Northwest Native: Hometown Weekend

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hometown Weekend

I spent the weekend at my parents' house in Oregon. It was much needed, I hadn't spent real time with them since January, maybe before!

My employer is kind enough to offer flex schedules to their employees, so I worked four ten-hour days (6:30-5:30...I know, crazy right? I'd much rather get to work earlier than leave later--I normally work 8-5) and we drove the 138 miles home on Thursday night. We drank prosecco and ate homemade nachos upon our arrival--it was perfect.

On Friday, we headed to Portland for lunch. My parents, Michael, and I met up with my best friend for lunch at Por qué no? It was good! But I have to say, the best carnitas I've ever had were made in my own kitchen by Michael (but maybe I'm biased). We also went to Beaverton Bakery and oh my word at the deliciousness! I got a peanut butter brownie that unfortunately took me forever to eat because I had to pick out all of the unwelcome walnuts. But even with that extra work, it was well worth it! They also had a bunch of samples out, which was amazing. My mom bought a loaf of cinnamon bread that I can't wait to devour for breakfast with coffee. And look at how adorable their sugar cookies are!
The umbrellas were appropriate for the day's weather.
This cookie was huge. Like the size of my face! It was hanging over the counter.
Lastly, I'm kind of a crazy bird lady--I even think pigeons are cute, which my entire family judges me for--as well as a die-hard Portlandia fan ("Put a bird on it!") so these were a favorite.

That night we went to dinner with my step-sister and her boyfriend. We watched The Judge when we got home which I had been wanting to see, and I really liked it!

Saturday was a looong day of errands. We started at Ulta, headed to Michael's for wedding crafting purposes, went to Ross and got Starbucks...then we went to Joann's and the dollar store (more wedding stuff!), Target so I could make a return--and of course, shop--then headed to a local home furnishing and decor store and stopped at the pharmacy on the way back.

I was looking for my favorite dry shampoo at Ulta by Not Your Mother's, but they were out. The lady pointed me to Batiste, which is their best seller (and I've heard good things) so I'm hoping that works out!

The most interesting part of the day was at Target. We walk in and are immediately greeted by this:
Say what?! I thought all the Lilly for Target sold out in all locations, not just women's clothes (yes, sadly, all those clothes are for little girls). I loved the pineapple serving bowl, but unfortunately couldn't justify purchasing it because we have no room in our tiny apartment kitchen. The side of the display had cute Lilly scarves and my mom picked one up.

After we got home we did some wedding crafting! We purchased some wooden letters at Target a few weeks ago, so we bought spray paint to paint them gold. We ended up finding something at Michael's that would make a good chalkboard for the drink menu, so we bought that along with some chalkboard paint to make that too.

We went to dinner Saturday night with my brother and father and got home just in time to watch the Blazers continue their playoff losing streak.  :(

Sunday was just relaxing before making the drive home. It was a really great weekend! I hope everyone else's weekend was great too. :)

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  1. Hey! You should link up for Talk Tuesday today :) also Go Blazer! Yay finally playing with some heart. Um where are you getting married?? I love wedding crafts :) the best!! Beaverton Bakery is so yummy. I love that I know everywhere you are talking about. Love pacific northwest bloggers.

    1. Thanks for that! I am looking to do lots of link-ups and I saw it in your post but it didn't even register! I'm going to go do that now. :)

      I was so happy about the game last night! Michael keeps saying "This could be LaMarcus's last game" and he's my favorite player so he's really bumming me out!

      We're getting married at a church in Seattle, but the reception is at Golden Gardens which is on the water!

      I was sooo happy when I found your blog! None of the other bloggers I follow live anywhere near the PNW (and I still love their blogs) but I agree, I love that I can relate, since different regions are so different in so many ways.

  2. You should post pictures of your wedding craft! When is your big day? My sister is getting married in September, and she's making a lot of her decor too. With Pinterest, it's so easy now! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and thanks for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk today! -Jess
    Sweet Little Ones

    1. I was planning on taking pictures but I'm not sure the letters are finished (I also kind of forgot!). I left them at my parents' since the paint was still wet when we left, but I will try to post pictures of them when they're done! My wedding is October 10th. :)

    2. Congratulations! 10/10 will be an easy anniversary to remember ;) I can't wait to see your decor pics! -Jess
      Sweet Little Ones