Northwest Native: Life Lately [10.23.15]

Friday, October 23, 2015

Life Lately [10.23.15]

Pre-Wedding Life Lately

I started watching Scream Queens when Michael was at his bachelor party and I'm obsessed. I'm a big fan of 'whodunit' mysteries, so I love that aspect but I also love that it's satire. The red devil costume is horrifying, so it's also actually kind of scary sometimes. And there are some great actors too. Plus, any show that plays Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by The Backstreet Boys while a bunch of frat dudes wander around wearing all white is a winner in my book.

I went to Nordstrom and tried on this duster cardigan and I am obsessed. I've been intrigued by duster cardigans for a while, and I love that this one is patterned and that it's olive and black, because olive is one of my favorite fall colors. It also has a hood, which I think is a fun detail. It comes in black and white too. I happened to be wearing my olive it weird that I would probably wear this exact outfit? Is that too much olive? Oh well!

MY FAVORITE TARGET SWEATER IS FINALLY ONLINE! Or maybe it has been and I've never been able to find it. I only saw it in three colors in store, but there are seven online...and now I'm trying to decide between black or the darker grey color. Below is me wearing the 'teal wave' color. You may have seen this picture on the blog before if you've been following for a while.

Michael and I found our new favorite happy hour place a couple months back (of course it moved into our neighborhood right before we move away...) and we've gone a few times. It's Mexican food, which is perfect for gluten-free Michael and margarita-loving me! It's called Villa Escondida, and it's a five-ten minute walk from our apartment!

We had a week off before the wedding so we had a few days to prepare before family started arriving. We went to our favorite pumpkin patch and picked up a ton of little pumpkins and gourds to use as centerpieces. I'll be honest, we ended up having to run to the grocery store on two occasions after this to buy even more pumpkins and gourds. This wheelbarrow alone was $50 worth!

We also bought pumpkin butter because yum!

The pumpkin patch we like is about a forty-five minute drive from our apartment. There are closer ones, and we easily could've gone to those for our purposes (since we didn't do the corn maze or anything) but this was probably our last chance to go there with the move coming up! They always have a theme, and this year it was monsters.

The first family to arrive was Michael's sister with her boyfriend. We picked them up from the airport just before noon the Wednesday before the wedding. The rest of our immediate family got there on Thursday. So we went to lunch, went to Pike Place Market, went to the top of the Space Needle, and had dinner and drinks!

The flowers at Pike Place are always gorgeous. I absolutely love dahlias, and they were all over the place since they're in season! The market has lots of $5 bouquets, and the majority of their bouquets are $5-$15, which I feel like is a crazy good deal for how gorgeous they are!

Just the view from the top of the Space Needle! It's pretty expensive to go up, and apparently you can go up in Smith Tower downtown for much cheaper (except I just looked and apparently it's closed until further notice), but I've been up at least four times and think it's worth it. Also, eating at the restaurant there is amazing! We went for brunch for my birthday two years ago because it's a bit cheaper than dinner, and it was delicious! The restaurant rotates once every half hour, so you get to see everything. You also get to go up to the observation deck after your meal.

Post-Wedding Life Lately

This beautiful lady is my mother-in-law. The week after the wedding, the florist where Michael's sister works, Farmgirl Flowers, ran a promo where proceeds purchased from the bouquet pictured were donated to breast cancer research. They called the bouquet 'The Kelly' after her. I never mentioned this on the blog before, but Kelly was diagnosed just before Christmas last year. She has a very demanding job, she does sooo much for her kids (myself included!) and her husband, her other family members, her friends...and she has hardly slowed down even with chemo and radiation. She is one strong lady and I love that Farmgirl Flowers included her in this promotion and shared this picture of her on their social media!

We went on our first date as a married couple! We saw The Martian in 3D at Cinerama and I absolutely loved it. I loved the book too. Obviously, they had to leave out stuff from the book to make it fit into a few hours, but it also removed some of the science and math talk, so it was easier to follow. Also Matt Damon was hilarious and so perfect for the role.

We had our second date as a married couple the same day! These dates were both the Tuesday after the wedding, our last day of freedom before going back to work. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory because it's a five minute walk from our apartment and they have gluten free pasta for Michael.

On Saturday, we went apartment-hunting in Portland. This is the apartment community that we applied for! It's very green with water features...and a ton of ducks living in them! And we found out yesterday afternoon that WE GOT IT! So we will be living in one of the lower level apartments on the left of the top picture. :)

I know I've mentioned the town in Oregon that puts on Halloweentown every year (because it was a filming location!). Well, I finally got to go see it! It's between Portland and my hometown, so we stopped on our way back from apartment-hunting. We really only stopped, looked, and took pictures, but apparently you can kayak over to a haunted yacht and I totally want to do that next year!

I was kind of surprised that the movie theater is actually a running theater and shows pretty recent movies!

On Sunday I watched Hocus Pocus and drank hot chocolate out of my Portland Starbucks mug! I seriously already want to watch it again. It just puts me in the fall mood, so I'm determined to watch it again before Halloween passes.

Life lately has been my favorite, so I'm going to link up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

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  1. i have never seen HP--I swear I;m the only one. Yay for getting the apt. I know that's a huge relief.

  2. So much goodness here! Your mother in law is beautiful. I will pray for her!! I am super happy you got an apartment and are enjoying some newlywed date nights! You guys are absolutely precious and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Yay new apartment with ducks!! You can like feed them and make them your outdoor pets haha. Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus are hands down the best Halloween movies ever. I always catch Hocus Pocus on tv at some point every October, but we don't have cable this year, so I'm going to be really bummed if I get to see it somehow!

