Northwest Native: About Me

About Me

I'm Mattie! Born in Washington, raised in Oregon. I moved to Tacoma, Washington for college and then moved to Seattle when I graduated. I lived there with my husband (still so weird to say!) Michael and our furbabies, Flora and Tully until we moved to Portland in November 2015. Michael and I are newlyweds--our magical wedding day was October 10th, 2015!
Aren't they just the cutest? This picture makes me laugh every time.
Other than my little family, my life generally consists of food, Netflix, and a lot of online shopping.

If you want to know more, you can contact me at!

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  1. Hey Mattie!
    I'm doing a Liebster Award post on my blog on Wednesday, and I would love to nominate you if that's something you'd like. I wanted to ask first in case you've already done it or don't have time! Let me know:)