Northwest Native: What's in my bag.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What's in my bag.

I LOVE reading posts on what's in people's bags. It fascinates me. I might be nosy. Anyway, the contents of my purse aren't all that exciting but I knew when I started this blog that I wanted to do a post like this eventually.

This is my current bag. I was able to snatch it up on major sale for $178. That is the most money I've spent on a bag ever. I don't regret it, but I'm not going to make it a habit. I like the size, because it really restricts me from putting more in it than what you're about to see, but what I do keep in it are the things I need. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I am able to bring my camera sometimes, or fit a pair of sunglasses in. Those just aren't things I always carry with me.

This is everything. You'll also often find a random receipt. I occasionally get sick of them floating around in there and finally throw them away. Then the cycle starts over again.

I use this little Kate Spade pouch that was a Christmas gift from Michael's mom to hold my makeup (aka chapstick, lip gloss, lipstick--I don't carry face makeup with me).
Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 'Showy' - Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick (similar)
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Burt's Bees Lip Balm / Lip Shimmer

I got this Coach keychain pouch as a gift in college. I use it for my work key card. I have my apartment keys (fob, door key, mail key) on one keychain and my car key and parents' house keys on another. (Does it drive anyone else insane when you get your car serviced and they take your keys off of the keychain?! I hate putting them back on...and I don't see why they have to remove them!) My favorite keychain of all time is my drunken seahorse keychain from Mexico.

I got my Kate Spade wallet a couple years ago for like $50. I think it must've been when they were doing an extra 25% off of sale prices promo or something. I love that it's patent. If it was soft leather, the white would be so dirty and I'd want a new wallet. I haven't had any desire to switch wallets since buying this one. And of course there's my phone with my beloved phone case.

This leather pouch was a Christmas gift from my sister after she took a trip to Italy. The leather is sooo soft. I love it. I keep my checkbook, a pen, and a random assortment of cards in here. I have so many gift cards (that are probably mostly empty) and rewards cards that even my big wallet doesn't contain them all.

And that's it! I wish I had some fun, weird, quirky stuff in my bag, but I'm boring.



  1. You still have some quirky stuff! To be honest I don't believe many people I know carry their cheque book around anymore. Mine is usually somewhere in the office at home because I use it so rarely. I thought that was kinda cool :) Your purse is so edited compared to mine, I like it!

    The dealership may be taking the keys off the keychain for liability issues. Copying keys is easy. Could you imagine how it would look if someone broke into your house immediately after you had your car serviced? The probably have your address on file, so it wouldn't be hard.

    1. I generally only write one check a month, and it's to my fiance for my portion of rent. So I write it at home. I think I just carry it in my purse because that way I know where it is at all times (I've been known to lose things around our apartment!).

      Okay, that BLEW MY MIND. Since the house keys on my keychain are my parents' and I hardly use them I'm going to take them off and put them somewhere else! And then I won't have to deal with the keychains off and on thing.

  2. I love these type of posts too! I like having a smaller purse too so that I can't just stuff random crap in it! Plus I always lose everything at the bottom of a big purse & I look like an idiot when I'm digging around for stuff. I am with you on the card thing-- I bought a separate card holder from Target for everything. I think it's time to go through those again, haha :)

  3. OK first of all - your red Kate Spade purse is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second, I also love seeing what people have in their purse. Mine is typically full of crap now - stale goldfish, a kid sock, maybe a few toys, tons of receipts from 3 years ago, you know, the usual ;)

  4. Haha, I'm nosy too, and I love these posts! Very cute purse! I have that Revlon Colorburst too, and I love it!

  5. This looks very organized. If I dumped out my purse you would die laughing at the mess!

  6. I need some little bags to keep my purse organized... big time!
    I am so in love with kate Spade bags lately! Love the RED too!

  7. I love these types of posts too! I too am nosy and love seeing what people carry around. That's so smart of you to use smaller bags inside your purse to keep thing organized. I always have stuff floating around and it takes me forever to find. This is a much more organized way of doing things :)

    Love your Kate Spade bag!

  8. This is so cute! Love your purse too!

  9. I love these posts, I love to see what people carry in their purses.

  10. Love your bag! You look so organized with all your little bags. I just sort of dump all my stuff from purse to purse.

  11. So do I!! I love reading what's in people's bags. I did one a while back. I love that Kate Spade make up pouch! For the car key being taken off when being serviced, I guess I'm the only one that takes off the rest of the keys so that I can have them for when I need to go somewhere. Usually I drop my car off and go back home with Kyle but I still like having my keys just in case.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  12. I like that you have everything in its own zippered little clutch! I need to be organized like that :)

  13. What a cute purse!
    Loved this peek into your bag :) :)

  14. Love this post idea...I may have to steal it! I definitely need to scale down my items after reading this. :)

  15. Love this post! I may have to do one in the future too!

  16. I can never do a post like this because I am WAY too much of a mess! Can I just say, I l-o-v-e your bag?! What a find for $178!

  17. I love this! I love all your pouches! And now I want that iPhone case!

  18. I love this! All of your Kate Spade stuff is so pretty... I especially love your wallet! Why is it interesting to see inside people's bags... So random but so fun haha!