Northwest Native: November 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

November Budget [2016]

2016 Budget Remaining
$172.99 - Annual budget remaining
$17.87 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$19.43 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$41.96 - Nordstrom credit
$147.07 - Nordstrom gift cards
$15 - Old Navy Rewards
$14.70 - Old Navy gift card
$541.68 - Maximum budget amount available
November 2016 Budget
This dress, these booties, and $47.07 to Nordstrom from returning a gift.

High-low v-neck sweater (sold out) - $59, on sale for $35.40 - gift card = $0

High-rise distressed skinnies (sold out) - $34.94, on sale for $24 - 35% off - gift card + rewards = $0

Mid-rise distressed skinnies - $36.94, on sale for $25 returned

Relaxed v-neck tunic - $29.94, on sale for $20 - 35% off - rewards = $0

Waffle-knit henley - $14.94, on sale for $12 - 35% off = $7.80 returned

Waffle-knit tee - $12.94, on sale for $10 - 35% off = $6.50 returned

Flannel boxers - $12.94 - 35% off = $8.41 returned

Fleece jacket - $44.97 - $41.96 Nordstrom credit = $3.01

Side slit turtleneck tunic (x2) - $40, on sale for $25.72 = $51.44 - gift cards = $0
*haven't received yet

Shaker cocoon cardigan - $29.99 - 30% off + extra 15% off + 5% REDcard discount = $16.95

Total spent: $3.01 + 16.95 = $19.96

2016 Budget Remaining
$153.03 - Annual budget remaining
$17.87 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$19.43 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$60.23 - Nordstrom gift cards
$5 - Old Navy Rewards
$294.59 - Maximum budget amount available

Linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Angry lessons.

Apparently I'm not going to be watching The Walking Dead anymore... (Or maybe any other current shows, ever.) I checked my DVR on Monday (after weeks of not looking at it) and zero of the shows I have set to record were there. My recordings were all set, but the schedule said no upcoming recordings. I think when our stupid, horrible, awful cable provider updated their system it did something to our stuff. [I did finally find TWD On Demand...I couldn't find it at first. But still, hashtag irritated.]

I'm not in the holiday spirit. Like at all. So that's fun. And I'm really not feeling blogging lately either. Or reading blogs. What I want to do is just constantly read books, which is really nice, but then I feel guilty not reading blogs (so silly). Ugh.

Speaking of the above point, 2016 has been hands down the worst year of my life and I want it to end.

Also, this may be the last Weekly Lessons linkup for a while. I will let you know if it starts back up again or is cancelled for good.

Comments turned off because...obviously.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dogs and phones and books. [Weekly Lessons]

Before I get into my Weekly Lessons, I just wanted to remind you that this Friday (November 18th) is the last day to sign up for the Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange hosted by Olya and I!

Electronics can be possessed.
I've had lots of issues with my phone. I took it to the Apple Store because it was constantly freezing, they ran diagnostics and said, "Yep, it constantly freezes." It was under warranty, they replaced it with a new phone. I leave the store...and it freezes within an hour. I deleted Facebook from my phone and the issues all went away. It's been a month or so since I deleted Facebook, and my phone suddenly started freezing and having a mind of its own. Seriously, it will freeze and I'll just set the phone down and not touch any part of it, and it'll start clicking around. Like, going to a different text convo, liking things on Facebook, typing... It's absurd and the first available Genius Bar appointment I could get was tonight. Hopefully they can fix it or give me a new one, because I have eight months before I'm upgrade eligible. Sigh. [Yesterday it seemed to be working...crossing my fingers it stays that way. Not risking cancelling my appointment and then having it freak out again, though. Spoke too soon. Still possessed.]

My dog is an athlete.
My thirty pound, very thin dog, whose back comes up to just above my knee, shocked us both by jumping over the six foot fence into our neighbor's yard on Friday morning. Both dogs ran out of the house to chase a squirrel, as they do, and then when I went to get them inside, only Tully was in the yard. I could hear the jingling of Flora's collar...and then I realized she was in the yard next door. Luckily, that house recently sold but no one lives there, so I could just run over and get her without any awkward encounters with other humans. But then on Sunday...she jumped over the fence to another yard. And this yard is behind our Michael had to sprint down our block and over into the block behind ours. And then he proceeded to just go right into that neighbor's yard (their yard isn't fully fenced, which could've been really bad news if Flora got out) and mouthed "sorry" to the lady watching out of the window. Yikes. For those wondering, it is a solid wood fence. I saw her jump from standing/sitting, and what she does is jump as high as she can, and then pushes off the middle of the fence with her back feet. She apparently can only get over with a running start. This has made life a lot more stressful lately.
The face of a monster. JK, love her, even if she raises my blood pressure considerably.

