Northwest Native: Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend!

This was an awesome, full weekend. First, I was obsessed with my outfit for work on Friday.
 Three of my favorite things: chambray top, white jeans, and leopard print (on the belt, I realize it's hard to tell)! These shoes are also a favorite of mine for spring and summer. I loved how neutral the outfit was but that the green on the shoes gave it a pop of color! (The purse does in the second picture too, but I didn't carry it all day at work, of course.)

Friday night we had a mini bachelorette celebration for the bride! We went to Paint the Town and painted ceramics. I painted a napkin holder because we don't have one, so it seemed practical. I wanted to paint a giant mug, but we already have so many mugs and we hardly even use them (our Keurig was recalled and we never sent it to them for cleaning so we can't use it--luckily I happen to know one of my shower gifts is a Keurig fancier than our very basic model). Ready to see my creation? I seriously have the same artistic skills I had at age three.
I was kind of going for Kate you like the lopsided lines and the non-centered word? The maid of honor--the bride's sister--had some MAD skills and painted a rooster on a canister...I wish I had taken a picture because it was impressive! After painting, we got some food and a drink.

I had to be at a salon in downtown Edmonds (north of Seattle) at 9:30 on Saturday. I had never been to that part of Edmonds, but it was adorable! Such a small-town feel. It reminded me of Stars Hollow (from Gilmore Girls, in case you were wondering). I got there early and planned to get coffee with my extra time...but I panicked because I was seeing no cafes! Thankfully, after some walking, I stumbled upon a huge Starbucks in the middle of this quaint little city. (Gotta love Seattle--thanks for always having a Starbucks within reach!)
 That yellow house in the background is The Refinery Salon! I loved that it was in an old house. And I absolutely ADORED the ladies we worked with. Sarah was working with me at one point and said I'd look great as a redhead. I already have plenty of red tint in my hair, and in the sun it sometimes looks completely red. I totally trust her expertise and I'm wanting a hair change so I think I may make an appointment with her after our wedding and try out being a true ginger.

The whole day was just soo wonderful. I loved seeing how happy Kristin (the bride) was all day. Nothing phased her either. They realized they forgot to order napkins, she was calm. She told us we could pick our hairstyles or just let the stylists choose (we all let them choose...I don't know how many times I took a picture of a cut to a stylist and they told me I didn't want to do that...they know better than me!). Our bridesmaids dresses were totally simple and pretty. It wasn't hot, but the sun was out and it didn't rain! I just loved seeing how happy she and her husband were, since that will be Michael and I soon enough!
We took pictures at Edmonds City Park. During a time when I wasn't needed, I had my fellow bridesmaid Ali snap a picture of Michael and I on my phone.
The reception was at Edmonds Yacht Club. This was the head table, with a pretty awesome view behind it!
Another couple picture! I felt very old-Hollywood with my updo and pearls.

On Sunday we walked to Seattle Center (in case you don't know Seattle, that's where the Space Needle is and where they have a lot of festivals) for the Northwest Folklife Festival. There's always a bunch of food vendors and a lot of local businesses selling artwork, t-shirts, and various other things. We've purchased prints and t-shirts in the past, but this time we just ate.
 We got smoked turkey tacos and yucca fries. The tacos were pretty dang good. The yucca fries were good, but Michael made baked yucca fries before and not only were they healthier, they actually tasted better. After we split that we walked around a little more and got a chicken wrap at a Mediterranean place. The chicken was sooo good.

We decided we were going to meal prep for the first time this weekend. I was way more excited about this than a normal person should be. Anyway, we planned on going home and hanging out for about an hour then heading to the store. But I was wiped and ended up napping for two hours. Much needed. But look what we found at the store! I've been keeping my eye out for these babies.
I think they're really good. I especially love the marshmallow Oreo creme. We munched on these, popcorn, and kale chips and roasted chickpeas that Michael made while watching the first two Jurassic Park movies in preparation for the new one coming out. I'm totally okay with that kind of dinner. :) (Unfortunately, I didn't know how bad the second Jurassic Park movie was.)

Monday was spent meal-prepping, cleaning, running errands, eating lunch at Folklife (again), and being lazy homebodies. Oh and we watched Jurassic Park III and I liked it waay more than the second--apparently that's not a popular opinion. I'm excited because I only have three (10-hour) days of work, then I'm off for FIVE DAYS! The only problem is how hard it's going to be when my next five day work week rolls around. Ugh.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I went to find that chambray shirt at target and they were out of my size. Maybe I should just order it online. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I get excited about meal planning too because it feels like I accomplished something huge lol.

  2. Aww, I love weddings! Love the color of that bridesmaid dress, too! Happy you got to enjoy your weekend and have some fun. Also, I don't know if I've been living under a rock or what, but smores Oreos?! I need those in my life!

  3. oh mannnnn you're so lucky you got to go to a wedding! i freaking looove weddings! and that outfit you shared is ON POINT. so cute!!

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend! We traveled out to Seattle 2 years ago and your pictures made me want to go back!