Northwest Native: June Budget [2015]

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Budget [2015]

Let me start off by saying I'm linking up with Fran for Franish's budgeting bloggers (a day late)! I started out this month on a shopping ban. I admitted in this post that I was giving up the ban. Instead, I decided to make a list of things I was allowed to purchase. I did pretty well! (I made this list after ordering the sweats and the tank from Old Navy.) I also gave up on setting a strict budget each month, because going over makes me feel guilty. But some months I'm able to spend more than others. I watch my bank account like a hawk, so if I see my funds are too low, I won't purchase anything.

In my wish list post at the beginning of this month I said I was going to order this jumpsuit and this romper from Old Navy, but I had a change of heart and apparently Old Navy did too. I decided that having the black jumpsuit was enough, and buying it in the pattern too just didn't make sense for me. I can't wear it to work, weekends are only two days, and I don't always even dress cute on weekends if we aren't doing anything. I would've loved to buy the romper, but when I went to place my order my size was sold out. So I decided to be practical. I've been wanting to buy some lazy/lounge pants that a) fit me and b) are at least semi-cute/presentable. And I can always use more tops (especially ones that aren't v-neck tees).
One // $19.94 - $7.55 (super cash) - $2.19 (20% off entire order) = $10.20
Two // $19.94 - $7.55 (super cash) - $2.19 (20% off entire order) = $10.20 Returned; I didn't like how the gray looked (rather, made my body look), but the black worked (they are super comfy!)
Three // $12.94 - $4.90 (super cash) - $2.18 (20% off entire order) = $5.86

Then there's this ever elusive shirt. I've wanted this since Katie posted it in April, before I even had this blog of mine. I tried ordering it, and then was notified that it was backordered until June 10th. I cancelled the order and got something else instead. I kept checking back in case someone returned it in my size or something, and it stopped saying, "backordered" when I clicked on my size and color so I immediately ordered it. They waited longer this time to tell me it was in fact still backordered. I made sure they didn't cancel it this time. So technically this was ordered in May, but I didn't pay for it until this month. Without further ado, the shirt I've been waiting for!
One // $48

 Once I decided to say goodbye to the shopping ban by creating a list of items I was allowed to buy (here), I bought the following four items.
When I returned the gray sweats from earlier in the post, I tried on some things at Old Navy. Before I went, I checked out the promo going on online so I could compare prices with in-store sales and online. I ended up with these two pieces. The pattern of my pants wasn't online at the time I added these to the post, so I took a picture of the pattern and put it in between the two pictures. I didn't check the price on the top before putting in my online order but now I wish I's cheaper online than I paid in-store.
One // Two
One // $32.94 - $16.47 (50% off) = $16.47
Two // $22.94 - $4.59 (20% off) = $18.35

I ordered these things online from Old Navy when I got home.
 One // Two
One // $29.94, on sale for $22 - $6.60 (30% off) = $15.40
Two // $34.94, on sale for $30

I've had my eye on this swing tank for a long time. It's been 40% off for quite some time, and eventually I just figured I should go for it now while it's at the low price. I ordered black and ivory because they're basic (and this fits my wear to work and casually requirement!). I haven't received them, so I don't know if I'll keep them. I did have a purple-y one in college and I LOVED it. I just ruined it with deodorant stains...but now I've purchased some that goes on clear, so don't worry. :)
 One & Two
One // $28, on sale for $15.90
Two // $28, on sale for $15.90

I ordered two possible rehearsal dinner dresses from Nordstrom. I don't include wedding purchases in my budget. I'm lukewarm on one, keeping it a little longer so I can try it on again. The other I didn't like at all. I returned it and ended up buying this top (that everyone raves about) on sale. I also bought a necklace but I don't include jewelry in my budget because I never spend more than $10 and I'm like...that's two coffees. #budgetcheater
One // $38, on sale for $22.80

June Total: $198.88 - $6 (return from May) - $30.20 (Poshmark sales) - $1.08 (eBates)* = $161.60

So, that's a lot of spending. But four of the shirts I bought are perfect for casual and work. The dress pants were on my list too, and the soft pants can be worn casually or to work. That backordered blouse really got me. Since I ordered it so long ago, it didn't feel like I was actually spending the money this month. I purchased ten items but pulled waaay more items out of my closet to get rid of. I'm questioning the palm print shorts though. I love them and think they're so cute...but I'm not sure I have a top that will work with them! I may have to return them if I don't figure it out.

