Northwest Native: Friday Favorites: Christmas Weekend Edition!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday Favorites: Christmas Weekend Edition!

Well hello. It's been over a month since I did a Friday Favorites post. I decided that today I'm going to talk Christmas! On years when I spend Christmas with Michael's family, we celebrate Christmas with my family over MLK weekend (insert me crying because I don't get MLK Day off...dang my brother and his wife working for non-profits!). So my Christmas decor is still up and I'm trying to stay in Christmas mode...which is kind of hard since I don't know that I was in Christmas mode this season at all. Maybe on Christmas Eve when I started getting excited for Michael's family to open their gifts from us. I'm hoping recapping our Christmas weekend (which was a blast!) will get my amped up for Second Christmas!

Usually waking up before Michael when we're not at our home/my parents' home is boring, but I was happy to be wearing my llama pajamas (that I actually ended up returning...oops!), drinking coffee from a Seattle mug, and reading The Book Thief. (I finished it on the flight back home...why is it that I always cry in books that I'm reading in public?!)

A selfie to document our first married Christmas (Eve, to be precise)!

I got my very first Influenster Vox Box! I think the nail color is so pretty and winter-y, and I was so happy that the eyeliner was brown! I'm so pale, but I figured black would be the default, so that was a nice surprise! I had never tried Biscoff cookies before but uhh hello delicious! I'm excited to try the Cetaphil. I decided that I don't need to buy my pricey moisturizer anymore even though I've loved it for a few years. I figure I can't find something for $10 or less at Target that will work. There was also a coupon for Ore Ida products sooo we'll probably be snatching up some tater tots since those are our brunch potato of choice. (Why is it so hard to make hashbrowns at home?! It's impossible to get them crispy.) Oh yeah, and it came with false lashes but I've only ever worn those for dance recitals and I don't plan on starting now.

Biscoff and coffee at work. I know, my mug is the greatest.

I got this shirt for Christmas from my mother-in-law as a complete surprise. I tried it on and it was almost perfect, but the arms were too tight. I fell in love with it. So I exchanged it for a size up without trying it on...still too tight in the arms, but too wide in the shoulders and too sloppy in the body. I'm telling you, having abnormally large upper arms for your body type is no picnic. RIP, dreams of wearing that shirt constantly. :(

My beloved over-the-knee boots also didn't work out. Tried them on, thought they looked and felt great...then we had to go to the store and I was stoked to wear them in public. We get like three feet into the store and I realized that the toe box was too narrow...I had to go sit in the car while Michael shopped because it hurt too much. I've given up completely on finding OTK boots now. And I'm okay with that.

But I'll tell you what did work out. My MIL bought the girls matching sweats and tees from...Abercrombie and Fitch. I kid you not. I never owned anything from there until this Christmas. She bought me a top/sweater hybrid from there that I'm also obsessed with. I never would've even given them a thought. Especially with how horrendously overpriced I thought they were back in the day. They actually seem pretty reasonable...comparable to Nordstrom's juniors section.

Annnd I have a new laptop bag! It's not the most practical since it doesn't fully close to cover my laptop from downpours, but it works and it's extremely cute so I had to give it a purpose where I would use it every day!

I realize the linkup isn't live today, but it was yesterday instead so I'll still be linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci!

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  1. Sorry about the boots! They're cute, but I've also had problems with finding boots that fit comfortably.

    I love that laptop bag, but you're right it won't really protect from rain, but let's hope you're not in the rain! I just use my own bag to carry around my laptop and it kind of protected it.

    I've never heard of influenster voxbox before, is it similar to like glambag or one of those things? I don't wear make up either so I'm really clueless on those too.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. What a bummer that the shirt & the boots didn't work out! I sometimes have that same issue when it comes to button up shirts-- too tight in the arms but fit in the body or the arms fit but the rest of it is too boxy. :( Those boots are so cute too so hopefully you can find a similar pair that fit a little better. I haven't shopped at A&F in years! You mentioning it just took me wayyy back to high school, haha. Also, I'm kind of jealous of your Vox Box! I've never gotten one where it was just a random assortment of stuff which would be a little but more exciting than the Sally Hansen crap they sent me last time.

  3. This is SO funny because I was in A&F looking at sales and was like, these sweaters are really good. I bought one and its one of my favorites. I would not have even gone in if I didn't see 50% off store so yay!!

  4. Hopefully you can stay in the Christmas spirit. Our parents live in 2 separate states so I totally understand having tow separate holidays

  5. I hate the boots didnt work for you - I know you have been on the hunt for a good pair. My hubs got me a pair & I wore them today... OHHHH, they hurt so bad. Hoping they get broke in. Yikes!
    I love the Spiderman in your Vox Box :)

  6. That nail polish is really pretty! And I love that owl mug! Happy New Year!

  7. That is always so frustrating when you find a shirt you love, but it just doesn't work out! My upper arms cause me problems, too. I need to find a way to make them proportional. :) I have to tell you, I used to work at A&F and although they were overpriced, they really had some of the comfiest clothes!

  8. I'm all about the brown eyeliner life too! And I don't get MLK Day off either! #twins I love that you got an Itty Bitty in your box, I think they're so cute. Speaking of cute, you and Michael look adorable! :)

  9. I love the owl mug! I hope you had a great Christmas! :)