Northwest Native: Christmas in April

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Christmas in April

If you read my previous post, you know that I was in Oregon visiting my parents over the weekend.

In case you didn't know, Oregon doesn't have sales tax. I grew up with the mentality that the price on the tag is the price you pay. Getting my Washington driver's license was a tough day for more taking sales tax off at the store.

So anyway, when I order clothes online (much more frequently than buying in store) and I know I'm going to my parents' soon...I just go ahead and ship them there. (Please don't tell the IRS or the FBI or whoever would come get me for that.)

This weekend was an amazing haul. I had six packages waiting for me. SIX! With seven fabulous items for me, and one for Michael.

This is probably the purchase I was most excited about. It's the first Kate Spade purse I've owned and only my second designer bag (the first being from the Coach outlet). I bought it on the Kate Spade site here. It was over $100 off the original price and I couldn't resist. They only have it in black now, but I think Nordstrom might have it in a tan color too. (For some reason at the time I bought it Nordstrom wasn't price-matching the reduced price, or I would've bought it there and earned points!)

Oh these shoes. I bought the leopard print ones last year, and as soon as I saw these a few months ago I knew I had to have them. I wear my leopard ones year round and I've only seen normal wear and tear (the rubber soles on any brand of these type of shoes will wear down with time). Apparently this pattern is now sold out, but all other colors and patterns are here. They're super comfy and versatile--I've worn my leopard ones with dresses, jeans, and shorts--and so cheap! You can't buy Keds at that price.

I was nervous about these shoes. I wasn't sure if I could pull them off and I didn't know if they'd fit right--I thought the 'footbed' might not fit my foot shape or something. But let me tell you, they are comfy. These are now the comfiest sandals I own. My mom and Michael were skeptical about them when I tried them on (in the dress I wore to work that I would NEVER wear with these) but when I said I was most excited to wear them with my white jeans and white shorts they changed their tune. (Fun fact: I first saw these on Fancy Ashley's Instagram, so I have her to thank!)

I was in love with this dress when I first laid eyes on it! Then, it started getting ridiculous. I saw a girl wearing it in Nordstrom, I saw it on a blogger's Instagram (don't remember who), and then I saw Penny Pincher Fashion (whose blog I had never read before) wearing it on Pinterest! I finally tried it on and loved the fit, then I saw it was on sale for $17 in this color plus a 30% off code and I jumped on it!

The colors of this dress on the Nordstrom site is not true to color at all! Online it looks pastel, but the colors are definitely bright, like the above picture shows. I tried this on in store, so I knew before ordering. I'm a little sad that it's on sale now and wasn't when I bought it (I think it's been too long to call for a price adjustment) but I did use a gift card and only ended up paying $13 after that, so I can't complain too much.

I love this maxi skirt! I love that the maxi part is sheer and the lining is shorter, and I also love the rounded hem and slits on the sides!

This dress is so fun! I'm excited to dress it up and down!

So those are my exciting purchases! Maybe some day I'll be like a real fashion blogger and have some outfit posts instead of taking pictures of the clothes just sitting on a table. Maybe.

After all these dresses and skirts I think it's time to focus on shorts (and I'd love to add a good romper/jumpsuit to my closet)!

Linking up with ShaefferShay, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday! I already had this post planned out, so I'm only answering the one question: what I'm wearing (at least I will be once the weather cooperates!).



  1. I love that flower dress :) so cute! And my mom does the shipping thing too sometimes. Oh and I loved What Alice Forgot. I read it in probably 36 hours ha!

  2. I too have only owned a purse from the Coach Outlet. In fact, at our garage sale this past weekend I couldn't decide if I should put it out or not. (I didn't) I love the hot pink in your new KS purse! That is so fun! Also, in Germany we do not have a sales tax so the price you see is the price you pay. I love it and find it much easier!

  3. Hi Mattie! I am loving all your stuff! Especially that purse!

  4. I got my first Kate Spade purse last year and now I'm hooked lol