Northwest Native: Friday Favorites: Bloggy things & Blazers things & Buzzfeed things!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: Bloggy things & Blazers things & Buzzfeed things!

Yay for Friday! Repeat after me: I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites and April for Five on Friday!

All-Time Favorite!

This was added late...but my absolute favorite this week is that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage!
I took this about a year ago during Pride Week. The Space Needle was sporting a rainbow flag. :)

Number One: New blog design?

I have been wanting a cleaner, prettier blog design for a long time now. I never got around to looking into it. Maybe there is already a design within Blogger that would work, but I got to looking on Etsy and have found TONS that I love (all of the front runners are floral--no surprise there)! They're all around fifteen to twenty dollars. My question is--will someone like me who is definitely NOT super HTML equipped be okay installing the template with the instructions provided upon purchase? If I do purchase one that includes free installation (or I can add it on for an extra fee that seems reasonable) do I have to give them my password? That kind of really freaks me out since that's my Google password which is connected to so many things! Help! All suggestions/advice welcome!

Number Two: Cruise ship season!

We can see a tiny sliver of water (Elliott Bay) when we stand on our little balcony. Starting in May, that little sliver often gets covered by a giant cruise ship! Seattle is a hub for Alaskan cruises. This is my favorite because seeing the cruise ship just reminds me that it's summer! And it makes me happy that all those people on board are going on vacation or have just returned. Every weekend at four p.m., the ship blows their whistle and takes off! Michael's aunt and uncle went on an Alaskan cruise last summer so we got to see them when they returned to Seattle. Their son, Michael's cousin, went on a different one last summer so we got to see him and host him in our apartment for a couple nights before he left.
No cruise ship // Cruise ship
These pictures aren't great, but you can kind of get the idea. It looks way cooler in person, I promise. That little space between those two buildings is the basketball court where I beat Michael at HORSE last weekend. :)

Number Three: NOT LaMarcus Aldridge!

Ugh. I'm emotional about this. LaMarcus Aldridge was my absolute favorite player on the Blazers (Portland's NBA team, my team of choice) for years! Well, that jerk is a free agent and has decided to leave Portland (okay, this is not confirmed, but it's pretty strong speculation--that being said, if he ends up staying in Portland he will resume his position as my favorite player).
I am simultaneously crushed and extremely angry at him. Peace out, LA, you will not be missed by my bitter self! (I know, I know...he's a free agent...the point is he gets to choose where he goes...BUT HE MADE THE WRONG CHOICE!) I'm really happy I opted for a sweatshirt when I went to a Blazers game in December, rather than the XL children's Aldridge jersey (which was still $50! for a child!).

Number Four: Bloggers are people too.

Obviously bloggers are people. But it's crazy to actually meet the person behind one of your favorite blogs! I got to meet Katie this week because she was in Seattle for a wedding, and it was a lot of fun! Aside from the fact that she and her husband both beat me at Connect Four. #soreloser It's sort of funny that the first blogger I meet in real life is from Indianapolis...when I've talked to a couple of Seattle/Portland area bloggers about meeting up!

Number Five: Buzzfeed Funnies

Here are some things I found on Buzzfeed and loved recently!
This guy only ate burritos for an entire week. Note to self: NEVER do this with any food you love!
I love me some J-Law. She cracks me up and is so relatable.
Uhhh, does anyone want to get engaged at my wedding reception?! Because I would totally do this. :)

I feel like this post is a little weak (maybe because only two out of the five have pictures to go with them?). Sorry about that! I was pretty happy with my other four five posts (almost forgot I posted on Sunday!) this week though, so I'll call this week a win! :) Oh, and I'm going home this weekend, which I'm excited about!



  1. I think you'll be fine buying a blog layout on etsy and installing it yourself. I know I mentioned before that I use wordpress instead of blogger, but all I had to do for mine was upload a zipped folder and the site did the rest of the work on its own. I'm not overly computer savvy, but I'd say it's not too hard. If you get lost, you always have google to help :)

    Blogger meet ups are the best! I flew out to Vancouver to spend a week hanging out with another blogger once. You meet some really cool and interesting people this way :)

  2. I bought a template from someplace another website and really just downloaded it and opened it in Blogger settings. I am like a technology dinosaur and managed to so I think you would be able to too! Happy Friday!! :)

  3. I've thought about revamping my blog, but I just don't want to pay someone else to do it, I feel like I'm kind of HTML saavy enough to do it that I should be able to do it on my own, and then I see all of the incredibly beautiful designs on etsy.

    I've never met a blogger that I've met online in person :( I so wish i could, but someone would be having to come through my town, no way am I traveling, not with a baby :/

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. Mattie you can definitely install your own blog :) I suck at that stuff too but I ended up figuring it out by just reading lots of info on it and googling the specific questions I had.
    LaMarcus is breaking my heart! He cant go! And hello, can we meet up?! :)

  5. MATTIE!! PLEASE get a beautiful new blog design! it should come with installation instructions, so you needn't worry about giving away your password.

    also, i'm with katie… hello can we meet up? ;D

  6. Some friends of ours just returned from an Alaskan cruise and went on and on about how fabulous it was! I think that is so neat that you get a peep of the ship from your home! Sorry, Sista, that I can't help you with all the new blog design questions. I'm one of those people that just anties up with the money. I haven't the time or the desire to learn. Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I've been wanting a new blog look myself & never thought to look at Etsy - but I'm oblivious if I have to do something myself.

  8. I revamp my blog and then usually think other blog's look better than mine anyway ha! Keep us posted on the Etsy templates...I'm intrigued! And blogger meet ups are so fun:) So glad you got to meet!

  9. That's so fun you met up with a blogger! I might have to start doing that once I move to Seattle too this fall :)

    I love the rainbow flag on the Space Needle!

    Happy Friday Mattie!

  10. Stopping by from the link up. I got my template from Etsy and the seller I purchased from had VERY detailed installation instructions. It was so, so easy to install.

    And YAY to the Supreme Court ruling. Finally!

  11. YAY! I just saw on the news at work the supreme court ruling. It's so amazing to see that, especially after the terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. Even admist all the bad things going on, there is still a lot of good happening, too! I used a blog designer for mine who worked with me to create whatever I wanted...she was the best to work with and if I have questions, I still can shoot her an email. It was $50, but to me, well worth it. Let me know if you are interested in more details!

  12. I do blog design and I would always install it using their password! I think you can trust a designer for sure! To be safe, you could always change your password temporarily while they spruce up your blog, I'm excited to see the new design!! that's awesome you met another blogger!! ahh I need to do that!! and loveeee buzzfeed haha always has me laughing :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  13. I am the queen of being technology illiterate, so much so that I didn't even know there were pre-made blog templates and I spent months writing my own HTML codes. All you have to do is insert the pre made template in and you can make someone an authorized user for a limited amount of time if you want them to insert it for you. June is also the month that banning inter-racial marriage unconstitutional so June is a month of marriage equality for all.

  14. I get to see lots of cruise ships here in Sydney too. My daydreaming mind sometimes thinks and imagines stories about people on the ships, where they are from, what their lives are like....

    I'm all about the SCOTUS ruling.

    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  15. Hey Mattie! I did my blog theme with etsy & it worked out really great! I know a teeny tiny bit about html & the owner of the shop was so helpful! Hope you had a great weekend :)