Northwest Native: Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend

Before we get into the post today, I thought I should mention that I created a Twitter account this weekend (shoutout to Krysten for being my first follower!). I put it off for a long time...but felt like I had to do it. I hardly ever post on Instagram so we'll see how this goes. I had a personal Twitter account and I deleted it a long time ago. And the handle NorthwestNative was taken by some guy who hasn't tweeted since April so I just had to use my Also, Twitter's suggestions for my first Tweet are: "Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet" and "Hello Twitter! #myfirstTweet" I would just like to give a round of applause to the marketing genius who came up with those. Bravo. They sound like Michael when he imitates me blogging.

I'm going to format my weekend recap differently than usual, because I feel like I end up rambling when I just go chronologically, and I wanted to save you all from that.

What We Ate
 Of course I went with food first, because I'm me.
We went to the Mexican place in my hometown. Sangria and chips and salsa--yum! I ordered chicken fajitas which were huge and ended up providing like four meals for Michael and I.
 When at Mom's, drink margaritas (while watching Bridesmaids because duh).
We went to get nachos at Stella Taco during Portland's nacho week...I assumed it'd be a small order of nachos that we were sharing, so I got a cinnamon chile chocolate chip cookie, which was delicious.
The nachos were enormous. Seriously. No, we did not finish them.
Michael posed with his first PSL of the season. I did not partake because as I've mentioned I am not a fan of them.
On Monday night I did make some pumpkin spice chai for us though. This I do like!

What We Saw
We went to Macy's on Friday and my mom and I fangirl'd SO HARD over all the cute Kate Spade kitchenware! I decided I need this kettle and utensil holder. The spout cover on the kettle says, "Whistle while you work." SO CUTE!
We saw deer a lot while we were there. We usually do. There's a mom and her two fawns that we see all the time and they're so cute!
We've had that toy for over fifteen years (when my dad and brother bought our Beagle from his previous owner, the toy came with) and no dog has made a dent in it. Then Flora just decided to start biting off pieces of it. (So of course we took it away because we didn't want her ingesting it!)
Running around outside sniffing every square inch of our property is hard work.
This old ferry docked on the river in Portland is a maritime museum! We almost went in, but decided not to.
I honestly don't know what this building is, but I loved it!
On Monday night I took a walk (gotta get in my ten thousand steps!) and stopped to take a picture of this gorgeous view. This waterfront park is two blocks down and a few blocks over from our apartment. I'm sad that our lease is up in November and we'll have to move because of the high rent.

What I Worked On
I decided that this weekend I'm making a trip to Plato's Closet, maybe followed by a trip to Buffalo Exchange to see if they'll take anything that Plato's doesn't. I'm just sick of the stall in my Poshmark sales, and I'm also sick of all this stuff sitting in our apartment!
Five bags of clothes, with a few accessories thrown in.
Seven pairs of shoes, but I forgot to include the olive green wedge booties that hurt my feet, so it's actually eight!

My Goal Progress
I made sure to get at least ten thousand steps every day during our four day weekend. There was no way I was going to fail my goal this early...especially because I know work days are going to be even harder to get ten thousand steps.
On Friday, I ran at the park while Michael played basketball, I took the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood, and we walked around Target and the mall. I also get more steps just taking the dogs out to potty since they want to sniff and walk around a lot.
On Saturday I got some steps with the dogs and also did a little bit of walking in Portland.
I know what you're thinking...exactly ten thousand? Seems fishy. Well, I was at about seven or eight thousand Sunday night and almost just accepted it and said that my steps over ten thousand on Friday and Saturday made up for it...but like I said I didn't feel like I had an excuse! So I did a lot of walking around the room and jogging in place to get there. I was already in pajamas and ready for bed, so at the end I jogged in place right next to the bed and once my Fitbit vibrated, I got right in bed.
I may have reached calories burned after I added this to the post. And I probably got like ten more steps putting my laptop away before bed. But that's it!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm linking up with Sweet Little Ones for Tuesday Talk!

