Northwest Native: The F-Word

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The F-Word

This is something I've thought a lot about lately (well, if two whole years qualifies as 'lately'). Michael and I only officially dated for about six months before we got engaged, and now we've been engaged for two years--I know, we're kind of doing it backwards.

 This was taken a month or less before we got engaged. I'm 99% sure this is the weekend he asked my parents for my hand. :)

So I only briefly called him 'boyfriend' and have been calling him 'fiancé' since we got engaged. But here's the thing; even after two years, I still feel weird saying it. It's not because I'm not used to it, but I feel like one of those women in a movie who loves to rub it in everyone's face that she isn't single. (I should clarify--I feel like other people will think of me as that woman; I know I'm not her.) I realize I could just call him my boyfriend, but he isn't, he's my fiancé! I don't say it to brag, I say it because that's what he is!

Did anyone else feel that? Or, do any of you judge a woman who starts a sentence with, "My fiancé..." (don't worry, I refer to him as Michael if the person knows who I'm talking about)?

This feeling has been nagging me for two years! And I know I won't have to feel weird about calling him my husband, because we will be officially married. But I feel like for some people, engagement is just a road to marriage, not necessarily a different stage itself.

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  1. I felt the same way. I also felt like I was kind of begging people to ask about our wedding by saying it. I don't know why it feels so snotty to say!! But yay he is your fiance and keep saying it :)

  2. i mean, that's what he is, right?!? people can get insecure sometimes, but they'll do that regardless of if you call him your boyfriend, fiancé or husband. don't worry about it… you just do you. :)

  3. Well I call my guy husband bc that's what he is, not as an insult to single ppl. If someone is offended by it that's bc of their insecurities. I know that I'm not saying it to brag or show off bc I call him Husband in private too in place of his real name. As long as you are saying it from the heart then that's all that matters