Northwest Native: Reality TV & Nasty Women

Friday, October 21, 2016

Reality TV & Nasty Women

Haven't done one of these in a while... Just some favorite things lately!

Our Brush With Reality TV Stars
We went to Roloff Farm on Saturday. If you've ever watched Little People, Big World on TLC, that's their farm. I watched the show sporadically when it first aired because I thought it was cool that it was only about an hour from where I lived. Now, we live fifteen minutes from there! And yet, this was my first trip.
Oh, and did I mention that there were storm warnings that whole weekend? There was even a tornado on the Oregon coast last week. Hence the rain boots, hood, and puddles. We went in the morning, and the wind wasn't supposed to start up until 1. It was actually perfect to go when we did, because it was not crowded at all.
We met Amy Roloff and she was the nicest. We watched her on Chopped Reality Stars, so Michael said, "So, you're famous from Chopped, right?" and she talked to us for a while about her experience on the show. (We only had to wait for two groups to take pictures before it was our turn. I'm guessing when there's not a storm warning, the wait is longer.)
We bought a ticket for their little 'fun zone' and the wagon tour of the farm. There are so many cool structures built around the farm. Our tour guide said TLC contacted them about a show because they heard there was a "family of little people in Oregon with Disneyland in their backyard." Ha! Our tour guide ended up being Audrey's mom (Audrey is married to one of their sons) and I had no idea until she told us, because aside from randomly watching a ton of Zach and Tori's wedding episodes when I was home on a weekday before a doctor's appointment, I hadn't watched the show in years.
They had Noah's ark. There are real animals inside the fence too, and all of them are in pairs. I think we saw a goat and two peacocks and the rest were hiding from the rain somewhere.
The three little pigs' houses! (There are actually three pigs in there. You can see one in the doorway.)
They seriously have a castle made of stone. It's huge.
The picture below was taken from the top of the hay pyramid in their 'fun zone' area.
We also saw Audrey (Jeremy's wife), Tori (Zack's wife), and Sully (Zach & Tori's dog). Oh, and Zach was driving a cart thing around the farm with some people in it and going really fast and almost collided with our tour. Ha! So we saw him too! We also made Jeremy take a selfie with us in the parking lot on our way out. He was more apprehensive about it than Amy, but I know all of them are used to constantly being asked for pictures so whatev.
Note: Michael finally trimmed his beard this week. I realize it's a little out of hand here.
And then after this we decided we wanted to watch the show! It's not on Netflix, it's about a million dollars to buy seasons on Amazon (and not all of them are available), but I found the TLC Go app, which has the fifteenth season (the most recent one). We use our Chromecast to watch it on our TV from the app. It's so weird to think that all of this happened fifteen minutes from our house. And that we've been there. I totally think we'll make this an annual tradition!

Stuff I Want From Target
Last Friday I went to Target after work to try on these three things. I saw them when Michael and I ran in quickly one night but didn't want to make him sit through me trying them on. The jacket is suede (faux probably?) and super soft, but it's like $50 which is hard for me to pay when buying clothes at Target, you know? I don't own any midi dresses, but I might have to make one of these (I think the middle one) my first! But then I remember my giant wish list post and I feel like I want those things more... Sigh.

Taco Salad
I love when my food is healthy, colorful, and pretty. This was day two of taco salad and it was prettier the day before because I had red pepper instead of yellow, but whatev.

More Fall Decor
My friend bought me this sign to use at our wedding, but we didn't get to because there wasn't really anywhere to put it. I can't push it in far enough so it just falls over. Boo. Also all of these pictures are taken very haphazardly because I didn't want any neighbors to see that I was taking pictures of our porch hahaha.
I saw this jack-o-lantern at my hometown Ross, loved it, didn't buy it, went back the next time I was home to buy it, and they were gone. Luckily the next time I went back they had it. Also, another shout out to Audrey for Instagramming this doormat so I could buy it for myself.