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  1. I LOVE the Kate Spade kitchenware, I want the gold ones! I have two bags full of things that I need to donate, which seems to be the hardest part for me about donating...actually taking the bags. I need to get that done this week! YAY for keeping up with your goals!!

  2. only about a zillion things i want to talk about from your fun weekend!!! but the pic of him looking so serious with the PSL--LOVED it!! they're so much better this year now that they use real pumpkin. or maybe it's just me ;)

  3. Nice closet purge! I really should put more effort into taking my clothes to consignment stores. Usually I just take them to Value Village or Goodwill.

  4. Yes to Plato's Closet! The one here in Houston is really picky about what they'll take and they ended up taking none of my stuff, whereas BE took most of it. When I was home in GA I took some stuff still at my parent's house to the Plato's there and they took everything!! I was like...alrighty then, every time I go home to Georgia I'm bringing all my nice clothes to sell ;)

  5. Wow looks like a fun weekend!! Nice work on the closet! And the pic of Michael with his PSL is my fav - could be an ad here - so PNW :)

  6. WHAT???!?!?! They make that? I always love pumpkin in chai tea & didn't know they had that already made. I am heading to the store tonight!!!!

    off to add you on Twitter :)

  7. Loving that teapot!!! Too bad we never drink tea using a teapot, otherwise I'd find a reason why I needed it

    Congratulations on getting so many steps! It's hard some days for me to get up to 10K. Never heard of poshmark either, but I definitely need to start getting some clothes out of the house.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie.

  8. Following you on Twitter :) Yay for all of your steps!! I hit my goal twice this weekend and the other days were just a nope haha! Oops! All of your food looks delicious! My sister told me this morning that she is having a huge yard sale in two weeks, I am going to gather up some stuff for her to sale for me.

  9. Looks like it was a great weekend. Great job on the closet cleanout! That is something I so need to do. I haven't had a PSL yet but I did take a sip of my sister's and think it tastes way better this year!!

  10. A girl after my own heart! Lots of love for Mexican food!!

  11. Way to go on the steps! It definitely helps to have something right there to keep you accountable. I've been having the same bad luck with eBay lately too. It seems like I sell things in waves & then nothing. Good luck with Plato's! They are so crazy about what they buy around here but at least it's somewhat better than sitting in bags. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  12. I need a fitbit! Looks like you're doing awesome with it, keep it up girl!

    I recently got rid of a bunch of clothes too that I never wear and now my drawers close so much easier :) haha

  13. I've had my Fitbit right at 10,000 before too! It vibrated right as I was laying down for bed also. Good enough I thought haha. Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  14. Sounds like you had an awesome long weekend! I absolutely love that Kate Spade kitchenware - I now need that utensil holder.

  15. Oh my gosh your weekend looks like it was AMAZING. The food and drinks are making my mouth water just a little bit ;)

  16. Totally just followed you on twitter!! :) haha Your weekend literally looks like a dream! All the food, and the animals, and the fitbit steps! You are super woman! I love all those shoes, especially the boots. Take me shopping with you and help me find cute things haha Love that Kate Spade kettle, so cute! We have the kate spade salt/pepper shakers and I love them and they were like the first thing on our wedding registry. Such an amazing weekend! I'm going to vote they bring Nacho Week to AZ bc nachos!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  17. Okayyy, now you're totally making me feel like a slacker for not having more social media for the blog, and for having such a boring weekend! Glad you enjoyed it! I agree with everyone else, the Kate Spade kitchen stuff is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I don't even drink tea and I need that tea pot!!

  18. Your weekend sounds amazing. And now you make me want a fit bit too!!! :)

  19. All the Mexican food pictures are making me crave it even more!!! I am going to have to go somewhere this week or weekend to get my fix. That teapot is so precious with the "Whistle While Your Work". Seriously, how cute?! Looks like you had a great weekend!!!

  20. Congrats on hitting your steps goal! I blew mine out of the water for the first time this past weekend :) I love fitbit! And those nachos look so good!

  21. Wow congrats on meeting those step goals! I'd be curious to see how many steps I take. I'd love to find one used on eBay and try it out. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun in Portland too!

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