Northwest Native: September Budget [2015]

Monday, September 28, 2015

September Budget [2015]

september budget 2015
Leopard Crossbody - $22.94, on sale for $22 - 20% off = $17.60 (returned)

Colorblock Sweater - $29.94, on sale for $19 - $6.23 (Super Cash) = $12.77

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Small Harris - $278, on sale for $139 - 25% off sale items = $104.25

Long Parka - $49.94, on sale for $47 - $17.85 (Super Cash) = $29.15 (returned)

Striped Colorblock Sweater - $26.94, on sale for $15 - 20% off = $12

BP. Stone Stud Earrings (Coral)$8 - 50% off = $3.98

BP. Stone Stud Earrings (Green)$8 - 50% off = $3.98

Kate Spade Wallet (Gold) - Originally $100, bought at Nordstrom Rack for $50

Handkerchief-hem Cardigan - $39.94, on sale for $32 - $12.15 (Super Cash) = $19.85 (returned)

Cutout-Pattern Tee - $19.94, on sale for $18 - $5.90 (Super Cash) = $12.10

Distressed Skinny Jeans (similar) -  $88, on sale for $52.80 - $17.90 (credit from return) = $34.90

Sleeveless Shift Dress - $29.94, on sale for $15 - 20% off = $12

Tassel Earrings - $38 - $6 (vault points) - 25% off discount code = $24

Boxy Plaid Top - $24.94, on sale for $24 - $7.87 (Super Cash) = $16.13 (returned)

$352.71 total - $82.73 (returned) = $269.98

$269.98 - $16.15 (Poshmark) - $24.02 (Plato's Closet) - $17.55 (Buffalo Exchange) = $212.26

So, I spent a lot. Actually, I'm shocked at how I came out just barely over $200! I'm pretty proud of that. Thank goodness for selling my old clothes! I also sent off my first bag to ThredUp, but I just sent it a few days ago so I won't see if they buy anything from me for probably a couple weeks.

I banned myself from purchases for the rest of September and October, but when I returned three items to Old Navy, I stumbled upon the Kate Spade wallet. My return had totaled over $50, and the wallet was $ I felt like it was worth it. I also saw the same wallet full price at Nordstrom for $100...then found mine at the Rack the same day. The only difference was the inside color. Mine must've been last season or something. Plus, I think the Kate Spade purse that I ordered might be more narrow than my current one, so I thought I needed a slimmer wallet. I currently have a Kate Spade wallet that zips (I sound like a walking advertisement for Kate Spade right now--apologies!), and it's quite thick. The gold one is much slimmer.

I'm going to go ahead and call the purse purchase a birthday present to myself. Although I may have further broken my shopping ban and purchased the booties that got away (in cognac). Seriously, I had my heart set on these last year. I got them for Christmas from two different people! But I didn't realize that you were supposed to size up, so both pairs (in my normal size) were way too small, and then they were sold out. They've been sold out this year, but when a pair one size up from my size showed up, I snatched them quick! I'm not including them in the budget because I don't know yet if they'll fit, and I won't know until October. I did buy a pair of brown booties last year when I returned the two pairs that didn't fit me, so if these end up working out I may end up selling the other booties.

Another thing, I don't normally include jewelry in my budget posts because I usually don't buy anything over $10, and I feel like that doesn't really even count because it's like buying a coffee (I know, I'm a cheater). But I included the studs I paid $4 a pair for. I included the tassel earrings because they're more expensive than my standard jewelry purchases.

And now because I feel like I spent a lot and want to make myself feel better about some of the great deals I got, I'm going to compare the retail price of all of my purchases (the ones I kept, this doesn't include the ones I returned) with what I spent. :)

$681.79 regular price - $269.98 paid = $411.81 saved (and that doesn't include any cash back from eBates or Splender*)

*I don't think I've mentioned Splender yet. I first heard of it on someone else's budget post last month. I don't remember who...if you posted about Splender in your budget post last month let me know and I'll link to you! So most of you probably know about eBates already. You start your shopping trips through their website and then you get a certain percentage cash back on your purchases from their partner sites.

Splender works the same way, but unlike eBates, Splender pays out monthly instead of quarterly. There is a $10 minimum cash back payment on Splender, but that's not too hard to hit. So these days when I'm going to make an online purchase, I check both eBates and Splender to see which has the higher cash back percentage. If they're equal, I use Splender because of the quicker payment time. (Of course, with most retailers you have to wait for their return period to be over before your cash back is fully you won't always get your cash back payment the same month that you make the purchase.)

