Northwest Native: Show & Tell Tuesday: Your High School Self

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Your High School Self

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share about myself in high school. (Well, I just realized I'm off by a week. Probably should've checked beforehand...but I'll link up next Tuesday.)
I graduated high school in 2009. At that time, people in my town didn't have Facebook unless they were in college--I got it my senior year of high school. Sooo I may have gone back to MySpace (again! the things I do for this blog) to get some of these pictures. These are mostly from junior and senior year since I can only figure out how to scroll through MySpace photos chronologically and it's SLOW. So I gave up. (P.S. I won't repost any of my 2008 Summer To-Do List photos in case you've read it before, but if you haven't there are tons of high school gems in that post!)

Note: This will probably be soooo long and boring for you. But I kept finding pictures and just couldn't stop adding them. I guess this post is more a walk down memory lane for me than entertainment for you guys.

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I did dance all through high school. This gem is from a winter recital dance to Hey Mickey. That spandex suit thing is awesome. I borrowed it, unfortunately. Wish I could say I owned it. I found the radical sweatshirt at a thrift store and cut the neck and cut off the bottom.
This was after our recital junior year. Our dance was to You Give Love a Bad Name so it was obviously super cool.
Senior year jazz. Super sparkly. We were black cats. We even had black tails we had to safety pin to our butts. And I ended up stepping on mine during the performance and broke the cardinal rule of dance and went to pick it up and got allll screwed up. Should've just ignored it and went on with the show like you're supposed to... #regret #hindsightis20/20
Senior year lyrical, with my dad (stepdad, in case yesterday's post left you questioning) and Chloe, my best friend and one of my maids of honor.
 Same costume, but with my oldest brother, Tyler this time.
My dance studio did bring a friend day. We brought our friend Joey. The girl on the left is from a different school but went to the same dance studio and happened to be Joey's cousin. The other four of us all went to Rainier with Joey. I also may have dated Joey for three months. He was a freshman and I was a junior. I maybe broke up with him via text. While he was in the same room. #notmyproudestmoment #heartless

Not sure what was happening here, but we were in Mexico over spring break my junior year of high school. Playing drinking games. If one day my future children are reading this years down the road: UNDERAGE DRINKING IS NOT COOL DON'T EVER DO IT. :)
This is from game night at our friend Kristine's house! Kristine was a foreign exchange student from Norway my junior year. I got to go to Norway (it is BEAUTIFUL!) to visit her the summer after my freshman year of college. No, there is no underage drinking going on here. We're just that weird.
This is also from that night. Told you we're just weird. (Kristine, the one from Norway, is on the left.)
And here's a group shot from that night.
This was taken at the city park in my hometown! This is Bastian, one of my very best friends throughout high school. He has since chopped off his hair. I haven't seen him in a couple years (so sad), Michael hasn't even met him, and he has a baby that will be one year old in October that I have yet to meet!
Just wearing some really cool wigs over here.
Probably the only time you'll see my tummy on this here blog. And hopefully the only time you'll see me in a denim cutoff mini skirt...if those become popular again don't let me become brainwashed and wear it. I'm begging you. Anyway, yes, this was Halloween. I was a pirate and Chloe was a cowgirl.
This was at my first ever concert. (My first concert was supposed to be Backstreet Boys when I was 12 [#swoon] but dumb AJ went to rehab and it got cancelled.) Anyone want to guess the concert? Please note that we are in high school. Wait for it...THE JONAS BROTHERS. Yes. We loved their music. I wanted to marry Joe and she wanted to marry Nick.
We went through a major Rock Band phase. Drums or bust for me. Also hello how is my hair that shiny and silky and smooth and how do I make that happen again?!
My parents took me to Disneyland junior year and I brought Chloe along. Once again (first time in this post) I'm wearing shorts, but my top is super long. Apparently in high school I didn't understand tunics.
Here is our picture with Tigger! #starstruck #fangirling Anyway, one of the characters we saw asked if we were twins, then sisters, then cousins. Nope, not related at all. But people used to always tell us we looked alike. (And if you can't tell by this post and also this one, we pretty much did everything together.)
Like I said, these two girls are like my sisters! I love them both. We were basically family so I of course tagged along that year for their family Christmas tree picking.
For Chloe's sixteenth birthday, we went 80s bowling. Yep, just dressed up 80s and went bowling. It was the best. I sooo want to do that again. Maybe that's what I'll ask to do for my birthday this year. :) See me in the back with my crimped hair and the thrift store sweatshirt from the first picture in this post? And Chloe in her super cool 80s prom dress next to me?
We went all out on the makeup too. No, we were not on a merry-go-round. I don't know why it looks like we're spinning.
Not sure what's going on here, but eating ice cream out of the carton is the way to go. Also my hair looks long, shiny, straight and healthy so I'm digging it.