Operation Read Harry Potter Still Going Strong
I made it through the fifth book! And it wasn't boring! For some reason, when I tried reading it when it came out, I got halfway, stopped reading it for a long time, started over, got halfway, and gave up. Anyway, the fifth book was frustrating to me because I feel like there was an unnecessary death (it's been out forever, and I won't say who it is...but anyway, we're past spoilers). And yes, I did see the movies when they came out, but movies 5-7 (maybe 4-7) I saw in the theater and never watched again. So I totally forgot. Plus, without reading the book, I was less attached to this character, I guess. So anyway, J.K. hurt my heart. I'm currently reading the sixth suuuper quickly...I don't want to be done with all of them yet!

Veggie Grill
A while ago, Michael and I tried Veggie Grill, which is basically just a vegan 'fast food' restaurant. It is really delicious, even if you're not vegan (or even vegetarian). We had it again last night. I got the same salad both times, and the crispy "chickin" is sooo delicious! Their nachos are also amazing, and I never thought vegan nachos (I mean, cheese is the most important part!) could be.

If you know me, you know I love me some popcorn. My mom and dad have always been advocates of the occasional popcorn-for-dinner night and I am too. My parents bought a Whirley Pop years ago and they gave me one too and I've always loved that thing. But we went to Michael's parents' and they have this contraption that's even easier because there is no stove or oil required. Michael's mom ordered one for us and I am loving it. I totally recommend either one, but the latter is just sooo easy, and it's cheaper too.

A few extra things:
+Are you a nasty woman?
If so, you might need this t-shirt. It also comes in a men's shirt and a sweatshirt. Half the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. I bought one for myself and two as gifts. (This is not an affiliate link!) OH! And check out this Etsy shop with a bad hombre tee, a nasty woman tee, and the combo: bad hombre raised by a nasty woman. A portion of the proceeds of those three goes to Mobilize the Immigrant Vote.
+So, I'm still pretty into This Is Us but at this point I think saying it's the next Parenthood is an insult to Parenthood. Don't kill me. I just adored Parenthood and felt much more of a connection to those characters that I'm not feeling yet. Maybe it'll get there for me as the show goes on.
+I think I'm in the minority, but I loved Twitter on debate nights. I follow tons of hilarious comedians (and some bloggers too) who tweet the best things. I was a favoriting/tweeting/retweeting machine on debate nights.

I'm linking up with AndreaErika, & Narci for Friday Favorites! Also, if you count each thing and my last three bullet points, I do have ten I'm also going to link up with Krysten, Lindsay & Charlotte for Ten Things That Made me Happy!

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  1. That looks like the coolest farm ever! I love that there's so much to do and totally smart going during less than ideal weather because crowds are the worst! I've never watched the show, but it's always so cool when you see people you "know" from TV. I love that Amy took so much time to talk with you guys! I hate when you post clothes because I always want everything, haha. Really loving that green jacket-- maybe Target will have a clothing sale soon? I only watched season 1 of Parenthood (still need to watch the rest one day), but I think the reason This is Us bugs me slightly is because it got so much hype and I'm like is it really THAT good? I feel like because there are so many people hardly anything happens in an episode. I keep watching it though, so I guess I shouldn't complain about it, haha.

  2. Cute farm! I *think I saw their reality show on TLC some years back, but not enough to really know what was going on. Thanks for the link to the Nasty Woman t-shirt. That's great!

  3. LOL @ the Bad Hombre Raised by Nasty Woman shirt. I love all the Nasty Women shirts everywhere. My friend is having one made and I'm getting one, naturally. I have a mug on order too.

  4. I never watched their reality show but my Mama would totally be jealous! She always talks about their farm and how much she'd love to visit :) looks like it was a good trip! Love your fall decor!

  5. I've never watched the show but that is a super fun looking farm and awesome that you got to take pictures with two of them and saw some others you recognized! I really like that jacket from Target! Sometimes they do 20% off clothes on Cartwheel so maybe look out for that! I get not wanting to drop $50 on a Target piece. I am enjoying This is Us. I never watched Parenthood.

  6. I am fangirling... love the Roloff's... I was so upset when they divorced!!!!!
    Look at Jeremy!!!! All grown up. I still in my mind see him as a kid.

  7. I totally see why you would hold off on the Target buys. Since when did their clothes get so pricey? I'm annoyed with them lately

  8. That is so cool that you went there. I don't know much about the show, but I recognize her. I love that Target jacket, but if it is getting more expensive, I would hold off as well. I love all the Fall decor. Especially the Fall In Love sign. So cute. Have a great weekend!