*Yes, eBates sent me a check for $1.08. I assumed you could choose when they sent you a check, but apparently not (ironically, they call them 'Big Fat Checks'--mine was not so big and fat). But my friend told me you could link your Paypal account instead so I promptly did that!
How did you do on budgeting this month?



  1. You did such an amazing job with saving this month! I'm so bad at it lol! Love those black pants and the shirt you had been dying to get! So perfect for summer! Those ON shorts are so cute too!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I NEED a budget!!!!!!!! Good inspiration and nice work with the Old Navy super cash!

  3. Looks like you got a lot of great deals! I love those Old Navy shorts!

  4. I just got my office skinnies from ON yesterday - wearing today - going back to order more today :) Love Old Navy!

  5. You go girl! This is is awesome and making me wanna keep closer track of my spending now! xo

  6. To be honest, I suck at budgeting. I love to shop so much and it's so hard!! I really try to talk myself out of purchasing certain things, and lately I've been telling myself to shop my own closet, but shopping is such a stress reliever for me, you know? Especially when there are good sales... those KILL me! I love so many of the items you've picked up, though. Good steals! :-)
    The Busy Brunette

  7. I hope you end up getting that hot pink floral shirt - I have it and it's one of my favorites!

  8. I need to budget better. You picked so many cute things to feature! I love comfy sweat pants that look presentable :) haha and that pink top is so cute!

  9. I try to not look at any places like Old Navy or Target because I'll find some way to convince myself I need it. You did a great job budgeting and being aware of what you had to spend :)

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. As I transition from several part time jobs to my first "real" job, budgeting is definitely always on my mind!! I like "window shopping" on your blog. Keep writing posts like this, I will need it :)

  11. P.S. I have a pair of those Old Navy joggers in a dark gray/black color...I wore them yesterday and was reminded how GREAT they are! Comfy, but with the right shirt and accessories, I feel like I can "dress them up" just a little!

  12. Haha I love the blog world! I found that shirt on Christina's blog ( and I seriously LOVE it! Also I have that lush shirt in purple. I really wanted it in the pop coral but it is sold out in my size :( wah! Love these picks.

  13. Wow, I feel like this took so much work, but you found such great things!! I'm impressed!

  14. I have three of the swing tanks and LOVE them. They are perfect for work, but also can be worn as a more casual piece. I definitely want to get more colors!

  15. It's really hard to quit shopping cold-turkey, especially during June when the summer clearance sales start. There are just so many good deals. Anyway, I also need some new loungewear. I usually don't want to spend money on it, because dresses, shoes, tops (lol)! I probably would get more cost per wear out of a new pair of pajamas than another dress though.

  16. YES, swingy tanks! I just ordered a few from Target that appear to be in the same vein as yours. I realized during my recent closet clean-out that I'm seriously lacking in the loose tank department (especially because I just want to wear leggings all the time and need to cover my behind!). As for shopping bans, I've been contemplating one for awhile. I can't seem to pull off clothes shopping bans at the start of a season because everything's exciting and new! I have more success once I'm sick of everything :)

  17. What a great post! I love that your honest & keep yourself on track...and I totally agree about your #budgetcheater for jewelry :)

  18. I love the swing tanks, they looks so comfy! I think you did pretty well, especially with all those sales! I spent too much this month- definitely need to get back on track with saving in July!