Northwest Native: A great summer.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A great summer.

I know Thursday's post was inspired by Taylor...but before she inspired that post, she inspired this one. Taylor posted 20 Summer Blogging Ideas about a month ago. I've seen a lot of bloggers do summer bucket lists, but it was the combination of the summer bucket list and a favorite summer memory and a summer you'd like to relive that inspired me to write this post.

Circa 2008, my two best friends (my maids of honor) and I wrote a summer bucket list. We made a graphic and everything.

Do you know how we documented the things we checked off? MySpace. We made an album. This graphic was in the album, followed by pictures documenting every item we finished. I seriously had to go to MySpace to save these pictures for this post. Have you been to MySpace lately? I hadn't in years, and it is one confusing place. They actually scrapped the whole old format (now named MySpace Classic--I thought I had lost all of these pictures but thankfully they archived everyone's MySpace Classic profiles). I thought it would be funny to show you this blast from the past. It was one of my favorite summers! (Even though I'm ashamed that MySpace used to be such a big part of my life.)

Buy a slinky. What? Why did we include this? We didn't do anything with it. We bought it, we posed for a picture with it, and that was it.

Eat a candy bar in the store. Don't worry, we paid for them, but after opening them and taking a bite (that was the point). I was really nervous doing this. I am a major goodie two shoes, you guys. Always have been.

Lay in front of a traffic light. We clearly love The Notebook. We did this late at night, and our town is really small so no cars came. Can I just say that my eyebrows (well, one eyebrow...) have never and will never look better than in this photo?

Make a really good prank phone call. We had Emily (in the middle) call one of Chloe and I's friends from out of town that she'd never met. He was into it, so it was a long, funny conversation. (Note: I think I got my hair cut this day, and the salon I went to uses a CRAP TON of product when they style, which I hated...hence the greasy bangs.)

Have a Disney movie marathon. Because, duh. The ears had to be included or else it would've just been a picture of us on the couch.

Take a walk in the rain. You guys have no idea how much these pictures make me want to chop my hair off (and get bangs again). Chloe wasn't wearing makeup (or was wearing her glasses or something) so she refused to have her face in the picture.

Dance in the street. Well, I won this one. My eyes are closed and my hair covers most of my face, so no weird facial expressions for me.

Play Monopoly. Not much to say about this.

Go tubing. My face in this rules. Chloe is laughing at me. This entire tubing trip we sang 'Bop to the Top' from High School Musical 2, because we are cool.

Make funfetti cookies. This was after the walk in the rain, hence the ponytail instead of the super cute haircut I want to recreate now. (I also want to recreate that tan.)

Build a killer sand castle. We probably made a tiny pile of sand and called it good. This is on the Columbia River, which my hometown sits on.

Beat Kory at Scene It Squabble. I promise I'm wearing shorts, that's just a long tunic (which you don't wear with short shorts but I was dumb then, I guess). Scene It Squabble is a movie trivia game that's boys vs. girls. It's actually super stereotypical and honestly kind of sexist. Anyway, our friend Kory kept beating us (and bringing it up every chance he got) and we finally conquered him.

Drink an iced Nirvana. This little drive-up coffee shop in our hometown sells this drink called a Nirvana. It's basically a coffee drink with like seventeen flavored syrups in it. Most people would probably think it was way too sweet, drink a sip, and throw it away. I, however, have a great tolerance for sweet things and still think this drink rules. Great lighting for a picture, am I right?!

Order a Big Mac at Burker King. Okay, this is just stupid. We did the drive-through because we were too nervous. We posed by the garbage can (no idea why?). I didn't have anything to hold so I held my car keys. And this is just a dumb goal. I doubt they even said anything (except how dumb we were).

Sidewalk chalk our entire road. This was pretty fun. I totally want to do this again. Except I live in downtown Seattle, not the suburbs so I have nowhere to do this without getting hit by a car.

Have an annoying MySpace photo shoot. Do you remember these? People would seriously just take tons and tons of pictures--in mirrors, doing duckface, with weird props, throwing the peace sign (or backwards peace sign if you were hardcore). People still post selfies on Instagram and Facebook, but it's normally more sporadic, a few times a day. On MySpace people would upload albums full of them.

Wear bright red lipstick. We definitely cheated with this. I feel like the point was to wear it in public, but we just wore it during our annoying MySpace photo shoot.

Get, decorate, and name pet rocks. This is my favorite picture. We're all recreating our rock's face. A few more pet rock pictures follow because I couldn't get them in a collage without them getting cut off.
Yes, I named mine Abraham. (Please ignore my silver filling. My braces moved my teeth and wore a hole in my enamel. The dentist is evil and told me they'd fill it in with white so you couldn't see it. I came out with a silver filling. I was so mad.)
Here they are in all their glory. Mine just looks like a Swedish boy with acne (why I used red glitter is beyond me).

It's funny because summer bucket lists now are all places to go. (Go to the zoo, eat at this restaurant, go on a hike, etc.) I like that we chose random things. It was just light-hearted fun and gave us something to do instead of sitting around saying, "I'm bored" over and over again.

What are some of your favorite summer memories? (Embarrassing pics or it didn't happen. Kidding. Kind of.)

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun post! You and your friends look like you've definitely made some memories together. These pictures will be fun to look back on when you're older.
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. I love this!!!! Sometimes the goofiest things make the best memories! :)

  3. This is the funniest post! Life is all about being stupid & dumb for no reason... as long as you do it with friends :)

  4. Oh my!! I love those pet rocks!!! Wow. Myspace - that was a definite throwback. That summer looked like it was a ton of fun.

  5. This is so cute!!! I too have laid at a traffic light...sadly without Ryan Gosling too ;)

  6. Mattie! This is such a fun post and blast from the past - I love it! Looks like you guys had some awesome times that summer. I totally remember myspace and how popular it was. I love the idea of a summer bucket list.

  7. Ohhh my goodness. This is too fun. I love blast from the past type stuff. And don't worry, you are not alone in your previous love for myspace. It was cool.

  8. How fun is this!! What a great idea!! Love all the pics!! I loved MySpace because you could add music to it!! LOL

  9. Yes, cut your hair like that again, super cute! I wish I remembered all my login stuff to MySpace. I probably wouldn't share any of the pictures because they would probably be way too embarrassing but fun to look through!

  10. THIS IS SO PERFECT! this is the kind of things my friends and i would have done.... and then never actually done, haha. so i'm proud of you for doing it! LOVE IT!

  11. It doesn't matter if you look back and think some things are "dumb" had so much fun doing them at the time! You three look so happy in all of these pictures! Great memories :)

  12. What a fun summer list!!! Those Myspace pictures are perfection! Such perfection!!!

  13. This is so fun! What great memories! haha myspace!

  14. um, this is hilarious. i just went on to myspace haha but i think i deleted mine and maybe its gone forever? either way, i can't remember my username / email so its long gone. i'd love to see old photos, this is really fabulous.

  15. You guys had so much fun it looks like - I love that you did a picture of all of you for each thing you did!

  16. This is such a fun idea nad LOVE that you documented it as you crossed things off!

  17. Love this! Great idea for a summer and the fact that you took pictures as well. Ah the myspace days :)

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  18. ADORABLE! What a fun summer to do things with your best girls. I really, really, reallllllly love this idea.

  19. Such a fun post! Makes me think back to past it!

  20. Oh gosh this is hilarious, totally something I would've done. I wonder if my Myspace is still around... gosh, I actually hope not.

  21. Im dying to check out Myspace now, that used to be THE SITE, funny how things come and go.