Totally almost forgot! I'm linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers today, like I do every month! I'm also linking up with Katie and Stephanie for Final Friday Finance!

Oh! And another note. I've added a Shop tab to the blog. I have included a few of the items currently in store that I own as well as a few items on my wish list. I haven't been able to figure out how to pick which color shows up in the widget, so not all of the things I own are showing the actual color that I own, and not all of the items on my wish list are showing the color that I want.

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  1. i think you did really well, based on all that you got. wow!!

  2. Those tassel earrings are so cute! You found some major bargains this month, and with how many things you purchased the overall total wasn't too bad.

  3. How about instead of me using your Shop tab that you just shop for me?! ;) Seriously, you = expert shopper AND find the cutest things.

  4. It was definitely a shopping month for you! Haha. I'm impressed you managed to keep the total as low as you did though. I'm loving all of the accessories :D

  5. What an awesome shopping month for you! I always justify my purchases with how much I saved! Haha. It makes us feel way better about spending however much we did spend vs what we would have spent if it wasn't on sale!

  6. Wow nice job!! The keeping track part is where I'd get lost (I need to keep better tabs!!). I can't believe you got those earrings for $3 and some change!! Great deal!!

  7. You got some great things this month! I think you did really good, you got so much stuff!! I totally need to start keeping track of what I buy. I'm so bad about it.

  8. You scored a lot for $200.00! I have to keep track of my purchases better, maybe it would tip me off when it's time to freeze for a bit! Love the studs.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  9. I love all your purchases...especially that Kate Spade purse!

  10. You should link this on our final friday finance link up :) It is still open

  11. I just want a pair of jeans that aren't maternity jeans. Penelope is 5 months old tomorrow... it's time. LOL

  12. You are all about the good deals girl! I'm impressed all that for the price!

  13. Wow that is a super impressive haul!! Also, can I raid your closet sometime? :D

  14. You really got a lot of stuff for that price! I haven't heard of Splender before but definitely going to check it out! I use Ebates but they don't always have cash back for some stores. I hope you get something from ThredUp too!

  15. You scored some major deals this month! I like that you included the items you returned also. It's interesting to see which items people decided not to keep. Amazing find on the KS wallet! Especially if it's still in Nordstrom too!

  16. wow seeing that you got that much stuff for the half the original cost is really good. I'm all about saving, but rarely ever track how much I save. I love the Kate Spade wallet and purse, but they wouldn't be practical for me since I need to have a big bag, but the wallet I could down size. How did you make the collage of pictures too? It's perfect for this.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  17. You got so many cute things this month!!! There was a lot of stuff I wanted...but didn't really get anything. New face wash and foundation and that is about it haha.

  18. You got so many cute things! Love the Kate Spade bag you got!

  19. You will not regret the wallet. I own the same one and it has stood the test of time. It's easily my favorite.

  20. I love taking my stuff to Plato's. Sometimes I am surprised at what they take and what they don't haha! I've never heard of Poshmark though...

    I also have those studs and love them!


  21. You did such a great job this month. I'd exchange Old Navy stuff for a pretty Kate Spade piece any day! ;-)

  22. What bargain purchases! I mean you saved $200 more than you spent, right? Love the Kate Spade purchases! :) Also, I own some of the BP earrings, and they are the best $8 I have ever spent. I can't believe I missed them half off. :(

  23. Omg you got so much this month for great prices!! I so want tassel earrings and cognac or gray booties. I'm officially on the lookout!

  24. you saved SO MUCH!!!! that is crazy. i feel like you definitely have to be willing to spend more to save more, but man. that's a crap ton of saved money!

  25. Some great finds Mattie! And, thanks for mentioning Splender...hope you're enjoying the site! Best, -Garrett

  26. Dang girl. you did awesome!! K and Splender commented on your post! you're basically famous, these brands are seeking you haha I need to get to the Nord rack! They ALWAYS have such cute things! those booties you got are so dang cute and coming just in time for winter!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  27. Nice, very nice indeed just so you know

  28. I am absolutely positively terrible at budgeting! I need an actual, tangible one as opposed to the "save more money" thought I have every now and again.
    But honestly - I ahte to be a bad influence but - you got SO many steals. When you end up saving 2x what you actually paid, I can't help but feel like it was a shopping trip VERY well spent!