Northwest Native: Friday Favorites: Nordstrom edition!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Nordstrom edition!

It's finally Friday and I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites and April for Five on Friday!

You may or may not know that I'm a big Nordstrom fan. When I lived at home (including over college breaks) my mom and I loved to go on shopping trips. We're both Nordstrom girls. And while I still love love love me some Nordstrom, my mom doesn't pick up the tab anymore like she did on our shopping trips (a moment of silence for those days, please--kidding...mostly). I usually look at Target or Old Navy these days, and only at Nordstrom if it's been a while or there's a killer sale.

Well, the Anniversary Sale is the killer sale to end all killer sales. And my homeland calls me back! I'm not going to list all the items I bought in the sale just yet (because it's literally my entire July budget and I still want to do a budget post at the end of the month!), but I wanted to post a few things I either got this year, got in the past, some things that aren't on sale, and reasons I love Nordstrom!

P.S. This post isn't sponsored by Nordstrom, nor did they gift me my Sale purchases for free...unfortunately.
P.P.S. If you're not a fan of Nordstrom, there's one non-Nordstrom favorite at the end with an extremely important question for you.

Number One: Gorgeous tote(s)!

Tote - (included in Anniversary Sale; I believe you can look now even without a card but can only purchase if you have a Nordstrom Card; the following totes are not in the Anniversary Sale)
Am I the only one who has wanted a tote like this forever? By 'like this' I mean with the zippers at the corners. I don't know why, but when I started seeing them I became obsessed. I never found one that wasn't like $200. Until last week.
This tote (below) is actually the tote I first found and loved last week.
You'll notice if you followed the link that it's no longer available. You wanna know the worst part? I saw it, loved it, pinned it to my 'things to buy' Pinterest board and told myself I'd buy it if I kept thinking about it. Well, I did. Literally the day after I found it I went to buy it...and it was suddenly unavailable. I think it was around $48. After I learned this one was unavailable, I pinned the next two and kept all three totes on my board, checking every day to see if the first one came back.
I've seen countless bloggers with the below tote. (And it also has tons of great reviews!)
I considered getting this color combo (it's reversible!) but knew I'd mostly use the cognac side.
Lastly, I found this one, which I liked because of the braided straps, the crossbody strap, and the slouchiness.
This one was a major contender. But I just couldn't resist the corner zippers.
When I first saw the top tote, I didn't want it. I wanted cognac. I'm not usually drawn to snakeskin. It just didn't seem 'me.' I kept thinking about it and going back to look at it. I eventually decided that I like that it's not something I would normally buy. I also like how shiny it looks. And now, seeing it so close to the cognac one I liked before, I like it waaaay more. I'm hoping when it comes I love it in person as much! I'm hoping I don't regret getting a tote instead of a crossbody. But I'm pleased that I only spent $35 on my new bag for fall instead of a $150+ Fossil bag like I highlighted a few weeks back in my Friday Favorites! Oh and I also like that with black I don't have to worry about my jeans staining it! I've washed my jeans tons of times and they never fail to rub off on my purse anyway.

Number Two: Being a cardholder!

Being a cardholder at Nordstrom is awesome not only because of early access to the anniversary sale, but also because you get two points for every dollar you spend on your card. So even if you don't shop at Nordstrom often, you can just get the debit card and not have to sign up for a credit card, and even if it takes you a long time, one day (at 2,000 points) you'll earn $20 off! They also have double points days (like now!) and triple points days. And you get your own triple points day to use whenever you choose. I of course used mine yesterday when I made all my Anniversary Sale purchases, because I spent waaay more than I normally do at Nordstrom on a given day (or in a given month...). Lastly, you get $100 of free alterations with your Nordstrom card (okay, so you do have to pay up front and then you get a Nordstrom credit in that amount...but it's better than paying a tailor!).

Number Three: When things don't work out.

Okay so this seems like a weird thing to love, but I love when there's this item that I really like or want and then I see it in person or try it on and realize I'm not a huge fan. I'm actually hoping for that to happen with some of my Anniversary Sale purchases... And also Nordstrom has free shipping and return shipping/an amazing return policy so it's never a huge deal.
I listed this top in a Friday Favorites post a few weeks ago. I tried it on one day and my infatuation ended, which is great because it possibly saved me $38.
Don't fret if you love it though, because 1) I still thought it was cute in person, but not on me and 2) I saw someone wearing it on Instagram and they looked super cute...I thought I knew who posted it but it wasn't there so I can't link to whoever it was though. :(

Number Four: Past purchases.

There are a few things I own and love that are in the Sale this year, so I thought I'd mention them!
I bought this dress in charcoal last year during the Sale.
It's not as short on me as the model (because she is probably like six feet tall) and I can also wear dresses above the knee to work, so I wear mine to work a lot in the fall and winter. My favorite way to wear it is with boot socks peeking out over the top of some brown/cognac boots I have and a chunky scarf.
These Kate Spade glitter studs are seriously the first thing Shaeffer has posted that I found before she did!
I have the gold and the multi and I love them!
Lastly, I have the beloved blardigan (blanket + cardigan, a term coined by Shaeffer). Below is the one I have (not in the sale). It was actually chilly the other morning (a shock!) and I was so excited to wear this in the morning before work (though not with sexy lingerie like the model). Oh and I know this is in the loungewear section...but I totally wear this to work.
Blardigans not in the sale // Blardigans in the sale

Number Five: Something much more important than shopping.