High School Dances
This is from homecoming my senior year. Our dates blindfolded us for the drive to dinner. Any guesses as to where they took us? Anyone? Hooters. And then we went somewhere where you could get a photo button made and this is a picture of it.
Here's the dress I wore to homecoming my senior year, since you can't see it in the above picture. It was actually a dress my sister wore as a bridesmaids dress and let me wear.
This picture was from when Chloe and I went to our friend Katherine's prom at her school. She's actually from our rival school. She was on prom court, and their prom court wears white dresses. I LOVED the dress I was wearing. I think it was BCBG. I don't think it would fit me now, but if it did I would find some cocktail attire event to attend just to wear it.
This was senior ball. I was on court, hence the tiara. (Here's how it worked: you could be on homecoming court once. If you were king or queen of homecoming at any point, you couldn't be on junior prom/senior ball court. If you were on prom court, you couldn't be on senior ball court. So I was in the very last round and went to a tiny school. #sopopular #jokes) Darrekk was on court too. He wasn't my date to the dance, but he was my court escort. This is another dress I loved. Super simple emerald satin with chest embellishment. I would also wear this to a cocktail event if I had it and it fit me.

Can someone explain to me how I hit my selfie peak in high school? This was before smartphones where you could see what you were selfie-ing. This was using a digital camera, looking at it, and trying again if it wasn't good enough. Now I a) suck at selfies and b) would be too embarrassed to ever post them. I was even better at doing my makeup in high school (except I admittedly used way too much concealer--please try not to notice that--ha!). DID I PEAK IN HIGH SCHOOL?!
Got super artsy with this one. If only I knew how to crop things back then...the iron kind of takes away from the artsy-ness.
I curled my hair one day before school. Maybe I peaked in high school because I actually cared in high school. I don't even blow dry my hair for work now.
Senior Pictures
This was my senior headshot taken at school. Man I love airbrushing.
This is one of the senior pictures I had taken at a studio. No my hair is not and has never been that red. There was an orange light set up for these pictures.
I believe this is the picture I used for the yearbook. This was taken the same day as the studio picture, but this was taken at the lake. If only you could watch the complete slideshow of my senior pictures. I picked the most emotional songs. I was a tad dramatic.

Last Day of High School
These next few pictures or from my last day of high school. This is me with my favorite teacher! I was his TA, working on grading some papers for the last time!
Darrekk was one of my best friends in high school. I haven't seen him in years. :( Crazy how much things change after high school!

Pre-graduation number one. Tyler and I being weird, Kyle being embarrassed to be seen with/share DNA with us.
 Round two of embarrassing Kyle.
 And then Kyle got into it. Atta boy.
  And, since I didn't include one in yesterday's post, here is a picture of my dad (father) and I.

That's all I have for ya! I bet you're breathing a sigh of relief (if anyone is even still reading this). If you want more though you can totally go friend me on MySpace. ;)

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  1. I did some major reminiscing this weekend at my parents of old photos. It's so fun to look back, but also a little sad, too, because SO MUCH changes. Loved this post!

  2. aw, loved the throwback pics! i also love your love of green in them. it was too cute. i have like five pics of my entire hs career, hehe. that's awesome you have those memories!

