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Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: Blogging & Birthdays!

Sooo I told you about my laptop issues. In the same post I told you that I'm moving and keeping my job but transferring to our Portland branch. The Portland branch has a slightly different culture due to some...difficult employees. My bosses don't want me to be miserable, so they actually gave me a work laptop so that I could work from home occasionally! In case you were wondering how I've been able to consistently write posts lately, that laptop is why! I have also made Genius bar appointments two more times and cancelled them both. Oops. I'll eventually get my computer looked at, but not until after we move.

I had a great birthday! I can't believe it's been a week and a half and I have yet to mention it! Michael and I went to Purple Cafe & Wine Bar for dinner and it was ridiculously delicious. It was Seattle Restaurant Week so we got a three-course dinner, one of those courses being dessert...but Michael also bought me two cupcakes (from the place that provided our wedding cupcakes!) and a chocolate bar. Yikes. (Yes, both cupcakes were mine...they didn't have gluten free ones that day for poor Michael!) Also, please note the card. How romantic. Haha! I also got a bunch of money in gift cards to Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Starbucks which has been amazing. Shopping (and drinking fancy coffee drinks) without actually spending money is the best.

Adele's new song is amazing. Homegirl can do no wrong. Michael said it's too 'basic.' Uhhh excuse me?! No one calls Adele basic and gets away with it. Ha!

My other favorite song at the moment is Same Old Love by Selena Gomez. So catchy, so good. And I'm also still loving Ellie Goulding's On My Mind.

I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard about Jimmy Kimmel's annual prank where he asks parents to tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy and get their reactions on video. This year's compilation does not disappoint!
A few takeaways from this for me:
-if my kid hit or pushed me...they would be in huge trouble.
-the kid calling his parent a 'turkey butthole' made me laugh way too hard!
-the kids that are super forgiving and sweet after their parents tell them they ate the candy are precious.
-the very last one in the video is super hilarious. I don't even know how the kid thought to say that!

I posted my favorite coats from all over the Internet on Tuesday, but I found a new contender yesterday that might be my frontrunner now! Again, it's totally Blair Waldorf (at least in the green). It comes in black too, but I would definitely want one of the colors. I'm obsessed with burgundy so I keep thinking I want that, but then I think about how green would look with my super pale skin and reddish hair and I'm conflicted!

Price-matching at Nordstrom is an absolute favorite! Remember when I introduced you to this duster cardigan and this bell-sleeve dress? I ended up ordering both of them with birthday gift cards at full price. They both went 40% off in Nordstrom's big fall clearance sale so I just got on live chat with customer service and got $42.40 credited back to me!

Our photographer posted a preview album of our wedding photos last night! The pictures are all amazing. Michael and I decided to wait to look at them until we were together...which was torture because they were posted before I was done with work at five. Then Michael had a work happy hour, then a phone interview at 6:30, then a call with Comcast scheduled at 7. But it was so worth the wait!

It's our last weekend in Seattle and I'm getting really sad about it. I'm really going to miss it. Our neighborhood is so great, being walking distance to downtown, restaurants, shopping, the waterfront, Seattle Center... It's definitely going to be an adjustment having to drive everywhere (though our new apartment is a six minute drive from a great mall in hopefully that will lessen the blow). It will be fun to get to know Portland, though. And we can go up to Seattle for weekend trips.

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  1. That is cool Nordstrom giving you the sale price. My taste in music is all over the place from Mercy Me to Imagine Dragons :). I do like the new coat too. And a coat is so important especially if you live somewhere you basically have to wear it 6 months out of the year!! Have a nice weekend.

  2. HAHAHAHA that video! How did I not know about that?!!? So funny. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Girl, two cupcakes and a chocolate bar is nothing, I usually eat an entire cake for my birthday. It's my gift to myself. And that card he got is hilarious! I am a sucker for a good card. I always try to make the other person laugh. It's like my goal in life lol. Have a good weekend! Enjoy Seattle ;)

    x. Morgan

  3. Awww, good luck with the move!! Sounds like you had a fab bday and great Seattle 'send-off' with your celebration, cupcakes, and more! :)

  4. I cant wait to see your pictures!!!!!!

    Oh yeah - those kids that freak out & HIT & SCREAM at the parents? OHHH NOOOO. My parents would have busted me right then & there :) haha

  5. I may or may not have danced to Adele's new song so many times. Like so many.

    WEDDING PICTURES!!! Eeeee, like Christmas morning!

    Enjoy every second of your last weekend in Seattle! Change is hard, but so many exciting things are coming your way.

  6. Happy belated birthday!!! Glad it was so great :) Birthdays are always meant to be great

    Great customer service from Nordstrom! I'll have to wait to watch the videos, but I'm really interested in the new songs. I feel like I'm always the last to know about songs.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. I was wondering if you got your laptop fixed :). That's awesome that your company was able to do that. I loved the Jimmy Kimmel pranks! They were all hilarious. Nordstrom is amazing!!! I hate when I buy something & then it goes on sale right after! Hope you have a great last weekend in Seattle!

  8. Getting Starbucks gift cards is the best! My b-day ones just ran out, so the party's over for me, womp! I think the green would look gorgeous on you, with pale skin and reddish hair! If you like green, that is. I'm not the biggest fan although it's supposed to look good on me :) Moving is really sad--I cried all day before I moved out of Philly. Hang in there and enjoy your Seattle last weekend!! :)

  9. Love the w-achor card LOL! Those coats are so cute! I love Selena and Ellie's songs and Adele's was ok for me too but I dont understand why everyone is like geeking out and posting constant status updates about it lol. Good luck with your move!!! I am sure Portland will be awesome for you!

  10. So so excited to see your wedding photos! That coat is gorgeous-I like both colors, but I really want the green! Hope you enjoy your last weekend in Seattle! Good luck with moving! :)

  11. oh that is so awesome about nordstrom! i ordered something the other day and checked to make sure it hadn't gone on sale - it hadn't but it's good to know they would credit the difference if it had.
    i LOVE that coat, especially the green. i have one very similar, with the hood-y thing that isn't really a hood and all that, but it's like a beigey tan colour. love it.

  12. Girl! That coat is tooooo cute! I'm totally gonna go creep on your wedding photos now. :) Super excited about your move and reading all about it! Hope all is well!!

  13. The green coat!!!!! It'll look so good on you! Well either will. I love those videos that Jimmy Kimmel does every year. I still remember last years when the little boy says "well you're gunna get a tummy ache" after the mom says she ate his candy. Love it.

  14. Sounds like life is pretty good and you had a pretty great birthday, I do like birthdays, I like gifts, I like giving gifts, I like cake although I often have not gotten a cake because my girls and Tim suck, just saying

  15. Can't wait to see your wedding pictures! So glad your computer issues are solved for now :)

  16. First off, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Taking a blog break (though unintended) made me miss SO much!

    I'm anxiously awaiting the post with all your wedding pictures!