Finishing Harry Potter has sucked the life out of me.
Obviously, I'm joking. But finishing the series has definitely left a Harry-Potter-shaped hole in part of me. I finished book seven and didn't quite feel it yet, then on Saturday night we watched the final two movies, and then on Sunday I finished The Cursed Child and then I was absolutely done with all things HP and it hurts my heart. Luckily, I started reading read The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry and I absolutely loved it. I think reading a horrible book after finishing HP would've made me even more sad. And we have tickets to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Thursday, so maybe that will help too.

Not a lesson, but help me out.
I tried on this sweatshirt/jacket hybrid (SO soft) at Nordstrom Rack on Friday and I'm basically in love with it. It's so soft and I think it's super cute. The strings hanging down are drawstrings, so they can be tied, but they don't really bother me hanging. It's $45, which seems a little steep, but the regular price listed is $128. Plus I have enough credit/gift cards to fully cover it. What do you think? (I don't know why I'm asking, I really should just buy it. I may have by the time this post goes live.) I also found these three quarter sleeve striped tees (that are $13.20!!! Knew I should've bought all this stuff yesterday! They're $25 now...) by the same brand when I was looking for this and I think I might need them.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Let's get some Christmas spirit up in this b****.

First of all, sorry about the cussing in the title. I know I didn't actually type the word, but some people are easily offended. I just thought it was funny. Please don't hurt me.

Also, don't hurt me if you don't start celebrating Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving or December 1st. I'm not suggesting that you listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies now (unless you want to!). But I do have some really great news.

Olya and I are cohosting another Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange!
Last year, this was a big hit. So much so, that we also did a Galentine's Blogger Exchange. We are so excited to bring it back this year!

Here are the deets:
Click HERE to sign up!
This is open to bloggers only, with the purpose of connecting bloggers to fellow bloggers they may not have connected with before.
Open internationally--If you are willing to ship internationally, please let us know when you sign up! (This does not just mean Canada, it could be anywhere in the world. Keep that in mind when you agree!)
November 18th: Sign up deadline!
December 2nd: Deadline to ship your package!
December 16th: Link up your posts about what you got! You don't have to post them that day, you can post them before or after, but the link-up will go live that day.
$20: Minimum price, before shipping. If you want to spend more, feel free, but know that you might not receive a gift of greater than $20 value.

I know a lot of you will roll your eyes at this (I am too), but I feel like I need to say it just in case. I know the election has been very divisive, and many bloggers have been vocal about the candidate that they supported. So please be respectful of the other person's views and don't send them something supporting your own candidate if you know they voted differently. I highly doubt anyone would've done this anyway, but just trying to cover some bases. This is a happy season, so give gifts that you hope will make your partner happy!

Also, if you sign up for the exchange and do not send a gift, you will not be permitted to participate in future exchanges. So if you don't receive a gift, let Olya or myself know so we can check with the person who is supposed to be sending you something (since your partner is secret!). You are signing up at your own risk. Hopefully everyone will receive a gift, but we cannot guarantee that.


This is unrelated to our exchange, but I wanted to share that Jenn sent me such a thoughtful care package last week. I commented on one of her posts, and she replied asking for my address. I knew that she sent things out to her readers sometimes, so I gave it to her and these fun things arrived at my door a few days later.
She also sent two awesome cards (blank, so they can be sent to others to spread even more cheer). I so love the quote on this one.
I hope we can all spread a little joy with our exchange too. :)

Since the rest of this post has morphed into my favorites for the week, I have to mention these adorable socks I got at Target! They're $1.50 a pair and they have tons of patterns. I really wanted the dinosaur ones, the cheeseburger ones, and basically all the rest of them too.

I think I'll stop there. Let me know if you have any questions about the exchange! Linking up with AndreaErika, & Narci for Friday Favorites!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Weekly Lessons [11.9.16]

Threw this together late last night, just so there'd be a place to link up. I learned a lot of things about this country last night, and they weren't good things. That's my weekly lesson. Comments are turned off.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Outfits Lately, Vol. 2

Time for me to show you what I wore again even though 90% of it is from years past! You'll notice that I did get the booties I wanted for my birthday and clearly I'm loving them since I wore them like four days in a row.

Tuesday, October 25th
Sweater (similar-ish) - Tunic (similar) - Leggings - Boots (similar)
Nadine asked me if I had ever tried these leggings so I sang my praises of them to her! They are SO crazy soft, and they don't roll down or give you a muffin top with the high, wide waistband. However, I have the gray ones, and you can't tell in this picture like you can online or in person, but they are heathered. I feel like that makes them look suuuper casual (like lounge wear) so I don't find myself wearing them in public generally. I wore them this day because my top was suuuper long so not as much of them showed, but 99% because my black leggings were in the laundry.

