Northwest Native: Things No One Ever Needs To Know About Me...Part 2.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Things No One Ever Needs To Know About Me...Part 2.

Click here for Part One (that I didn't know was 'part one' at the time). :)

I really dislike the nicknames (or maybe they're more terms of 'sweetie'?) 'stinker' and 'stinkpot.' They just kind of gross me out. Like, "I love you, so I'm going to tell you that you smell. You are a pot of disgusting smells, and it's great." I can't. I will not be calling my future children either of those names. I know plenty of parents who say it or people whose parents called them that, and that's fine. I don't judge anyone for it, but if anyone ever called me that when I was younger (my parents never did) I didn't like it.

I've never gone to a polling location to vote. I've actually only voted in Presidential elections in Oregon (I turned 18 a month before the 2008 election) and Oregon only has mail-in ballots. When I lived in Seattle I was registered but I think I only voted in one election and I don't want to give myself an errand, so I mailed it in.

I do not enjoy having my hair played with. My friends were always like, "I love when someone plays with my hair, it feels so good." And if someone was playing with mine I would just sit there cringing the whole time. I'm sorry, but nothing feels good about feeling like you're being scalped. Ow. Hashtag sensitive head.

I tweeted this a while back, so the secret is already out, but my favorite songs of all time are Remix to Ignition by R. Kelly and You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates.


It used to offend me to no end when people burped while I was eating. Once when I was little and my brothers and I were at my father's for the weekend, one of them burped super loudly during dinner and I stormed off and locked myself in my room.

I think it's so wrong for school to start before Labor Day. That's right. From kindergarten through high school I never started school until the day after Labor Day. Since I went to a college that was on semesters, I started in late August...but lots of colleges don't start until late September. (Also I was super bitter about starting in August.) I was listening to the radio on the way to work on August 25th and the deejay was saying that 90% of kids were back in school! I know those kids probably get out in late May or super early in June...but it seems wrong.

I hold grudges. Not against people I like. And not against anyone I've met from blogging, so don't worry. But from acquaintances or people who I dislike or only like half the time. For example, one day at work, this guy saw that coffee was made already and said, "Mattie, did you make coffee?" I said no, because the same guy makes the first pot 99% of the time. "Oh, I was so shocked. I thought you were finally making coffee!" (Or something along those lines.) Um, what? What does that even mean? I did confess on the blog a while back that I never made coffee at work because whenever I made a pot it was gone before I even got a cup...but I did start making it. Months ago. I make it even when I didn't take the last cup. Sooo, yeah he's on my sh*t list for real.

[This came up when I searched "hold grudge" on GIPHY and I'm obsessed with Mrs. Doubtfire, and also, sometimes I do feel like throwing lemons at people's heads!]

I love chocolate but don't particularly like white chocolate. But with coffee, I love white chocolate mochas and generally don't like regular mochas much. Am I the only one?

I can never guess a book character's hair color right. If she's blonde, I always picture a brunette first. If she's brunette, I always picture a blonde. It's better when the hair color is out of the way early, so I don't have a vision in my head. (This is super weird, I know.)

I don't think I'll ever think of mac and cheese as Thanksgiving food. It surprises me that this is a thing. (I think it's a it a thing?) And there are other Thanksgiving foods I've heard people talking about that I've actually had to Google (like, wtf is corn pudding?!).

I'm not a fan of themed Christmas trees. They can be pretty, sure, but I'll never have one (unless I ever have multiple Christmas trees in my home, but the main one will not be themed). It's so fun to take out ornaments and remember when you got them, or where you got them, or who gave them to you. Plus you can buy any ornament your heart desires without worrying about clashing. I have tons of penguin ornaments, because they're my favorite, but I also have Harry Potter and Hagrid, Pocahontas, Princess Leia...and now Michael's Packers ornaments too.
My HP ornaments. Love them!

I like my regular socks thin and my workout socks thick. I just really hate the feeling of my feet moving around at all inside my shoes while I'm working out, and I also hate the feeling of my feet not having any room in my regular shoes. I'm weird, I know. I only wear my non-workout socks to work out if I forgot to pack gym socks. (Sometimes I wonder if people at the gym think I'm weird when I change from one pair of ankle socks to another.) (Not that I actually care.)

