Northwest Native: November Goals Recap & Some Randomness

Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Goals Recap & Some Randomness

I was going to do a December goals post today...but I realized I don't want to. My goal for December is to bask in this lovely holiday season. And I'm already stressed enough as it is with Christmas presents to buy. So in the interest of sitting around watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate, no goals for me. :) I guess I can recap how I did on last month's later in the post... (Spoiler: Not very well.)

Speaking of being stressed and not having time for goals...I am slacking on my blog reading/commenting. I'm just crazy busy and I am getting around to reading most posts, but I'm not always commenting. I had to mark a bunch of Friday Favorites posts from last week as read on Bloglovin' because I never got to them and more posts kept piling up. Basically: You all post too much so take a day off and give me a break! Ha! Kidding. But I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting on your blog lately!

Annnd speaking of blogs, check out this project that Emma from Urban Life entered into Project Change by AFS (a study abroad organization). Her idea is to help provide education for Syrian refugees living in Turkey. They can't go to Turkish schools because of the language barrier and many of them have to work alongside their parents during the day. All you have to do is go to the link and vote for Emma's project (you can vote once every day)! No petitions or donating money or anything. Just a click to help people in need. These refugees had to flee their homes in fear. Many of them lost family members and friends. Education would be so vital to the young generation.

Thanksgiving with my family always means a lot of dogs. My brother Kyle has one dog, my brother Tyler and his wife Jen have two (and often have another that they're watching along for the ride, as they did this year), my mom has a tiny dog, and we have two dogs. My sister didn't end up bringing her dog, but my father (who doesn't normally spend Thanksgiving with us) brought his dog. Pictured are five of the eight dogs that were there harassing Kyle while he tries to eat breakfast.

Michael's sister was in town over the weekend to do flowers for a wedding in Portland and we got to hang out with her! We went to Le Bistro Montage which has amazing mac and cheese and they wrap your food in foil animals. (Hers is a giraffe, mine is a penguin.)
*Yes I wore a beanie because my hair looked awful and it was freezing. No, I did not take it off indoors. I felt very Portland. Also my scarf has foxes on it and I love it.

I saw this onesie at Macy's while Black Friday shopping and I thought it was the cutest boy onesie I had ever seen. Until...

I found this one. And in a tinier size, no less! Michael was at the other end of the mall in JcPenney so I sent him a picture. He was less than amused at me for throwing that in his face (as you may recall, he desperately wants a baby and I'm the one who wants to wait). Ha.

Finally tried this stuff and it is perfection. I absolutely hate beer...but this just tastes like root beer and it is delicious!

Tomorrow we are headed to Seattle after I work a half day! (I know, I know, I was being all sad about missing Seattle and blah blah when some people actually move across the country and don't get to go back except like once a year or less...sorry!) Michael's dad comes to Seattle because the organization he works for has a location there and Friday is their Christmas party, so we're going up to hang out with him! And we get to stay in the house that the organization is stationed in so woohoo no hotel fees!

We got our wedding pictures from the photographer! (A while ago actually...) I am so lazy and think writing wedding posts is going to be so exhausting. But, I will do it...eventually.

And, because I will feel unfulfilled if I don't finish what I start, here's how I did on November's goals!

Meet up with Katie & Julie before the move!
Of course this got done...I finished this before I even posted my goals last month because I am a dirty rotten cheater. ;) Ha!

Purge, Purge, Purge!
YES. We purged a lot when we moved. I mentioned we got rid of my dresser, and when we got here we actually didn't need to buy a new one! Michael was using two dressers before, so I took one and he took the other, and he put a bunch of his clothes on the shelves built in to our closet (or old place didn't have that). There are also some things that I've gotten rid of since moving because they either aren't necessary or won't work at this place (over-the-door towel hooks because there is a hook built in to the bathroom door, our corner bathroom counter shelf because there's a towel bar in the way, stocking hooks because they don't work on our new fireplace, etc).

Obviously this happened. And it has been a success, especially since Michael got a job this week! Woohoo!

Go ice skating!
Fail. I kind of figured we wouldn't actually end up doing this because of moving and Thanksgiving but I was trying to be an overachiever. So we will have to do it this month! (I think it'll be more Christmas magic-y this month anyway!)