  3. Loved this post and seeing all your pics! You are a beautiful blog friend!

  4. Haha I loved reading this and seeing all your high school and early college pictures! SO fun! I danced in high school until I hurt my knee. It's so much fun looking through old memories!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Great throwback pictures! I loved high school. I wish I had more pictures, but I closed my Myspace haha. I really loved myspace and was soo unhappy to switch to Facebook.

  6. Oh man, I loved high school, so if I did a post like this, it would be a novella too! I think I deleted my MySpace, but that was def my jam in high school, and I was not thrilled when this Facebook thing came along haha! :) Great post!

  7. How cute!!! I would be mortified to post some of my HS pictures ... eek!!! Your senior pictures were seriously so cute! I cringe when I see mine ... haha!!!!

  8. This is just so much fun!!!
    I love all the fashion of it all
    & the Jonas Brothers?!?!? Fantastic :)

  9. Omg. If you even saw the album in my iPhoto that's just all selfies of me taken with my digital camera...good Lord. I love that you saw the Jonas Brothers! Fun fact: like a year before they got really popular, they played a concert in my high school's auditorium! And PS our senior prom dresses are strikingly similar!!!

  10. This post was so fun! I'm impressed you have so many good pics from HS. My 10 year reunion is coming up this fall, can't believe it's been that long! Love your references to MySpace, I totally remember those days :)

  11. I LOVED all of your pictures!!! I am kinda like you....I have two best friends who are pretty much family. Not a fan of all the distance that happens between people after high school :( Probably the worst part of growing up. And random, but I just realized how amazing your hair is! haha! It is like the shiniest and prettiest color. Now a huge fan. I'll stop now. Happy Tuesday xoxo

  12. This was such a fun post, love all the pictures. I love looking back at old pictures and seeing how things have changed and people. I loved high school, it was so much fun.

  13. This was really fun!! It looks like you had a great time in high school!
    I think your senior photos are gorgeous!
    Now, I need to start collecting my photos for next week :)

  14. It looks like you had fun in high school!! Can't wait to see all of them next week :) And you're gorgeous!

  15. What a fun post! All your old pictures are great. What fun times!! I'm so old I can't get any photos off line...but I think that might be a great thing!!

  16. So many fun high school photos! I was a dancer in high school too. :) Love your homecoming and prom dresses!

  17. You graduated high school in 2009? Such a baby!!! I graduated in 2001. Yikes, I am old! We didn't have social media at all back then...and AIM was just becoming popular. I cant even imagine going to school in this day and age with all the media outlets and having to worry about who is saying what on those too! Loved all the throw backs!

  18. This was a fun post! I'm pretty sure I deleted my Myspace a long time ago but I'm kind of wishing I kept it just to go back & see what pictures are still on there. Love the dance pictures too! I went to a super small high school so we didn't have anything like that :(. There are so many people I don't talk to anymore too. Guess people just get busy with life!

  19. Ohhhh so many things to comment on, where to even begin?! I did dance as well, and Hey Mickey was one of the first ones I remember! Joey was such a good sport for joining you for that dance class, even if you did wind up breaking his tween heart lol :p I actually never drank in high school, but I kind of wish I did so I didn't go cray freshman year of college! And I think those corny pic buttons just add to the times and the experience, though I really like that dress! Love all the pics!!

    (P.S. My first concert was David Hasselhoff, so you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about!)

  20. First off... JO BROS 4EVA! I was totally a Nick fan.

    LOL I graduated high school in 2009 as well, so all of this was eerily similar. I can't imagine how long my post would be if I attempted a high school flashback one! Such a fun read.

  21. Loving all the photos! I still have to finish saving my Myspace photos so I can just delete the account entirely!! Looks like your junior/senior year was AWESOME!

  22. This was such a fun post to read! I wasn't allowed to have a MySpace so I don't have any to share! haha It looks like you had a blast in high school. I bet it was fun to look through all these photos! Oh, and I would have loved to go to a JoBro concert in high school!