Wednesday, October 26th
Dress - Scarf (similar) - Boot socks (similar) - Boots
This is one of my favorite dresses, so of course I had to wear it for the first time this fall on my birthday! I think I want another...but this time, the sleeveless version so I can wear it year round!

Thursday, October 27th
Sweater (similar, similar) - Jeans (similar) - Boots (similar)
I got my sweater on super clearance at Sports Authority earlier this year since they're closing all their stores. It's been in my closet for months with the tags on just I wore it at the end of October, even though it's a Christmas sweater. Also, I doubt anyone reading this is a Blazers fan, so if you want this sweater for your own team...just look at their apparel shop. Edited to add: I didn't just randomyl wear this. We went to the game. Ha!

Friday, October 28th
Sweater - Necklace - Tee (similar) - Jeans (similar) - Booties (similar)

Saturday, October 29th
Poncho - Tee - Necklace (similar) - Jeans (similar) - Booties

Monday, October 31st
Tee - Jeans (similar) - Booties

Tuesday, November 1st
Shirt - Tee (similar) - Jeans - Booties
Hoping the reason my legs look so stubby is because I accidentally used the 'square' setting instead of the 'photo' setting for this picture...

Wednesday, November 2nd
Dress - Shoes (similar)
My mother-in-law got me this dress for my birthday. Immediately when I saw the color I thought it wouldn't work on me (I always think tans/beiges/creams will look horrible because I'm pale) but I actually really liked it. I had to exchange it for a bigger size, and I decided to try on the black and white stripe one too (I wouldn't allow myself to try the burgundy because I knew I'd end up with it--ha!) and struggled to decide in the dressing room. I ended up choosing this one, and when I got home and looked at the picture of me that I snapped in the black and white stripes I realized there was really no contest. It pays to step out of your comfort zone (yes, even something so small as wearing a color you wouldn't normally wear). Fun note: When I put this dress on, Michael said, "Why are you wearing a collar?" Then he turned to our dog and said, "Mommy wants to look like you, so she's wearing a collar!" Hahaha.

Friday, November 4th
Duster (similar) - Tee (similar) - Jeans (similar) - Booties (similar)

Monday, November 7th
Sweater (similar) - Tank (similar, similar) - Jeans (similar) - Boots
My mom usually gives me a mix of things I specifically ask for for Christmas and things she finds. This was one of those things I had no idea about, but ended up loving (from a few years ago). Also, like the striped dress above, I never would've picked out something in this color, so I love that someone else did for me. ;)

Tomorrow I'll be linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Actual Thoughts I've Had

Sometimes I'll just be thinking about something and then realize I'm being super weird. I decided to try and remember those thoughts so I could blog about them. You're welcome (or not). This post has been in my drafts forever, so I'm going along with Alyssa's Back to Blogging Non-Challenge Challenge prompt of a blog post you've wanted to post but haven't hit publish on! I was trying to build this up, but it's taken so long to get this handful of thoughts that I decided I'd take this opportunity to just go for it!

Prefacing this thought with some background. You know how chokers are 'back'? And you know how everyone is now wearing plain black chokers? Well... Those plain black chokers remind me of the last time chokers were popular and girls would just tie a black bra strap around their neck. Yes...that's how a plain black choker looks to me. Sorry, everyone.

What is the plural of 'Mercedes'? Is it 'Mercedeses' or is it just 'Mercedes' like 'moose' or 'deer'?

Wow, female ducks are never alone. They're always with a male duck. Male ducks hang out alone or third-wheel it though. I wonder if ducks mate for life... I had this thought just about every day for weeks (our apartment complex before moving to our house had duck ponds). I Google'd it, and apparently ducks have 'seasonal monogamy' each mating season, which happens to be it makes sense that I see all the duck couples around. [Winter...yes, this post has been in my drafts since February.]


How do airport employees go to work? Where do they park? How tight is their security? I NEED TO KNOW THIS. I've wondered this for years. Seriously. Did anyone ever work for a Starbucks or Wendy's or whatever in the airport past security? I'm so curious. (I could probably Google this but asking blog people is more fun, ya know?)

So...what even is a Twitter party? You just all tweet about something at the same time? And reply? And hashtag? Isn't that basically just normal Twitter? #halp

Why aren't there generic candy bars? Has anyone else ever noticed this? There are all sorts of store brands of gummi worms and peach rings, but I've never seen a generic Twix bar or Kit Kat (or basically any other candy bar). Are chocolate candies just too expensive to produce?

How in the hell do you line tights with fleece?! Obviously, I live somewhere with mild winters. Fleece-lined leggings make a little more sense to me, though I've never owned those either. But tights?!

