Northwest Native: Holiday Questionnaire

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Questionnaire

I wasn't planning on posting today, but I felt I had to address a pressing matter. In my Christmas movies post, I said I had only seen Jingle All The Way once and that Johnathan Taylor Thomas was in it. What I meant was I'll Be Home For Christmas...that's the JTT movie. BUT I've also only seen Jingle All The Way once...and I love that one too! I fixed my original post but I'm just embarrassed. And I wanted to clear it up because I feel like a bunch of you probably read it and were like, "She must be drunk as she's writing this," which I was not.

Also I had to blog because I MADE IT TO THE FINALISTS OF KAREN'S BLOG AWARDS FOR BEST NEW BLOG! I never would've thought when I started this little ol' blog back in the spring that I would ever be nominated for any sort of award! It's all thanks to my awesome fellow bloggers and blog readers. If you want to vote for me (or Hugs and Lattes or Page a Vu--I'm not trying to bully you into voting for me!) you can do so here. You must vote in all categories, but some of my favorite bloggers are featured (and some that I don't know) so it's a great way to find new awesome blogs.

I've seen a bunch of people posting these holiday questionnaires, so I decided that would be an acceptable post to add my correction/announcement to the beginning of. I took the questions from Jessica's blog, though I've seen other people do these too. And then Carly did a different questionnaire so I decided to take some questions from her post too.

What's your go-to outfit in winter?
SWEATERS. I'm pretty sure 45% of my tops are sweaters, 45% are v-neck tees, and the other 10% is just other tops. I always gravitate towards sweaters. I like to wear them with leggings if they're long or jeans if they're not. If I have to I'll wear them with my [one and only pair of] dress pants, and sometimes I'll wear them with skirts...usually with tights underneath. And always boots or booties on my feet.

What's winter like in your hometown?
This winter? Flooding. That's both in Portland, where I currently live, and my hometown which is about 45 minutes away. The temperature is very mild, though. We had a cold snap for a week and I didn't think I'd survive but it passed...but I think I'd rather take the cold than the flooding because it's pretty scary!

Special winter recipes?
My mom makes Yorkshire pudding with Christmas dinner, which I love. I also love the treats she makes, especially peanut butter cups and raspberry pinwheel cookies. Oh, and she makes cranberry bliss bars like Starbucks sells. I've never had one from Starbucks because I don't need to--my mom's are delicious!

Winter holiday traditions?
See this post. :)

Favorite winter activities?
Watching Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights, and giving people gifts!

Winter home decor?
Most of my seasonal decor has come from my mom, mostly because when I have extra 'fun money' it usually goes to clothes or dates with Michael. But I love it, and included a few pictures of my favorite pieces!
*This says 'your' not 'you' but the picture that I took that didn't cut it off didn't have Tully looking as cute. So I just stuck with this one.

Beauty regimen changes for winter?
My beauty routine is super simple and pretty much changes never. I'm just not super into beauty products and such.

Favorite holiday song?
It's a tie: Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses and Last Christmas by Wham! I actually did a favorite Christmas songs post, but I forgot to add a few of my favorites.

Favorite holiday movie?
I want to say The Family's listed first in my favorite Christmas movies post...but it feels too definitive to pick just one. You can just go check out the post and see all my favorites!

What changes about you in the winter?
Not sure about this...I probably gain a million pounds? Ha!

Gift wrap or gift bags?
I think it's more fun to open gifts in gift wrap, but I'm horrible at wrapping so I always wrap with gift bags.

Favorite warm drink for winter?
Hot cocoa with marshmallows. :)

What are you excited for this season?
Christmas and everything that comes with it! I love the decor, the music, the movies, and giving gifts. Of course, receiving gifts isn't so bad either, but I get really excited when I find a great gift to give to someone!

Autumn vs. Winter?
Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday, and kind of has its own season. Sooo my feelings are complicated.

Where do you spend Christmas?
The second holiday season that Michael and I were together (we were living together at this point) we decided to switch off holidays. When we do Christmas with my family, it's always Christmas Eve at my dad's house and Christmas at my mom and stepdad's house. [I don't really like to say stepdad, since he's like my dad too...but I'm trying to not confuse everyone!] When we're with Michael's family, all of the festivities are at his parents' house.