I love extreme warmth, but I'd rather be cold than hot. In the morning, I crank up the heat in my car to like seventy-five degrees and it's the best. Riding in the car with Michael is rough since he likes it "room temperature." And in our house I stand in front of our fireplace (or lay down on the dirty, hard floor--just keeping it real) often. When I was a kid, I used to sit over one of the heat vents in my parents' house. I would bend my knees and pull my shirt over them too, to trap in the heat. But I can't stand being hot.

I have decided to never start sending Christmas cards so I don't have to be obligated to do them every year until I die. No explanation necessary.

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  1. Mac n cheese as Thanksgiving food? Stinkpot as a nickname? What strange alternate universe do you live in??? Lol! I have never heard of either of these things, and I agree that Stinker is a weird choice for an endearment (I mean, unless a kid's diaper is overflowing or something). I do like the idea of themed Christmas trees, but, like you, I want my ornaments to mean something and that only happens through a slapdash collection of things. Right now we have some nerd ornaments, some sparkly gold things, and these dorky candy cane reindeer I made a couple years ago. Plus our tree is a crappy fake one from Walmart, so nothing about it is all that fancy or classy. :P

  2. LOL this is a hilariously random post. I completely agree about themed Christmas trees, it feels so sterile! But whatever floats someone's boat, I guess. I love those HP ornaments, I need to get some for my tree!

  3. I'm really bad with my hair even as an adult and don't like going to the salon partly because I never like when they do the whole scalp massage thing (it hurts!) and I'm too passive to say anything because I don't want to be rude, but I cringe the entire time! We never had mac & cheese for holidays growing up, but my husband (usually) makes it every year so now it's a holiday thing for me. I LOVE your Hagrid ornament!

  4. Remix to Ignition is a wonderful song. I could listen to it over and over. And You Make My Dreams is the song my husband and I did walked out to (after the kiss) at our wedding!
    And my whole life, I've started school in August, so it would be so weird to start in September for me!

  5. "Stinker"... that seriously cracks me up.
    I hold grudges, too. Mostly against people I don't know well... Like I'll remember if a car cut me off and I see it the next day around town. Or when people are mean to animals- I never ever forget that.
    I'm doing a mostly themed tree this year... Spoiler alert- it's foxes :D K has a million drum ornaments so we got him a tree for the company office. Then our tree at home is going to be a smaller one with many fox ornaments, plus a few others. But seriously though, I need some HP ornaments in my life!!
    I agree with extreme cold weather :) Aren't you guys in for a snowstorm? I'm so jealous!

    *Back to the nickname thing. Have you seen any of the South Park episodes from this season? Cartman has a girlfriend and calls her "Babe" in every sentence. And tells her she's so smart and funny (essentially a play on men trying to prove how feminist they are or whatever). ANYWAY, K has now resorted to calling me "Babe" at the end of sentences because he knows it pisses me off SO MUCH.

  6. One of the things that confuses me the most about American Thanksgiving is the plethora of side dishes, including mac & cheese. I hate nicknames/terms of endearment in general, just call me by my name please.

  7. I think mac and cheese at Thanksgiving is a southern thing? It's weird to me too.

    I like a mixed main tree and if there are additional trees, they may be themed. LOL

    I do not care for terms of endearment but I don't mind nicknames.

  8. I love this post.
    You'd hate it here- our school starts back at the end of JULY! True.
    I always don't think our tree is 'themed' because it has such random ornaments... BUTTT, they all are Disney, except one Jesus ornament - had to have that even in Disney ;)... I used to do a Beauty & the Beast tree. It was my favorite - just ran out of room for it.
    Burping... ugh. Makes me cringe so much.

  9. I didn't realize corn pudding was so regional until I spent Thanksgiving with my husband last year and he didn't know about it and then when I made it for Friendsgiving this year, no one knew what it was.
    My great-great grandmother started making it for her family in Front Royal, Virginia and its been loved by every generation since then for "special" occasions - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter and sometimes a birthday or too. Its easy to make, but can be a bit sweet.
    We don't do a themed tree either - maybe if we ever have multiple trees we will, but its too much fun to pull out ornaments from our childhoods and adventures together and decorate the tree with memories!
    Stinker is a terrible term of endearment - I'm with you! Even simple things like babe or dear or my love feel forced or contrived or sarcastic, though I am guilty of calling my husband dear sometimes.
    I agree about being cold over hot, especially to sleep. I'd much rather be able to snuggle under multiple blankets than sweating and not being able to do much about it.