How did words even come to exist? How can we comprehend them? This one hurts my head a little. It's just like...when you read a dictionary definition of something, it's made up of words, right? So if we didn't already know what all those words meant, how would we be able to understand? Like, how did someone convey what words like "think" and "the" and "air" mean? If it's an object, you can just point at it and say the word, but what about concepts?! Okay, I have to stop. Head = hurting.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lessons & Confessions [11.2.16]

It's Weekly Lessons with Lexi and I! If my calculations are correct, it's also Confessions day with Nadine and Kathy and I've missed doing those, so I have a mash-up of lessons and confessions today. (Confession number one: I'm super happy with my rhyming theme today.)

Rearranging the furniture can be life-changing. Even if you're hesitant about it at first. We considered putting our TV on top of the fireplace when we first moved in, but decided it was too high. We talked about trying it since then too, but we didn't actually do it until this weekend. It looks and feels so much better now. Before, the walkway past the coffee bar and past our garbage can were very narrow, and now there is a ton of space. The way the furniture is now, it also makes the chair we have work. Before, we only ever sat on the couch, because sitting in the chair just wasn't a great view. Now I just want to get a pouf or ottoman for in front of the chair. And we need to hang some artwork because that wall looks even more empty now that the TV isn't in front of it. (The blue chair at the end of the couch was moved upstairs; I wanted to take a picture after doing that/cleaning up the clutter, but it didn't happen. Also, that jumble of cords is temporary as well. We're going to figure out a way to hide them or at least manage them a little better.)
I was also kind of sad to have to clear everything off of the fireplace because I had it all decorated, and to move the TV stand because I really like it...but I am just using it as a console table in the dining area now and it looks so much better! (No idea what to put on the bottom two shelves yet...and the D will be hanging up on the wall above it eventually...I have a few things and am planning on doing a gallery wall there--including the blue mirror you see on the floor.) And the windowpane frame of our wedding pictures that was on the fireplace will be hung above the coffee bar!

We didn't carve pumpkins until Sunday night. I have always felt that pumpkins should be carved at least a week before Halloween, because otherwise it seems kind of pointless. But this year, it just didn't happen that way. I was drinking pumpkin spice rum and apple cider. Basic and not ashamed.

Michael is still the best at creative gift-giving. I always just buy him stuff that he's mentioned he wants. Often that means apparel from one of his favorite teams. He always completely surprises me and ends up getting me something that I didn't even know I wanted! This year, my big gift was an espresso machine! He's been making us lattes on the regular.

I'm so sad that my favorite month is over. :(

Carving pumpkins is so much work. And I'm still horrible at it. And the little carving knives you can get at the store are the absolute worst. Mine bent in two different directions at once (like, a z-shape) multiple times while I was carving.

My dog was a guest star on the police scanner this weekend. On Saturday night around 11, I took the dogs out and noticed there were police lights (that sounds wrong; not sure how else to word it) behind our house. And then there were at least two sirens going. And then Michael went out the front door and saw police barricading both ends of our street. So I got the dogs inside and we went upstairs to listen to the police scanner and browse Twitter for any news. We finally found out that someone crashed their car into a house and ran, and the cops set up a containment to catch the guy. Later, we found out that you can rewind the scanner, so we went back to about 11. When I was out with the dogs, Tully barked at a group of people walking past. On the scanner, we heard a cop say, "There's a group of teenagers walking around, probably lookie-lous." Cue Tully's bark on the scanner. Hahahaha. Anyway, the next morning we learned that the guy was drunk (how shocking) and he was caught and charged with two counts of hit and run (car and property), DUI, and one other thing I don't remember. And he's already out because he's posted bail. And this isn't his first rodeo. Great.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the sixth one) is the worst of the first six movies. We watched it on Friday because I had finished the book and I feel like this one just changed sooo many small things that didn't need to be changed from the book. Even the fifth book which is crazy long was better adapted to the screen, in my opinion.

I went to Nordstrom over the weekend to make a return and tried on a few things...and now my wishlist is already in need of an update. I now have $150 worth of Nordstrom gift cards, but of course nothing I want is on sale (I know it's not like I'm spending money, but I'd rather stretch my gift cards as far as possible). Also, am I the only one who sees something they want online and hopes that when they try it on they hate it? I was hoping for that with this shirt but of course I loved it. First world problems.

Some kids are greedy with that Halloween candy. We had a giant bowl of candy and we got quite a few trick or treaters, but some of them were taking fistfuls of candy! I know, I know, we could've handed the candy to them, but I don't want to give a kid something they don't like. I usually tell them to take two, but some just totally disregarded it or grabbed a fistful before I could say anything. I don't remember this being the case at my parents' house, but the house is down a steep loop driveway, so most people pass it by because they think it looks dark and spooky. So most of the trick or treaters that do come are with their parents, who wouldn't let their kids take fistfuls of candy. (My mom got three trick or treaters on Monday. And she was giving out full size candy bars. Their loss!)

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