Do you decorate after or before Thanksgiving?
After, but that's just because I love fall so much. I have tons of fall/pumpkin decor so I like to leave it up through November. But it doesn't bother me when people start their Christmas spirit on November 1st.

Peppermint or gingerbread?
I have never liked gingerbread, so definitely peppermint.

What is one thing you asked for this Christmas?
Over-the-knee boots! I posted my Christmas list here, but the boots in that post sold out in my size. :( I currently have my eye on these and these!
Over-the-knee boots

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  1. I can't end stand the smell of gingerbread!! Blech. I love learning all of this fun holiday stuff about you! My family Christmases were insane BEFORE I got married too, so now it's just even more so!

  2. I love Last Christmas by Wham. Such a great song. Love those over the knee boots. Hope Santa gets them for you.

  3. I wish I liked marshmellows in my hot cocoa - it grosses me out - load up the whip cream on top :)

  4. I love your answers to the questionnaire! So so fun! it's a very rainy day here as well so I can use a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows right now! Better yet, maybe I should just go home and watch Christmas movies, lol! Ugh. No gingerbread for me either, yucky!! Hope your week is off to a Merry start!

  5. This post got me all excited about Christmas:) I'm going to go read your favorite Christmas movies now!!

  6. Maybe they are sold out but yours are already wrapped and waiting for you!! Think positive!!

  7. Woo hoo I finally got to vote for you this time!!! Ok, so Jingle All the Way was on last night, and my dad is reading the description and goes, "Here's a cast for you: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad..." Which begs the question... what the heck happened to Sinbad after the 90s?! I was very concerned about this last night, haha! (Never having actually seen this movie btw) And I love your adorable sign, although I really wish it said, "Get yo jingle on". ;D

  8. I love that Get Your Jingle On sign, so cute! And I always wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate too!

  9. Hahaha I didn't even notice the blunder! Jingle All the Way is on my cable's on demand so I plan on watching that again soon. I feel like it just doesn't play on TV anymore! I'm not a big gingerbread person either, but I'll take all the peppermint treats!

    1. I just voted for you! I wasn't familiar with most other bloggers so I gave random votes for the rest! haha

  10. I love this and I'm stealing it for my Christmas Day post and I didn't even pick up on the JTT and Jingle All the Way mistake even though I commented about JTT's hotness. No worries! (And CONGRATS on the favorite new blog nomination!)

  11. I love this too and like Audrey I might have to steal it! I totally voted for you, BTW and I love hearing about all your Christmasy stuff. I love the "get your jingle on" sign. Too cute!

  12. To be honest, I didn't notice your mistake. Perhaps it is because I was distracted by thoughts of JTT. Hahahha. I love both movies too! These posts are always so fun and gets you in the Christmas spirit!

  13. I want to do this survey! So fun! Congrats on the blog nomination :) Going to vote now!

  14. Ooooo I like those boots! Hooray for you in the blog awards. :) I've never seen Jingle All The Way, nor have I seen I'll Be Home for Christmas, so it's safe to say that I didn't miss JTT in either one. Ha!

  15. Congrats on the blog nomination!! How exciting! Love the lights around your fireplace and those cute mugs!

  16. Congrats on making it to the finals! And I also didn't even realize JTT wasn't in Jingle All the Way.. it's been so long since I've seen either movie! Love your decorations too! I ended up getting a bunch from my mom this year too since I'm the same way when it comes to having extra spending money, haha. I am so terrible at wrapping too so I always apologize to people when I give them something that I wrapped. Gift bags are way easier though. I hope you end up getting some boots! Maybe someone ordered those in your size before they sold out hopefully!

  17. I still have I'll Be Home for Christmas on VHS AND still have a tv/vcr combo so I watch it every year on VHS! haha

    Those mugs are super adorable - you can never have too many Christmas-y mugs! :)

    Also, just noticed your wedding picture on your sidebar - gorgeous!

  18. I just shared one of these too! Loved your answers and I hope Santa brings you your boots!

  19. I love a nice hot chocolate in winter but since we are in summer not drinking much hot chocolate at all I have many Christmas movies that I like I don't think I read your post on Christmas movies so going to check it out now

  20. Congratulations on becoming a finalist, that is so frikin’ exciting!!! And oh hey, I recognize these questions! I did them for a holiday giveaway last week :) I LOVE your Christmas decorations and the lights around the fireplace are such a great idea! Lovin’ the Target mugs too.