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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Fashion Favorites

Friday Favorites time! Go link up with AndreaErika, and Narci! And I'm linking up with April for Five on Friday again, too!

I didn't intend for this post to be all materialistic (I promise I'm not shallow). For one of my planned favorites, I needed a picture and wasn't able to get it. I already had two fashion-themed favorites in my head for this post, and when the other three presented themselves I just went with it!

Number One: Fossil bags

I started looking around at bags for fall, since my current bag is so bright and summery. I didn't plan on falling in love with all Fossil bags, but that's how it worked out! I love all of these, and I'm crossing my fingers they'll go on sale some day before the days get shorter and the temperatures drop.
One // Two
Yes, three of them are the exact same bag in different colors. I guess I know what I like. They come in other colors too, but I feel like I buy black handbags too often. The cognac (they call it brown) is gorgeous, as is the navy. Somehow I have never owned a navy purse, even though I can't stay away from buying navy clothes. And the colorblock bag is unexpected, but still neutral. The last bag is pretty similar to my current bag because of the zipper-edged foldover. I didn't mind, but now I see it's more expensive than the other style, so I may have already taken it out of the running.

Number Two: Summer whites

I love my white jeans and white shorts. I've also been hoping to find the perfect white blouse for years (still hasn't happened). I found a couple of bright white pieces that I'm loving!
I'm considering this dress for my rehearsal dinner dress! I love the popover dress trend. I know this is a little summery for a rehearsal in October, but I could wear a jacket and dressier close-toed shoes. It's an amazing price point compared to other white dresses I've seen and liked!
I tried on this top at Target last weekend and loved it! Sorry about the sketchy dressing room mirror selfie...but I actually think the details on the front are more pronounced in my picture than on the site! This top is now on my wishlist. I can even wear it to work with a jacket over and/or a tank under!
While I was looking for the tank I had tried on on Target's website, I found this embroidered one and LOVE it! I've been looking for something embroidered since the trend blew up but had yet to find something cute and affordable!
I am maybe a little too in love with this top. The white, the lightweight fabric, the flowy fit, and the crochet inset make it great for summer but with the long sleeves it can be worn in the fall and winter (I know in some places this would not work for the winter, but I'd of course wear a coat and maybe a scarf on top and be good).

Number Three: This skirt!

Katie posted this skirt and I haven't stopped thinking about it. I can't figure out which color I would get. I love all three! Obviously the navy and gray would go with more, but that burgundy is gorgeous! And the gray one is a little bit cheaper. The problem is, the closest J. Crew Factory is a bit of a drive and parking there is a NIGHTMARE. But I hate to pay return shipping... The reviews make me a little nervous too. I'm not sure how the laser-cut detail would hold up if the material is so thin like the reviewers have said.
 The more I look at them, the more I'm drawn to the burgundy. It would look great with the perfect white blouse I mentioned above (never mind the fact I'm not sure that blouse exists...). Which color is your favorite? Which would you suggest I buy?

Number Four: Old Navy tops

I was looking through Old Navy's tops and came across a few that I love. My closet is kind of lacking tops. I lost a lot of weight since Michael and I started being more conscious of our food choices last April, which means I've been getting rid of all my clothes that are now too big. I've been super into dresses lately and you don't need as many bottoms as you do tops (in my opinion) or my tops are all v-neck tees, which I need to branch out anyway, I need some tops!
 One // Two
I love how relaxed and cool the first top looks. That could translate as sloppy on my body, but I'd have to try it and see. I said above that I love the overlay trend, which this second top has. I like this color because each tier is a different color. The other two tops are the same pattern/colors throughout. I also love the "drawstrings" trend! (I know they aren't actually drawstrings, just decorative, but I've been seeing them everywhere and I don't know what they're called!) I really want a top with that detail.
Last but not least from ON, I love this top! I love how it looks with white jeans, I love the cut, the crochet detail at the neckline, the neckline itself (v-neck but not a tee!). Plus, I don't have anything this color (aside from a tee) so I think it'd be a good addition to my closet.

Number Five: This cover-up!

Shelby wore this as a swimsuit cover-up and I fell in love. Even better, I have a magenta-ish one piece that I love that would match that magenta/pink color in this really well!
If you think I'm crazy for liking this, seriously, go see it on Shelby. If I bought it, I might try my hand at styling it over a plain black dress or maybe white shorts and a tee or something. I probably wouldn't go as bold as mustard yellow shorts and a graphic tee like the website shows. I've never ordered from SheIn, but this is $13 + free shipping to the US...oh-so-tempting!

That's it for this edition of Friday Favorites! I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!



  1. You cannot go wrong with a Fossil cognac bag.
    I absolutely love their purses and when it comes to leather theirs are made to last.
    I was instantly drawn to the burgundy skirt as well - but that might just be because it's winter here and I've always thought it was a colder weather color. You are right though - it would be great paired with that perfect white blouse.

  2. Oooh, purse #2 and #4 are my favs although I would take them all!!! ;) LOVE the rehearsal dress option - so pretty! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that white dress, it would be perfect for your rehearsal! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Summer whites are too fun and I love that embroidered top! Old Navy is really killing it lately – I’m hoping to get there later today.

  5. We have a Fossil store & I go in there & just dream every time. #giveitalltome

  6. I have loved Fossil for years. Except their watches. I will never buy another Fossil watch because once they stop working, they are hard to get someone to work on them. You have to send the watch off and I don't like that. But I do love purse #4! I loved everything that you picked out, especially the white dress. It would be perfect for your rehersal!

  7. Well now I can't stop online "window" shopping...

  8. Those Fossil bags are cute!!! And great find at that white tank from Target. They have been killing it this year with clothes! Have a great weekend!

  9. I vote bag number 4! So original :)

    Happy Friday! The Southerndoe

  10. That white top from Target is super cute! I always choose a brown purse and usually own a few at a time. I just love that they match with darker clothes and go with summer brights! The first one is my favourite from your four!

  11. I am in love with that first purse. It is so cute!!! And the white 3/4 length seems absolutely perfect! Nothing better than a pretty white top.