Northwest Native: Showered with affection!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Showered with affection!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in at least my last five posts that my bridal shower was this past Saturday. Well the day you've all been waiting for (okay, maybe just me) has finally arrived. It's time for my bridal shower recap!
The decor was very me. It was black, white, gold, and pink with polka dots and stripes thrown in. It was very Kate Spade-inspired, which I'm obsessed with.
 Everyone brought a recipe to fill that cute little recipe box.
The two food items I really wanted were a 'donut cake' (donuts piled up on a cake stand, basically--I like donuts more than cake and it looks pretty!) and a mimosa bar (because duh!). And of course they delivered. :)
All eight of my bridesmaids were able to make it. Three came from the Bay Area and one came all the way from Madison, Wisconsin. I didn't think I'd have all of these girls together until the actual wedding weekend!
These two were instrumental in Michael and I's relationship. We met through Allison (in the pink dress). She was my freshman year roommate and she went to high school with Michael. She was going up to visit him at Seattle U one weekend and invited me, so I tagged along. (Can you tell we're wearing identical shoes? That wasn't planned!) I met Abby studying abroad in Australia, which is when Michael and I started talking a lot. I kind of kept him at arm's length and she sneakily messaged him and told him she thought I liked him and he shouldn't give up.
I think this is my favorite picture of the day. These are my two maids of honor, who happen to be sisters. I'm the third sister, just not blood-related. :) Shoutout to Michael's sister Annie who was actually giving us instruction and told us to laugh and look at each other. It turned out perfect!
Michael's sisters were in charge of games and they did a fantastic job!
We played bridal trivia, pin the kiss on Michael, no saying the word 'wedding,' and toilet paper dress-making.
After we played pin the lips on Michael (he stood inside the glass door and we went outside and stuck them to the glass), we stuck all the lips on him and Annie told us we should kiss for a picture. Not even her skills could make it work. Michael kept being all jokey, hence his weird face and my hand up like, "Stay away from me!" I think this sums us up pretty well.
Unfortunately, I somehow didn't get a picture with my own mother. I know what you're thinking...what kind of daughter doesn't get a picture with her mom at her bridal shower?! Well, my mom and I don't have the best track record of getting pictures together. I was really bummed when I realized. :( But I did snap this of my mom and Michael since they were both decked out in blue.
I had the BEST time at my shower. I loved seeing every single person who stopped by, the food was delicious, the decor was perfect, and the weather was awesome! I didn't even really touch on the food, but I feel like this is pretty long already. Maybe I'll do a post with some of the recipes next week. :)

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  1. What a gorgeous shower! And you're right, it was very Kate Spade-esq! Definitely very classy and elegant! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Love your mimosa bar and donut cake :) I think I want cookies instead of cake at my shower or wedding, no joke! Haha! It's so awesome that all of your bridesmaids were able to make it. What a special day!!

  3. Looks like a fabulous bridal shower, lady! I had a mimosa bar too and it was fabulous! I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

  4. What a beautiful shower! Congratulations!! ...You can never go wrong with a donut bar :) Have a great week!

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Oh and that mimosa bar....YUM!! I have the same problem with my mom and pictures - we even somehow managed to not get a picture of just the two of us at my wedding! :( Make sure to tell your photographer what pictures captured over the course of the evening so you can get all the pics you know you'll want before the big day comes and goes. Congrats on your engagement! :)


  6. Yay, this looks like a fantastic time :)

  7. what a sweet party! those drinks are so cute!

  8. This bridal shower is so cute. I can definitely tell its inspired by Kate Spade, and who doesn't love Kate Spade!? I love that Mrs. banner. I'm doing a mimosa bar for my friend's bridal shower next weekend. Which of your flavors did you like the best?

  9. This is so cute! I love the color scheme-very creative...looks like you had a great time!!

  10. That pin the lips on Michael game was a stroke of genius! Too funny. Hope your wedding plans are coming along smoothly :)

  11. These shower photos are stunning. I am sure everyone had blasting time in this bash. At some local Seattle venues I also would be attending a garden themed bridal bash and I am sure it would also be fun and enjoyable.