Northwest Native: January Budget [2017]

Friday, January 27, 2017

January Budget [2017]

2017 Budget
$1,200 - Annual budget remaining
$234.21 - Nordstrom gift cards
$55 - Old Navy Rewards
$1,489.21 - Maximum budget amount available

What I Kept & Returned

January 2017 Budget - Keep
Workout Tanks (in Carbon & Purple Rain) - $12.94 each - 25% off = $11 each

Herringbone Compression Jacket - $39.94 - 25% off = $32
In my order of the above three items, I bought two sizes of the jacket, and three sizes of the cardi coat you'll see in the returned section. I used my $55 in Old Navy rewards. I can't really figure out how to do the math on how they paid me back (I got some rewards back and some money back when I returned the extras, but I didn't get my full $55 back or my full out of pocket money back) so I spent $28.23 out of pocket on those three items.

Textured Crew-Neck Sweater - $34.94

Graphic Crew-Neck Sweatshirt - $24.94
The two items above will go down in history as the first items I ever bought full price from Old Navy. Neither were available on the website at the time. The sweatshirt I bought isn't pictured in the collage, because I've never seen that one online, but it's featured in this post. (I also bought the same sweatshirt for my mom, but since it's a gift, it's not counted toward my budget.)

Mockneck Lace Shoulder Tunic - $19.99 - 5% REDcard discount - paid with gift card = $0
Haven't received this yet. I just love it online, but calling it 'mockneck' kind of confuses me because on the model it doesn't look that way. We'll see when it arrives...

I feel like I went a little crazy this month for not really wanting anything for a while... And there are a few more things I want from Old Navy, but I'm waiting to get my rewards money back/possibly use some super cash I earned, so I'll probably be buying that stuff after this post goes live.

January 2017 Budget - Return
Twill Cardi-Coat - $64.94 - 25% off - rewards = ??? returned
I was expecting this to be more cardi than coat. I should've looked at the material, but anyway, it was wooly and itchy and very much coat-like. I also didn't feel like it was totally my style when I put it on.

Riding Boots - $239.95, on sale for $179.90 - gift cards = $0 returned
I loved these boots. Reviewers say they can stand/walk all day in them and be comfortable. My current cognac boots are not on that level. I was considering replacing my current boots with these. My normal size was too tight, but it looks like a size up is now available again, so I may just end up re-buying these (thank goodness for gift cards!). I went ahead and ordered the bigger size last night. I may not end up keeping them, but we'll see!

Total spent: $88.11
That's actually a significant chunk of money for me when you compare it to the past few months. Oops!

2017 Budget
$1,111.89 - Annual budget remaining
$54.31 - Nordstrom gift cards
$20 - Old Navy Rewards (I have a ton of points that they haven't converted to rewards $$ yet)
$1,186.20 - Maximum budget amount available

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  1. Oh, I really hope the boots work out for you in the different size, love them.

  2. The orange striped sweater is adorable. I love it so much! I love the compression jacket, too! ON is my jam.
    Annnnnnnnnd now I'm stuck on their site because they're having a sale. DAMN IT, Mattie! Hahaha!

  3. Those boots are adorable and I hope the new size fits! It's the best when you get new shoes and you can tell how comfy they're going to be.

  4. I love you stay up on these things - I just mindlessly spend. Yikes.

  5. Love the heel height on those riding boots! I actually only have one pair of to-the-knee boots and they're super dressy, so I need to keep my eye on a pair or two now that they should all be going on sale soon (yay spring coming, haha). I hope the bigger size works for you! The tunic you ordered from Target looks so cute & so you!

  6. Loving that striped sweater! I may or may not be wearing a striped sweater while typing this, lol. Either way, the colour makes it a great elevated basic!

  7. I looked at that cardi coat too! So glad you reviewed it. Seriously wanted it but I don't need another coat.

  8. Those boots are SO CUTE!! I'm in love. Let us know if you keep the sized up ones you ordered :)

  9. I LOVE Born boots. I have two pairs of tall (black and brown) and one pair of brown booties and those reviewers tell the TRUTH. All three were comfortable straight from the box. I've worn them to teach in all day long and went home still comfortable. LOVE THEM.

  10. Those riding boots are gorgeous! I love Born shoes. :)

  11. Oh, I love the ruffles on that "mockneck." I might have to get one! Let us know how you like it. :)

  12. Those boots are intriguing! I need to replace my tall boots anyway, and comfy boots are ~the dream~.

  13. I always marvel at your ability to break down your budget and rewards with such detail! You got this on lock down!

    Lexi of Lex Be Livin’

  14. New year, new budget. Yay! haha! I love that sweater! Those boots look fabulous, but boots are such a hard thing for me for fit so I get having to send things back and try other sizes or brands or whatever. I need some new work out clothes desperately! I like the tops you got!

  15. You are SO SO good at getting those reward point dollar things!! Those workout tanks (and how fun is the color name charcoal!) are awesome!!

  16. I love love love those boots! I've had them saved & kind of hope they drop the price even more as it gets toward the end of winter possibly. I would totally get them to wear for next year. You'll have to update on how you like them when you receive the new pair!

  17. Good for you keeping track. I tend to return lots of things too. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  18. Yay you are continuing the annual budget. I love this post!!!

  19. Old Navy does great activewear. I haven't needed new activewear in a long time (I only wear it to go to the in-building workout room to use an elliptical or treadmill), but it was one of my go-to places for shopping for it. Hopefully the next size of the riding boots will work out!

  20. This is such a great, mindful way to keep track of what you spend. I love it! No joke, that twill-cardi coat is in my cart right now. Haha!

  21. Your budget posts have become my favorite thing! I want to work on doing a similar budget when I get married, but I'm not confident in my willpower :( Happy February!

  22. I'm seriously SO BAD at returning things once I bought them so I'm impressed in general that you have the willpower to do so!