Northwest Native: Bloglovin'!

Monday, June 8, 2015


I don't normally post twice in one day, but I jumped on the Bloglovin' train! This is me claiming my blog so that you can follow it over there if you wish. :)

(Yes, this is now the third time I've posted this. I thought it was supposed to be a button or something, not just random code. Sorry if that confused anyone. EDIT: Katie is a lifesaver and told me how to fix it!)



  1. Unfortunately I never linked to Bloglovin' when I used blogger, so I don't remember much about the background of it. I see you've put the link in the text. I'm fairly certain my link is in a header or a footer on my pages so that it's hidden and automatically inserted every time I post. Maybe check to see if there's somewhere you can add the link in the page itself rather than in an individual post?

  2. Hey did you put that code in the HTML side instead of the content side? When you do a new post you will see the 2 different views on the top left. Try that.

  3. just saying i was already following you on bloglovin ;D

  4. So happy you're on bloglovin now :) :) Makes it way more regular reading for me :)