I know based on the title of this favorite you'd think it'd be something very deep and moving. Well, I'm sorry, it's not. You probably know by now that I love ice cream.
All of these pictures have made their way to the blog in the past.
Well, Katie posted this list of the best ice cream shop in each state in America. She said she disagreed with the choice for Indiana, which made me extremely curious about what people thought about the choices for their state(s)! (I feel for North Dakota...anyone from there who can refute what the list says?!) Oregon's choice (Salt & Straw) has to be right because it was probably the best ice cream I'd had in my entire life in any state. Washington's choice (Molly Moon's) is good but hardly any of their ice creams have chunks, which I love. I think both Mora Iced Creamery and Cupcake Royale (the two ice creams on the right) are better.
And now, for the very important question I mentioned in the beginning of this post. Did this list get your state's best ice cream shop right?! (Yes, I consider this an extremely important question.)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ice cream is 1000% more important than shopping, nothing understands me better than ice cream. However, I love shopping and I usually have to restrain myself because I do a lot of online shopping, so easy to click and order...

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. I've never wanted to be a Nordstrom cardholder more than I do right now this year after looking at the sneak peek of the sale.

    Now I have an ice cream place in TX I need to try! Thank goodness you posted that list :)

  3. They did get California's right :) Those totes are seriously beautiful....Nordstrom done it again. Happy Friday to YOU!! XO

  4. Yay for Nordies sales!!!! I got the reversible black/cognac tote and LOVE it - I use it as my laptop bag for work :)

  5. I feel like I'm not a real blogger because I've never been or shopped at Norstrom :) But I do love those bags - especially the brown ones. My eyes got big just looking at them.

  6. I love Nordie's sale and I think this years anniversary one is fab. Ok, I'm so jealous you got Edy's Slow Churned Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. I have been on the hunt for that flavor for months!! I can't find it anywhere. So jealous. lol.

  7. I expected your totes to be so much more expensive. I'm seriously considering the black one right now. LOVE!

  8. that dress is so cute!

    I loved the salt and straw in oregon! Great list!

  9. Oh I love Nordstrom!!! I ordered that Street Level Vegan Tote and can't wait to see it in person :)

  10. You posted about two of my favorite loves, Nordstrom and ice cream!!! I love Chocolate Moose in Bloomington, IN :)

  11. I have to speak for PA because that's where I lived the first 23 years of my life BUT the shop listed is in Philadelphia and I live in Pittsburgh! I have a lot of Philly friends so I'll have to go and report back;)

  12. I have never tried Illinois' best ice shop...I definitely need to stop there. Or Missouri's...add that to the list to try! However, of the few places I have been, Whitey's is NOT a favorite. The ice cream is more malty, than soft and creamy (which is my preference). And Sherman's ice cream is my fav for Michigan.

  13. That first black bag is so fabulous and I have had my eyes on it as well! I am trying really hard not to stalk that sale all day online. It is not friendly to my wallet haha! I skipped the whole ice cream talk because I have been wanting mint chocolate chip so hard for about three weeks now. I cant handle ice cream talk lol. Have a great weekend!

  14. Ice-cream over everything! And all of those look fabulous :) I could go for a tote any day of the week and the ones you picked out are so cute! I got my mom a blardigan for her birthday and she looovessss it!

  15. I want everything at Nordstrom's right now, but the CDN $$ is super high and it's just not worth it. Sigh.

  16. Yep, pretty much agree with everything you just said! I absolutely love shopping at Nordstrom. There isn't one near us now but we like to shop online anyway. After not seeing items that were on my to-buy list on sale, I ended up with yet another pair of booties to try and several bras because they are the only store that carries the two bras that actually come in my strange size! For $20 off a piece, I bought four. Nothing fun, just bras. New bras for the win?

  17. Love those totes. And I need those earrings. Like I'm going to order them right now!

  18. They got California's ice cream shop right :) while I do like salt and straw, I personally prefer Tillamook ice cream as some of salt and straws flavored are a little bit too weird and savory (I think a nice chocolate chip is a must from an ice creamery!). Love your nordies picks too!

  19. I would also like a moment of silence for the gone mom funded shopping trips, haha! Those were the days! For real though, ice cream is a big one for me too!

    pumps and push-ups

  20. I keep seeing posts about this Nordstrom sale & it makes me wish we had one in Nebraska! I don't even know if there is anyone close to here. I love those totes though, especially the last one (I'm a sucker for cross body bags).

  21. Love the blardigan & glitter studs, they are permanent favorites of mine! I also have the reversible cognac/black tote & I carried it most of the Fall last year! It fit everything, including room for the ipad. Also, I have never received so many compliments on a bag!