Northwest Native: Open Letters [4.28.16]

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Open Letters [4.28.16]

It's the first monthly Open Letters link-up hosted by Julie! I am so excited about this. I'm always looking for fun new formats for posts, so when she announced this I was all over it!

Dear wedding hairdresser company,

Thank you ever so kindly for replying to my email regarding your availability for wedding hair on October 10th. Unfortunately, I was not sending an email about wedding hair on August 1st, 2015 regarding October 10th, 2016, so your response on March 31st, 2016 letting me know you had availability was just a tiiiiny bit late.

Dear guy who complimented my shirt,

I'm sorry I'm so awkward. I cringe every time I think of that moment.

Dear stomach,

Can you please just make up your mind?

Dear all adult women,

Is it just me, or are playground swings basically torture devices now?!

Dear Michael,

You're lucky I got what you meant when you said this.

Dear everyone reading this,

Sorry most of my letters include screenshots of my tweets. But not sorry enough to not add this little bit of shameless self-promotion: if you want to follow me on Twitter, here you go. :)

Dear Blazers (Portland's NBA team, for those unaware),

You almost gave me a heart attack on Saturday night (Monday night too, but actually being in the arena was much more stressful/exciting) but it was worth it!!! Keep it up!

Dear Starbucks,

Thank you/curse you for bringing back the s'mores frap. Thank you because hashtag yum. Curse you because calories and also Starbucks baristas are super judgy about what you order, and I know they pretty much hate you/think you're a child if you order a frap (I'm FB friends with multiple Starbucks baristas and they always post on each other's walls about it and stuff, seriously).

Dear taco truck,

You are heaven-sent. Gorditas are my favorite.

Dear Zumba,

I thought Tuesday's class was way too easy. We were doing all the slow paced songs and none of the crazy, jumping around, super sweat-inducing songs. Then the next day I realized we apparently did ALL the ab songs because my middle was sooo sore, especially my back and obliques. You win this round...

Dear Julie,

Thanks for coming up with this awesome link-up! I will definitely be participating next month too!

I'm also linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday, Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday, and Astleigh for The Pick!

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  1. Oh my God what is that taco thing?!?! I've been craving Mexican food BAD lately. Ok, this whole post is so funny and so up my lane lol. I need to join in. Is it weekly?? I don't know how to join these things?! I'm such a bad blogger lol. And LOL to that Michael tweet, like what??! lol. xx

  2. Hahahaha poor men...they will never be able to figure out 100% just what they should and shouldn't say to us! Nathan and I had a LOT of those moments during this pregnancy including referring to my belly as "like Santa Claus" no. Your tweets were cracking me uP!!

  3. I LOVE THIS FORMAT. It's like Jimmy Fallon "Thank You Notes"!
    Also, I recently learned that trampolines are similar adult torture devices. I thought I was just having some fun with my niece and nephew but then the next day my hip was all like, "BAM- I'm going to hurt from the inside out because you made me jump for 30 minutes." Ow.

  4. HAHAHA this is amazingggg. "good sized, like a small man" made me laugh so much! And bike seats should be added to the same category of swings--WHY SO NARROW?! These are all so funny. I'm so glad you joined in!! :D

  5. HAHA!!! LOVE love love this. So many funny ones in here. I love the skirt one - I'm bad with responses on the spot too. That taco truck pic, mmmmmmm!!!! And the s'mores frap is sooo good but I always feel like I'm being judged too!!! Anyway, love this. Got some serious laughs out of it ;)

  6. oh my gosh - they seriously responded to an email sent in August, in March?!?! lol at that point you think they would just not respond by that time!

    s'mores frapp for the win! and i love that you wrote a letter to Julie!

    these letters cracked me up!!

  7. whaaat is a gordita? that looks SO good! Sometimes a frap is worth the calories and the judgement though, s'mores sounds amazing.

  8. Someone used to do a letters link up a long time ago and I missed it!! How fun! So ummmm I order fraps more often than not and I don't care what those barista's think about my order. Don't offer an item if you don't like making it lol. I wish they would bring back the butterscotch. That is my absolute favorite. Mmmmm tacos trucks are the best!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, this was thoroughly enjoyable - hilarious!!! :) I love the screenshots in there btw. <3 So fun. I'd come back to the link up next month just to read your letters. haha! :)

  10. I always order Frapps at Starbucks, I just love them so much! We saw that the s'mores frapps were back yesterday, and my coworkers and I all got one! They're so good! I can't believe that hairdresser just now emailed you back! There is definitely such a thing as too late!

  11. oh man, I want a gordita!!!! That looks so yummy. Funny about the hairdresser... thanks for the response... what an idiot. I wish I was never hungry at some point... These are cute and funny, good job! And that swing pic is pretty!

  12. Omg swings are SO painful as an adult! It's such a sad revelation. I'm like sore for days if I even attempt to swing at the park! And I've been ordering fraps at Starbucks lately, and now I'm so self-conscious! Eek!! Although I do hate the taste of coffee, so I'm pretty much a child in that regard anyway, haha.

  13. This had me laughing!!! I love how it took them that long to respond :| Like really though?

    And yes when you get the awkward so weird. I had someone the other day asked if I was mixed and I said "sure let's go with that," and they're like cause mixed babies are the most beautiful. It really creeped me out. I was like "thanks..." go away now.

    I always order fraps from Starbucks #noshame and just dont' look them in the eyes when I order haha or I do the mobile order or I make Kyle get it :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  14. The pictures of your gorditas look ridiculously good!

  15. I wasn't hungry until I saw your gorditas, so thanks for that. Also your response to the guy who complimented your shirt made me laugh out loud!

  16. Wait. Grown ups aren't supposed to order fraps? That sucks...

  17. This is such a fun post! I remember someone doing a letters link-up way back in the day. I think it was "friday letters" or something like that so it's awesome that Julie is bringing it back! That salon sucks, seriously. They must not use their email?? Swings are my favorite! What a bummer about feeling it afterward :( Boooo to getting older! I love frappucinos & never knew there was a s'mores one?? Oh man, now I want one! And I don't even care what the baristas think about it!

  18. Mattie all of these made me laugh!! I've missed reading your posts :)

  19. hahah "for those who are unaware" I was over here like "Blazers??" I've heard of them but had no clue what state they were so thanks for clearing that up quick!! haha and yay twitter!! So you can actually embed your tweet if you want, makes it easier for people to follow right away, too :) Click the 3 ... (Dots) on the bottom right of the tweet and it will pop up with an embed option. K anyways, that s'mores frap sounds freaking good. and so funny how the baristas you know talk about people's orders to each other on facebook hahah like what?! just text guys! anyways, happy Friday!! xo

  20. I've been thinking about that s'mores frap....guess I gotta try it now! Now that it has the thumbs up for someone. Yay, sugar!

    Swings are actually the worst. How did those used to be fun and somewhat comfortable?!

  21. Wow, that hair company needs to get their ish together! Thankfully you found an alternative and your hair looked great! That's not an awkward response to your shirt! I probably would've said the same thing! And YES to taco trucks! There's one that comes by my office on Wednesdays and sometimes you just gotta cave into the craving- those gorditas look so good!

  22. these cracked me up!! and yes, i got a smores frapp. no shame!!!

  23. This is a really great idea for a blog post. I'll have to try and remember at the end of this month!

    Swings, oh how I loved them as a child and how I hate them now. Yes, it's because of my hips.

    These are hilarious.