Northwest Native: November Budget [2015]

Monday, November 30, 2015

November Budget [2015]

It's November Budget time! As always I am linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers. I always love looking through the posts linked up because for some reason I'm fascinated with what people spend their money on and what kind of deals they can get.

1. Steve Madden Skirted Coat (Green) - $168, on sale for $99.90 - paid with gift card = $0
I did it! I bought the coat and I went with the green like most of you were pushing for. I think the green will look best on me, plus I want to channel my inner Blair Waldorf, obviously. Looks like I need to stock up on headbands... The coat is actually backordered until December, so I didn't receive it this month and may end up returning it if it doesn't look good, but I like to include whatever I buy anyway! Late edit: I got the price on this adjusted since it's on extra sale at Nordstrom for $74.92.
2. Boyfriend Windowpane Flannel Shirt - $30, on sale for $18 - 10% birthday discount - paid with gift card = $0 returned
I was obsessed with this shirt for so long and finally ordered it with my birthday gift card. I kept reading that it was huge, so I ordered a small (my normal ON size) and an extra small and I didn't think the small was very big. I wanted it to be kind of baggy like on the model, which is how I thought my normal size would fit. It was pretty fitted, so I returned it.
3. Geo-Pattern Poncho-Sweater - $56.94, on sale for $39 - 25% promo code - 10% birthday discount - paid with gift card = $0
This was a little different than I expected. I don't know how to describe how...I just know that it was. But I still love it!
4. Hooded Long Cardigan - $58, on sale for $34.80 - paid with gift card = $0
I've already mentioned this at least four times now. I actually bought this with a gift card when it was full price and it went 40% off soon after, so I got a price adjustment. Since I had paid with a gift card, Nordstrom mailed me a gift card with the difference, which worked, I just thought it was kind of weird.
5. Lacy Bell Sleeve Shift Dress - $48, on sale for $28.80 - paid with gift card = $0
Remember when I did my splurge/save/steal post on this dress? Well, this was the 'save' dress, and the 'steal' dress was $27.99 from Target. I paid full price for this and then had it price adjusted like the cardigan. But I was so happy to get the higher quality dress for the same price as the steal!
6. Long Sleeve Swingy Shift Dress - $48 - paid with gift card = $0
I wore this to work with black tights and black booties, but I'm also excited to wear it with bare legs and cognac booties! 

You guys...I spent zero dollars this month. I know spending gift cards still means I had those gift cards and now I don't...but it's no money out of my bank account! I also returned the sweater I bought last month, which went back to my Nordstrom gift card stash. I have about $35 left on gift cards to Nordstrom and about $70 left on gift cards to Old Navy.

And guess what else? I got my eBates payout of $29.91, Splender payout of $10.04, and my first ThredUp bag made me $34.07. (My second bag made me $ I have another one pending, and I think I'm going to have to order another to sell some more stuff!) So does that mean I made $74.02 this month?!


Well...this would've been a record-breaker,'s November 24th and I just made two purchases that were not on gift cards. I should go back and add them to the collage and start over, but I wanted everyone to see that I was so close to spending no actual money! But...when Target is doing 40% off sweaters and it ends the next day and you want to get your ideal ugly Christmas sweater and another color of one of your favorite sweaters ever made...what can you do?! Here's what I bought:
Ugly Christmas Sweater - $27.99, on sale for $16.80 - 5% REDcard discount = $15.96
When I saw this I knew it had to be my ugly Christmas sweater! I thought about waiting but figured 40% off was too good to pass up! Well, it turns out it was too good to be true. My normal size fit except for the sleeves being waaay too short. (I can't believe I got my order so quickly--it was on my doorstep on Saturday when we got home!) returning
Long-sleeve Sharkbite Pullover Sweater (heather gray) - $24.99, on sale for $15 - 5% REDcard discount = $14.25
I already own this sweater in the blue color, and it is amazing. I'm 5'7" with a long torso and it's long enough for me to wear with leggings. It's also insanely soft. I wanted the charcoal color, but online it says, "shipping not available" and "not sold in stores." Sooo...if you literally can't buy this color, why is it on the website?! Also I've seen it in stores before so that's a bunch of bologna. If it's no longer in stores it should be listed as sold out...which means it shouldn't be on the site. Get it together, Target.

