Northwest Native: Weekend Recap: May Kick-Off

Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap: May Kick-Off

On Friday night, we wanted to eat healthy because we had ordered Thai food the night before. Michael was going to go to the store after he got off work at 1, but he changed his mind and we decided we could just order something on the healthy side (our fridge was barren).
This salad is incredible. It's perfectly crunchy, sweet, and citrusy. It has chicken, carrot, mango, tomato, cucumber, and peanuts. It's so fresh, and it even looks pretty. #eatyourcolors
We ordered this from a pho place a few blocks from our apartment and I walked to pick it up so Michael could keep watching the NFL draft.

I'm a Starbucks girl, but not a Frappuccino girl. I do like to try the limited time flavors if they sound good though.
 I looove s'mores, so clearly I had to try their new s'mores flavor, and with Frappuccino Happy Hour going on, there was no better time to go for it. All I have to say is I hope these are here for a very limited time or else I may have a new regular order...and ten added pounds as a result. :)

Michael is a huge Chelsea FC fan. They're an English soccer team...which means a big time difference. They often play very early on weekend mornings our time. On Sunday, they played at 5:30 a.m. our time. I normally sleep while he watches, but if they won this game, they won the league. ...And Michael bought champagne so we could celebrate a win. I'm not one to pass up champagne. #lovemesomebubbly
Obviously, they won. And I had a reason to drink champagne at 7:30 in the morning, which means I won too.

At eleven that morning, we went to pick up Michael's dad at the airport. The organization he works for has an office up here, so he comes up a few times a year. We had the rest of the day Sunday to hang out with him. We went to lunch, went to a park and walked a bit, came back to our apartment for a while and then went to dinner.
 The "office" for his organization is in a huge house in this gorgeous neighborhood in Seattle. The houses are all beautiful...and in the million dollar range. Every time we walk through the neighborhood we point out which ones we like best. Wishful thinking.
 These pictures were taken at the park we went to on Lake Washington. The first picture is looking across the lake to Redmond and the second is the marina and if you look closely you can see Mount Rainier in the background.

Enough of what we's what I wore.
 1. This is my first (and so far, only) "cold shoulder" top, as they're often called. I didn't know if I could pull it off but I love it!
2. Those gold sandals that I said were the comfiest sandals I own (here)? Well, they may be cushioned and supportive but they sure do rub on the side of my foot. I wore them during the day but changed into these for our 20-minute walk to dinner and back. I never knew a heeled shoe could be so comfy, but these are. The leather is super soft so it doesn't rub your skin raw, the soles are cushioned, and the heel is thick so there's quite a bit of support.
3. I'm obsessed with my white pants. Unfortunately, though, the first two times I wore them I spilled on them. Mexican food both times. I had enchiladas twice on Sunday (technically the first restaurant was Belizean) and didn't spill on them at all. But we go to that park and once I sit down in the car I see a mysterious spot on my pants. Nothing on my hands. No idea where it came from. Then my leg scraped the outside of my (dirty) car when I was getting out. Why can't I keep these pants clean?! I feel like a child!

I had a great weekend! Relaxing and tiring all rolled into one. How was your weekend?



  1. I cannot wear white. I always get it SOOOO dirty. Last time I wore a white top to work I spilled a cup of coffee and got pen marks on it. Yes little kid status ha!

  2. That Thai food looks incredibly amazing! I'd love to be able to pull of a pair of white pants but I just don't trust myself. I'm constantly spilling, dripping or dropping stuff on me white pants wouldn't last an hour!

  3. I haven't tried the new frap at Starbucks, and I almost don't want too, because I know I'll love it!! I'm also a Starbucks lover. (and Tswift lover as well!)

  4. I love frappucinos myself, but have been staying away from them for the sake of my waistline. I may just have to make an exception though lol. And you just never know. You may be living in that high end neighborhood one day