Northwest Native: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Since the Anniversary Sale is live to everyone tomorrow on Friday (had that wrong all day--oops!), I thought I'd share what I bought with you guys. I'm hoping that some of this doesn't fit or I don't like it so it can go back (I know that seems weird, but it's true!). I shipped everything to my parents' house and we're going down there on the 23rd, so I won't get them until then. If you come back at the end of the month for my budget post, you can see what I end up keeping and what I return.

My strategy when attacking the sale was this: I went to whatever category I was interested in (tops, dresses, jeans) and restricted it to only items under $50. Yep, I didn't even look at anything that cost more than $50. (I did look at shoes up to $100, but I banned myself from buying shoes anyway, so I was just looking for fun.)

Order #1
One // Two
Five // Six
Order #2

I used my triple points day for the first seven items...I don't often buy so much in one day, so it was a no-brainer. (And it was double points soo with triple points that made it six times the points! Shaeffer would call that #girlmath!)

One // I have these leggings already, and I love them. I bought them a few years ago. However, they are now too big. Since I've lost weight, they don't stay put and it drives me insane. I've wanted to get a size that would fit me for a long time, and the sale seemed like a smart time to go for it!

Two // Speaking of leggings, I don't have enough tunic-y tops to wear with them! I purchased this sweater for that reason. I could wear it to work, and I love anything that allows me to wear leggings (aka glorified pajamas) to work. However, I ended up trying this on in store and it doesn't really work on me. The arms are too tight, because my arms are large in proportion to my body. I could probably size up, but then it might fit in the arms and look sloppy elsewhere. I'm so sad because it is SO CUTE! It just won't work for my body.

Three // This tank top works for work or casual, so it fits my rules. It looks white here, but I tried it on in store (it's so soft!) and it really does look light pink. I think it's really cute and would look good with the gray jeans. I need to try it on again in non-dressing room lighting to make sure the color doesn't wash me out since I'm so pale.

Four // I know I said no more t-shirts...but this one is different. It's long enough to wear with leggings! I could maybe get away with wearing it to work, too. I do have a long torso though, so I vow to return it if it isn't long enough to wear with leggings.

Five // I love the contrast yolk of this dress! I also love the color. I love that it looks cute with booties, too! I often don't like sleeves like this though, so I'm wondering if I'll like it on me. (Apparently the blue color is sold out now, but they still have it in black!)

Six // I've wanted gray skinnies since they first showed up years ago. I haven't had a single pair! I knew shopping the jeans section of the sale was a must. A pair of lighter wash jeans are on my approved item list, and while not traditional jeans, they are pretty light. Plus I've wanted them for years, so I went for it! I ended up trying on Wit & Wisdom in the size I ordered but a different wash (they didn't have the gray), and they fit PERFECTLY. You guys, this is huge for me. I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit well.

Seven // I blogged about this tote a while back (and by a while back I mean last week). I've been into the zipper corner totes forever. Black and snakeskin are things I don't normally gravitate towards, so I love that this is different for me! My mom told me this arrived on Monday and she accidentally opened it, so I asked her if it's cute and she sent me this picture. Eeek! July 23rd, get here faster!

These are the items that I'm still considering. If I purchase any of them, it will be by tomorrow (because if I'm going to buy them, I might as well get double points for it).
 One // Two
Runner Up

One & Two // I don't have black jeans or light wash jeans currently. Nordstrom's website has that true fit tool (have you used it?) and if you fill out a fit profile, it tells you what size would fit you best. A lot of these come with recommendations like "great fit" or "excellent fit." The gray jeans I purchased said "excellent fit." These two pairs just gave me the size and no description of the fit. The black says to size down, but my true fit is still the same as the one for the gray jeans... So maybe these won't fit. But it might be worth a shot. Seriously, it's so hard to find jeans that fit me well that jumping on these while they're about $20 off is worth it.

Three // I tried this on in store and included it in my hour-by-hour weekend and you enablers kept telling me I need it! The power of suggestion really works on me you guys. I was staying so strong until I read your comments! ;)

Four // These are the jeans I tried on in store. These ones, along with the gray ones, say online that they would be an 'excellent fit.' And these ones are. I want these, but I have two pairs of dark wash jeans...even though they don't fit quite as well as these. If I order the black jeans and/or the light wash ones and they don't fit right, I would return them and pick these up. And then I'd probably sell or donate at least one of the pairs of dark jeans I already have.

I almost forgot! I also purchased my official rehearsal dinner dress! I found this when I was shopping in-store. To me, trying to find a white dress (or outfit) for the rehearsal dinner is kind of annoying. I could technically not wear white, but I feel like I kind of have to. I didn't want anything elaborate (or expensive) because when will I ever wear a white lacey blingy cocktail dress again? Never, that's when. This I could wear to work! It's simple and pretty and flattering! (This doesn't count towards my budgeting since it's wedding-related.)

What are your sale picks?

Linking up with Holly for her Waiting on Wednesday series! What I'm waiting on? July 23rd so I can be united with all of my purchases (oh and my parents too, I guess). ;)
P.S. I'm excited to announce that last week's Blogfessions post was chosen to be featured by Holly this week! You can see all features here.



  1. OMG do not do this to me! I'm trying really hard not to spend money until we figure out the husband's job situation. It's SO HARD.

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  2. Love your new bag! It's so pretty and fun! And obsessed with that blue dress. I've managed to stay away from the Nordstrom sale so far but if that blue dress was still in stock I'd be making an exception haha!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Oh my gosh your mom got you such a gorgeous bag - love it!! You scored some great items and girl math is always right! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Those are such fun picks! I keep looking at the online sale bc I'm not a cardholder and I already have my wish list filled. I really don't want to spend money but I keep finding awesome stuff!

  5. Uh oh. You are getting me in trouble by showing me cute things that I missed on my first order. I must have those dark jeans. Yes to that dress. It looks so good on you!

  6. Darn this sale!!! Between Nordstrom and the Prime sale on Amazon, my wallet is screaming to be let open. That purse is so pretty. Love it!

  7. Hehe!! We're on the same page - I posted the same topic today! And also included that floral dress - Soooo cute!!! It's bad ... but amazing! :)

  8. so many goodies!
    I love that tote!!!!
    & those skinny jeans - LOVE THEM!

  9. THIS SALE! I love done good. But you are definitely gonna have to get that runner up dress.....

  10. I decided the jeans are a yes. I just have to.

  11. So many cute things! The blue dress (and the romper/dress everyone loves) are so so cute! Not to be a bad influence, but buy it all and keep it all!!

  12. that cream/light pink colored tank is so cute! Thanks for sharing your purchases, I need to check out their sale everyone is raving about!

    1. P.S.Mattie! I wanted to email you but couldn't find your email? Mine is if you wouldn't mind shooting me an email please! Thanks girl.

  13. Best sale of the year and I love the floral dress!!!! My vote is- buy it!!!

  14. I love that floral dress! I may or may not have to buy that now, too!

  15. That bag is fabulous! I was super happy to have scored a few Christmas gifts!!! I love Nordstroms! Thanks for sharing your great picks at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you back tomorrow!

    Holly @