Northwest Native: December Budget [2015]

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Budget [2015]

december 2015 budget
Lace-yolk Long-sleeve Tee - $26.94, on sale for $15 - 40% off - gift card = $0
Love love love this top. Can't get enough. I totally want some patterned leggings to wear with it. I loved it so much that I asked for the olive color for Christmas.

Lace-trim Tulip Hem Tunic - $22.94 - 40% off returned
I have this thing with my arms...I felt like this made my arms look big and my chest look a super buff gymnast. (Not body-shaming super buff women...the thing is I'm not even a little buff, and I knew it wasn't muscles making me look that way, so I was not a fan.)

Lace-shoulder Top - $26.94 - 40% off returned
I actually ordered this in black, but it was sold out when I made the collage. I had the same issue with this top as the above top. No no no.

Yoga Leggings - $22.94 - 40% off - gift card = $0
I saw these on Megan and Darcy's blogs and thought that they were so cute. I've had luck with Old Navy compression leggings, so I wanted to try these. They are so comfy and don't slide around. And no, I haven't done yoga in them. I've drank hot cocoa/wine and watched movies in them, so...close enough, right? I've even slept in them, they're that comfy.

Black Swing Dress - $32.94 - 40% off - gift card = $0
Love this with booties and a scarf. I bought it because I knew it would be versatile. It's also really soft and comfy.

Slouchy Over-the-knee Boots - $129.95, on sale for $90.98
This is kind of a long story... If you recall my Christmas list post, I asked for this pair of OTK boots. Michael's mom tried to order them, but my size was sold out at Nordstrom. She contacted Sole Society...they told her they're sold out everywhere. So then I asked for the above pair instead. My size showed available, but when she ordered them, Nordstrom emailed her and cancelled her order. So one day after that I saw that my size was in stock and just thought I'd try it out and see if they cancelled my order or not. Michael told me that his mom ordered me a similar pair to the ones I'd asked for but in a different color, so I'm not quite sure what she ordered. I figured I can choose which pair I like best and return the ones that I don't like. I ordered these full price and they went 30% off a few days later so once again, Nordstrom's price adjustments made me a happy girl. These boots are tall, but they don't actually go over the knee. They come up right to the knee...but they are pretty dang cute with leggings. Once I see what I'm getting for Christmas it'll be easier to make a decision.

All of my Old Navy purchases came out to a whopping $0.58 that had to be paid out of pocket. After the returns (I had planned on returning at least two of the tops, since they were all quite similar), I have my $0.58 back and I have a balance on my gift card again.

Recapping 2015

I started blogging at the end of April. I had been reading blogs for a while before I started, and I loved reading budget posts. I posted my first budget post at the end of May, but it included April's budget as well. I decided to add up my total amount spent from April-December to see how I did overall.

April & May - $122.11
June - $161.60
July - $253.14
August - $180.55
September - $212.26
October - $99.95
November - $14.25
December - $90.98
Total: $1,134.84
- $29.91 eBates, $10.04 Splender, $49 ThredUp never applied toward budget = $1,045.89

That's an average of $116.21 per month, which isn't awful. However, I have an idea of what I want to budget next year. Once I have it figured out for sure I'll blog about it...probably in January!

I'm publishing this early because the rest of the month will be busy with Christmas, plus it's my way of encouraging myself to not buy anything else this month. But when the link-up is up on Monday, I'll be linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers!

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  1. Bless your heart for doing these.....because I would never even attempt to lol. I'd probably throw up if I actually saw on paper how much I spend a month lol. #1 reason why I'm always "broke" though. And that first top looks like it needs to belong to me too...sooo...moving on over there.

    x. Morgan

  2. Is that budget what you spend shopping/on clothes per month? (Probably a dumb question...) I love Old Navy. I actually love their jeans and "Rockstar" style pants. I asked for some giftcards so I can update my wardrobe this year! Haha!

  3. I would think just coming to the knee works better - so they dont have to do that 'bend' thing with your knee. They look gorgeous.

  4. Well the boots look great and now you will have even more options. Great job on your budget for the year. I planned on 1500/year aka $125 for the month. Not sure if I stuck to that. I'm excited to see everyone's yearly budget recaps. Maybe $116/month is a lot for you but I think you did a great job

  5. Those leggings look great. I am always searching for new ones. I will have to check them out. I really need to start using my ebates. I always forget and it is just money waiting for me.

  6. I'm like 98% sure I've tried on those leggings, haha! I need to go back and get them some time. Those boots are super cute. You've inspired me to go add up my yearly spending... and I'm horrified already without even totaling it yet, haha! Eek! *scared emoji face*

  7. The first top looks amazing but definitely better on taller people. My co worker has a shirt very similar and I could not pull it off because of my height. Bummer on the two shirts after it. I'm definitely getting a pair of those leggings, they look so comfortable. How thick are they?

    You did really good on your budget, I wish I could say the same. I feel like while I only shop about three times for clothes in a year, I can spend a good amount. Although I think I actually did fairly well this year, better than I expected. As a good portion of my clothes came from birthday money and giftcards. I still can't believe how much money you've saved on old navy with the gift cards. I do love old navy, but I shop there for mostly cardigans.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  8. I love the Old Navy swing dress too! So so comfortable. I have it in maroon stripe, and I think I want to buy more!

  9. not bad at all!! i loved seeing what you spent and as well as what you got. thanks for the year recap too. i need to be better about this.

  10. Dang!!! That is not bad spending a bit!!! You always get brand name cute stuff so I totally expected it to be way more, but that isn't bad, really! I love the lace tops, oh my gosh!! You should totally do clothes posts wearing your stuff to see how it looks!

  11. Great use of sales and gift cards! I'm a little scared to see what I spent on myself this month, especially since I had a lot of "TREAT YO'SELF!" moments with my bday! I think I would have bought those OTK boots as well, just in case the ones you get as a gift aren't what you really want. What's Splender? Or rather, how is it different than eBates?

  12. I loooove those leggings so I'm glad you do too! I wear them all the time around at home & even to sleep in, haha. That's a bummer about the tops though. I love the lace detail on the shoulders (and now they are all sold out according to the website). And I really like that first top too but I'm terrified of anything that is 100% rayon!

  13. I'm one of those people that actually needs to spend more money on clothes because I hate buying clothes. partially because my weight fluctuates so much that I just think that nothing looks good on me. but I just hate the whole process of trying things on and hopefully something fits right excetera excetera. But I think the idea sticking to a budget is pretty awesome and kudos to you for doing it.

  14. I love all the lace with the shirts and that black swing dress is so cute!!!

  15. I don't like sleeveless tops because I have chicken wing arms and prefer to cover them, I have not been able to find a nice pair of boots that fit and are comfortable in years and I do so miss having a pair of boots

  16. Lol, when I saw your budget go up early I thought you were trying to head off any boxing day shopping from happening. Good for you on being on top of things though. I'm thinking I'll probably do mine up on Sunday and post it Monday. Merry Christmas to you and Michael!

  17. Those boots are fabulous! I haven't seen many pairs of tall/OTK boots in that color, but I'm super into them. Those yoga leggings look so comfy!

    xo nicole

  18. I love all of those lacey tees! But I do understand the arm issue - I'm busty and have bigger arms, so I feel like I look enormous in certain pieces

  19. All the lace!! So pretty! I bet that black swing dress will be so versatile. You could wear it over any colored or patterned leggings to switch things up. Great purchases this month!