  4. That is a lot of mini-pumpkins! I'm off to the pumpkin patch this weekend to find a few. Those flowers are beautiful! I'd love to have fresh flowers around the house, but one of my cats tries to eat them as soon as they come in the house!

  5. Stop posting all the cute clothes that I decide I want!!! ;) Ha, that Target sweater though...amazing.

    Yay, for married life! Looks like y'all are not slowing down one bit! I want to see the Martian so badly, and now I'm pretty sure seeing it in 3D is definitely the way to go.

  6. The Target and duster sweaters look so amazing ... I've been having a harder time finding sweaters lately! Doesn't seem like as many good ones are our yet this year. And so sweet about your Mother-In-Law! Wishing her a quick recovery - sounds like a wonderful lady!!

  7. OMG those dark purple dahlias are so gorgeous! I want a bouquet right now! (I love dahlias too! Twins!) I can't believe they're so cheap at the Pike Place Market! I want to go to there! :) I also love your Portland Starbucks mug! (I have the Philly one and love seeing the mugs for other cities!) And my mom is OBSESSED with Scream Queens, she cannot stop gushing about it! haha

  8. Trying to slow my roll on clothes buying but I love those sweaters, thankfully I'm too short so I won't be buying them thankfully for my wallet!

    Also, I love date nights after marriage life, I don't know it seems so different and awesome. Going around being like Mr. and Mrs. on the town.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  9. Sounds like life lately has been pretty great! I am not really a fan of those long cardigans, but it looks awesome on you! Mind changer! Also, so amazing that the florist did a bouquet for Michael's mom...just so special! Your new place looks gorgeous...definitely have to enjoy all your favorites before the big move!

  10. Lots of fun stuff!! Those flowers are amazing. I would like to have fresh flowers every week. Yay on your new place. What an exciting adventure :)

  11. The apartment complex looks so homey!!!
    I love you documented your first married movie - that's precious.
    I love the long duster sweater!!!! You can pull it off with those long legs!

  12. I don't know where to start on this post. So much goodness. I LOVE the Pikes Place flowers and they are always crazy cheap for how amazing they are! I also LOVE that duster but I kind of shy away from dusters because I accidentally call them "sweepers" all the time and get super embarrassed. I loved the Martian too and thought Matt Damon was PERFECT for the part! Still needing to read the book.

  13. Oh my god obsessed with the Halloween town pumpkin! Add that to my list of thing sI need to see!!

  14. i totally agree with you about the martian! i loved matt damon at Mark and i especially loved that they left a lot of the science talk out. also i'm totally geeking out over the halloweentown-town. does it have another name? because if it does they should just get rid of it and re-name it halloweentown, in my opinion. :)

  15. So glad you got the apartment! It looks so pretty! Love that olive cardigan on you-and I think it looks great with the olive shirt, but I am also a huge fan of olive! Haha.

  16. Congrats on getting the apartment! That was fast! Love the water fountains and ducks!

    Are there pics of the centerpieces? What did you wind up doing with all those pumpkins?!

    I didn't realize Halloweentown was filmed there, and actually haven't seen the movie! I'll have to add it to my list!

  17. Ahhh we had an Old Spaghetti Factory in Atlanta that closed down but I loved it!!! I love that duster cardi on you, I think olive is a classic color for fall/winter/ I want to see The Martian! Loved the book! Love all your pumpkins! And Halloweentown is awesome looking! I spent my sunday drinking hot chocolate and watching Hocus Pocus too! And yes to the BSB on scream queens. That is what roped me in as well, even though the devil terrifies me too!

  18. Hope your computer is fixed :) & Congratulations on the new apartment!!

  19. I LOVE that cardigan from nordstrom! did you buy it?! And that sweater, I remember seeing it when you posted it before. What size did you get? The fit is perfect on you!! SO EXCITING you got the apartment you wanted!!!!!! And it's basically like a fairytale looking place with the pond and ducks and greenery and stuff. So exciting! Those flowers are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!! I need to figure out where they come from because I never see that pretty of flowers in AZ haha for real. Happy weekend!!

  20. Girl, you have been busy! I've been wanting that sweater since you posted it awhile back & finally saw it in the stores here last weekend. I'm glad that it's online though because I think it's time to order one! I love that view of Seattle-- definitely need to go there someday! And that is so awesome about the flower company too.. such a beautiful bouquet. Congrats on the apartment! I can't remember if you mentioned this or not but when do you officially move?? Have a great weekend!

  21. Congrats on the apartment in Portland! We visited there last month and LOVED IT!!! And Halloweentown?! That's so amazing! I love that they do that! How fun.

    Andrea // pics-o-andrea

  22. That duster cardigan looks so good on you! I think I'm too short to wear those and pull them off :(. Also your apartment looks so cute and cozy and dreamy with those changing leaves.

    Those Dahlias! I don't ever see them sold around here but they're so pretty!

  23. I love the cardigan with that exact outfit! Life lately looks very happy :)

  24. yayyyy how awesome was the martian?! and that duster cardigan, yes yes yes to it all. i have been meaning to watch scream queens, thanks for the reminder!

  25. So many busy things, but all so exciting! So happy that you guys got the apartment, and that you've been able to enjoy your days off! Welcome back to reality, hope you can handle all of the busy headed your way!