Start figuring out Christmas gifts
I actually got part of a gift for my mom and mother-in-law and parts of a gift for one of my sisters-in-law. And we drew names for the gift exchange with my siblings, plus found out we're also drawing names for Michael's cousins and aunt and uncle, which means less present buying! Woo! (I'm crossing my fingers that I get Michael's cousin's little one-year-old daughter so I have an excuse to buy baby clothes since we all know how I feel about those. Update: I GOT HER! I AM SO EXCITED!)

Daily dog walks
No. It's freezing. I can't deal with being outside too long. Plus it's dark when I get home from work. So weekend walks, sure. Plus just taking them outside is usually a pretty good walk because they know the drill and will sniff and sniff and sniff before finally pottying because they know once they're done it's inside time.

Here are my unofficial December goals that I absolutely will not be recapping in January: Christmas presents (the ones I need this month, that is), more unpacking, chop off all my hair (appointment set!!), annnd all the Christmas things (especially movies with hot cocoa).

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  1. That is cool what Emma is doing. We don't even think about how amazing it is to have an eduction. Thank you for the link. I like your December goals!! And of course the puppies. That is awesome!! The more pups the better.

  2. I cant WAIT for your wedding posts :)
    ... they are FINALLY making cute boy clothes. It used to not be the case.

  3. i have no goals for dec either. just making it through the month. i have that beer root beer and have yet to try it! i hate beer too, so maybe i'll give it a shot this weekend.

  4. I can't imagine eight dogs! I'm so not a dog person and am usually ok with one or two but I think I'd be driven crazy with eight of them in the house! I made an executive decision not to make any December goals other than enjoying Christmas! All of my goals would have been related to mailing Christmas cards, shopping for presents and doing Christmas things anyway.

  5. EIGHT DOGS?!? I think I'd lose my mind, haha! I don't mind dogs, but they overwhelm me, so being with eight would be like, Ok bye! It sounds like you did pretty well with your goals! You got more than half of them done, which is something! And one of them was moving so there's no time/will for other goals, haha.

  6. Ok, I LOVE that you had a million dogs at your Thanksgiving. I LOVE that!!! And those onesies.... give me all of them! Ahhh, I collect fox onesies even thought we don't have kids yet... hahah!

  7. Those onsies are freaking adorable!!!! Sounds like you have a lot of good things planned for December. I have never been ice skating before, can you believe it???

  8. Miss Mattie, don't put so much pressure on yourself about doing everything. Also, I totally missed the post about Michael wanting a baby already. you guys just got married and just moved, that's already so much change. I see why you would want to wait…although those onesies are freakin adorable

  9. i love your december goal! sounds like a perfect goal to me. Also, your unofficial ones, watching movies with hot cocoa is on my list like every night for the rest of the month. no shame!

  10. Animal foil wrapping?! Now that's just brilliant <3 And I get pretty lax with my goals in December as well. This is just a time to enjoy the holidays -- we'll be getting back to business in January :D

  11. Love those onesies! So cute! Love the wrapping your food in foil animals! Can't wait until you post your wedding photos!

  12. Bask away girl and soak in your first Holiday season Married!! Adorable onesies and I actually cannot ice-skate despite being somewhat athletic. Go Figure. have fun on your trip to Seattle and happy 1/2 day of work!!

  13. You have had quite a busy two months so I think watching Christmas movies & drinking hot chocolate sounds perfect! Having eight dogs around would be so crazy but I would love it! Ah, I love those onesies. You make me want to buy all of them for my pregnant friends if they end up having a boy. I won't know for a few more months :).

  14. I can't wait to see your new hair do!!! That is so exciting! It is so hard to catch up when you get behind on blog reading/commenting. Usually I just give up and read the most recent posts!

  15. I am trying to imagine a house full of 8 dogs and that is hiliarious hahaha! I love your beanie look. You pull it off well :)

  16. I was keeping track of things I was going to comment on and then lost all thought recollection when I saw Not Your Father's. I LOVE that stuff. I'm actually getting that for my dad for Christmas, he usually hates the taste of anything with alcohol, but loves root beer and I had him try it a month or so ago and he's hooked. So glad you love it too!