Total spent: $14.25 - but when you factor in the $74.02 I received...I didn't really spend anything, right?!


Sooo you know that balance on my Old Navy gift cards I mentioned above? Well, it's November 25th and it's gone now. It was 40% off if you spent $100, so I bought a dress and leggings that I had been wanting, and fell in love with three black tops with lace detail. At least two of the tops will be returned, because I definitely don't need all three...I just want to pick my favorite. Anyway, this purchase I will not be including since I'm so unsure about what I'll be keeping. I'll add it in with December. I only spent $0.58 of my own money though after the promo code and gift cards!

What did you buy this month? Or what's on your wishlist?

I forgot to include this originally, but tomorrow is Julie and I's Tell Us About It link-up! The theme? FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS! I am so excited for this one, you guys. Also, check out this post by Laura for other Christmas link-ups!

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  1. I love those long sweaters - I'm not sure how they'll look on me but I think they look so great on others. Very 70's

  2. Girl you need to get some referrals from ebates! I got Kyle to sign up and my mom, and we have made so much money back, both Kyle and my mom used ebates to buy Christmas gifts! And Kyle spent next to nothing on his. Just this month alone I've made back over $60!

    I for sure spent on Black Friday, but it was pieces that I know I'll wear often and I got Christmas gifts! So I'm good for that. And you still did super good on the saving!!! So you spent like $15 on clothes that would have cost you over what $200???? Deal to me! I wrote about what I got on my most recent post and the post before that.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. I have that black and white poncho sweater from Old Navy and love it. Whenever I wear it I get a bunch of compliments on it.

  4. LOVE the green coat Excellent choice! I also love your edits to the "original" post and not wanting to update your collage--BEEN THERE! :)

  5. You did amazing this month! Plus Nordstrom is awesome since they do the price adjustments after you purchase an item. I wish ON would do that because I always buy things and then they go on sale later!! You reminded me that I need that long sweater from Target, especially now that it's on sale!

  6. Love that you got the green coat! Can't wait till you get it because I want to see photos! :) You did so amazing on your budgeting this month-YAY for gift cards! :)

  7. Holllllller! Spending zero and getting all the cute clothes!

    Okay, so give me your thoughts on ThredUp? Worth doing?

  8. That is awesome the adjusted the prices on the ones that went on sale!!! They are all SO CUTE. I love that penguin sweater, it is not ugly!! haha but I guess it's somehow fate that it didn't fit, I bet you'll find something else that is super cute (you always find cute stuff!!)

  9. I love the green coat! I'm glad you went with that one. I agree with Emily, what's your thoughts on ThredUp? Worth it, or nah?

    1. I think so! I mean I took all my clothes to Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange first...and they hardly took ANYTHING. And then ThredUp took like six things and I got $34. My second bag they didn't take anything, but still, so far that's $34 worth of stuff that didn't sell at Plato's or Buffalo! (And I just had them keep the clothes they didn't buy, since I would've just donated those anyway!)

  10. I like seeing what other people buy too. It's fun to see what deals you can get. I don't buy anything that is not on sale. Well, almost nothing that isn't on sale. There are so many good sales!! I don't even know how many emails I got on Black Friday for 40 or 50 percent off. Love your stuff!! I spilled bleach all over my favorite black jeans so I am looking for some new ones.

  11. Old Navy had such good sales this month! I love the length of that green cardigan you bought but I don't know if I can pull it off!

  12. Hahahaha I am cracking up at all your edits! You still did so great with hardly spending any money! I totally don't see spending gift cards, credit card rewards, ebates returns, as spending money. Way to go! Oh and that Sharkbite sweater is not at all what I was expecting to see when I clicked on the link..

  13. It's hard when a big shopping weekend falls at the end of the month! I hadn't done any shopping until Thanksgiving weekend, and then I felt like all I did for 4 days was click "Submit Order" - hard to pass up the good deals!