't wait for the part where you guys hang out!

  11. hahah I would read it all no matter what!! So keep it coming! and I love how sassy you are and how he kept trying hard each time! Meant to be together :) meant to have triplets!!! :)

  12. Yes. I love how sassy you were too Michael. So fun reading this. Thanks for sharing it all. and yes I read every last bit of it. Ha.

  13. Loved it, this post made me happy just so you know

  14. haha, super cute banter! He's a good flirter, interjecting at every moment!!!!

  15. Michael is sooooo open about his feelings!!! I feel like he and Kyle are so similar in that sense. He was so determined to date me. Even though I met Kyle in the tail end of my college years, he was soooo forward and I was sooo dense and obtuse. " He's just being nice! He doesn't like me! That's just how he talks to his friends!" HAH and here we are married with a child. When I think back to how it was I still laugh at it. Also props to Michael for being determined, he won his girl in the end :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  16. bahahaha sister and sister. and lovepinions. this is so freaking adorable and i am mad that part 5 is nor available right now.