  10. I really enjoy your brain; did I ever tell you that? Anyway, I hold grudges too. Big time. If you ever wronged me in any way, I don't forget it and likely dislike you even years later. OH WELL.

    Also - white chocolate? Ick.

  11. I love having ornaments that aren't themed because of all the memories, like you said. We do have a themed tree, but my favorite tree to decorate will always be the one that holds all of our special to us ornaments!

  12. I love this, Mattie! I never knew mac and cheese was a Thanksgiving side until a couple of years ago. I grew up in Minnesota and it most definitely was NOT a side dish for us. It seems out of place and I really don't need any more carby dishes at Thanksgiving! I am an epic grudge keeper. I act all forgiving but people go on my list! Nicknames and terms of endearment don't bother me, provided they are not meant to be condescending. You're smart about the holiday cards. It's a trap, I tell you. A devious, devious trap created by Hallmark. They are going on my list!

  13. Mac and cheese as Thanksgiving food, I don't think so
    Voting here is compulsory so I have voted since I was 18
    I call my eldest Precious, my second daughter is my darling daughter and number three is my special girl and my niece Kelli is my sweetheart.

  14. i have never been called stinker or stink pot and i hope to keep that going. what weird nicknames. i had to laugh at the hair colour - i forget things like that. if you asked me any character from any book, what they looked like? no chance. i couldn't even tell you what elizabeth bennet looks like and i've read that book 75 billion times.
    i never thought of mac n cheese as a thanksgiving food - well, i've only attended 5 thanksgivings - but i don't like a lot of the stuff my mother in law makes, so i make my grandmother-in-law make mac and cheese and it's pretty much the only thing i eat (along with rolls).

  15. YES! To the chocolate comments. I am a chocaholic, but HATE white chocolate with all of my heart... unless it's a white mocha- I drink them 99% of the time when I get coffee. And don't like regular mochas. So weird.

  16. This was the first year that I went to an actual polling place to vote & I think I'll be doing the mail in ballots going forward! It was so awkward (not to mention that I accidentally walked in on Avon party going on in the same building) so I'd much rather avoid it! Starting school after Labor Day?? I think we always started mid-August and didn't get out until the end of May! Or if we had too many snow days during the winter, then we were stuck in school until June. :( I hold grudges against co-workers too, haha. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is weirded out by thin workout socks! It drives me crazy!

  17. I'm pretty sure the mac & cheese as Thanksgiving food is a Southern thang. Totally understandable that isn't something for you. I was a Sociology know, those weirdos who believe that we are indeed products of our environment. I'm right there with you about Christmas trees. Mine is always going to be a little mixed-up, non-themed tree, and I ain't sorry for it.

  18. I now have Hall and Oates in my head. Those were the days back when music was still GOOD! Although I embarrassingly will admit that I do love the R. Kelly song too even though I think he's a gross human being.

    You and Michael must battle over the thermostat eh? That or you're living under a blanket and he's in a tank, cool as a cucumber. :)

    Have a good one love!

  19. I am laughing at the last one. I have never had Mac N Cheese for Thanksgiving. Seems weird to me as well. I never have themed trees either. They are always just a mix of all the ornaments I got growing up as well as my husbands, the ones we have together and now my girls'. So random that you never voted at a polling place. Didn't know that about Oregon. I love reading these posts and I could comment on every single item, but I won't. Ha.

  20. After the show is the after party / And after the party is the hotel lobby...

    LOVE "IGNITION." And Hall and Oates. #RainingConfettiText I actually saw Hall and Oates live a few years ago and it did, in fact, make my dreams come true!

    I also think it's super weird to go back to school before Labor Day. My birthday is at the end of August, so I had never been in school for my b-day until college, and it wasn't always great. Like, I didn't really have friends within the first few days of school freshman year (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME), and then my 21st b-day fell on move-in day. UGH.

  21. Okay, I can relate to almost every one of these. Haha! I've never really been a fan of nicknames or been someone who used terms of endearment. My parents don't even call each other hun/honey, sweetie, anything like that. So hearing it always sounds weird to me. Like why not just call someone by their name?
    I had never gone to a polling station until I moved to Idaho. I miss voting by absentee!
    Also. I love Mrs. Doubtfire! That's one of my favorite parts of the movie and there are so many times I've wanted to throw a lemon at someone.
    And I'm not a fan of themed trees either. Or trees that are too perfect. I like a random assortments of ornaments, handmade stuff, it's like a holiday scrapbook!