  9. So just I looked up to see if This Is Us is available On Demand, and it is, so I'm definitely going to watch it soon! Yay. :) I love that doormat! I really want it! I don't know anything about the Little People, but the farm looks super neat!

  10. So much to love in this post! Love that the trip to the Farms was a huge success and you're so stinkin cute in the big chair!! I'm with ya girl, as a person who professes Parenthood, the best series of all time, no way is This is Us of that stature, it's good but not sure any other series will compare. That lil sign is soooo cute! Hope your weekend is as awesome as you!!

  11. Your Halloween decorations are cute girl. That's kinda cool you went to the Rolloff farm. They look like a pleasant bunch, it's Matt that I think might be a cranky one but who knows right?

    WAHHHH! You make me miss Target the most. God damn them for leaving Canada!

    Have a great weekend love!

  12. That's so cool that you went to Roloff Farms and got to meet Amy and a few other people from the show! Chris and a good friend of mine are obsessed with it and would be so jealous to find out that you met her! Hooray for reading Harry Potter but boo for the death in the 5th book. I loved the later books in the series but I did hate how dark they all got.

  13. That is so awesome that you live so close to the Rolloff farm! It looks like a lot of fun! And got to meet some of them too! I've actually never really watched the show but it would still be awesome to meet them. $50 for a jacket at Target is pretty steep... hopefully they have a sale soon or a Cartwheel for clothing again soon! Love your fall decor too! I am always taking pictures of the front of our house & have neighbors that like to hang out outside all the time. Haha, they can judge all they want but hey, this is our first house! I need to document it!

  14. How cool that you got to go to the Roloff Farm. I used to watch the show but it's been a couple years since I've last viewed it.

  15. Great pictures to accompany your adventures! Your posts are intriguing and I look forward to following them! Have a great weekend!

  16. What a cool experience that you had at the farm. I'm a major TLC fan but have only caught snippets here and there of their show.

    Love your pumpkin and fox sign!

    Happy weekend!

  17. I was so excited when I saw your pic with Amy Roloff on IG!! (And I only watched their show sporadically too haha.) Their farm looks awesome. I would totally go there if it were 15 minutes from my house!

  18. I love those dresses and that doormat is super cute!

  19. That farm is seriously SO cute! I want a farm like that! Except just pumpkins and rescue dogs everywhere ;) I looooove our doormats, haha! That "Fall in love" sign is adorable!
    I'm glad you got through the 5th HP! It's my favorite movie and second favorite book. Honestly, I got over XXX's death ;) Some of the deaths in the next two books are what kill me! LOVE that shirt! And I am ALLLL about Twitter on debate nights!

  20. Roloff farms looks so neat! I've never watched their show, but being from the NW, I've heard so much about their farm!
    I have a hard time paying anymore than, like, $30 for clothes at Target. I mean, it's Target. Come on now. Haha
    And I just started The Half Blood Prince too! All of the books are so long and I always think it's going to take forever to read but then I never want to finish it either!

  21. Hahahah I always climb and take pics in those giant chairs- love it! I had to look up who the celebrity was, but that's pretty cool, and so close! That doormat is on my wishlist. Love all the foxy thangs. Hope you had a great weekend!

  22. I had no idea they had a whole farm that you could visit! That place looks awesome! A Noah's Ark and a Castle included? Amazing!

    Also, your taco salad looks good and has me hungry, haha!

  23. I've heard of Little People Big World but have never seen it before... this trip (and farm) sounds like a lot of fun and neat that it's so close to where you live!

    Also I love your doormat, so cute!

    Your taco salad sounds amazing and I really wish we had one of those vegan places around us that you mentioned in your post (I remember reading your initial post about it). I am a veggie, my bf is mostly vegan (cheats with cheese, lol), and we're always looking for things like this.

    Also I know what you mean with This is Us. I really DO love the show, but I'm not there like I was with the Bravermans. Yet. I feel like it's happening soon, and there are a lot of tissue-grabbing moments.


  24. That's so cool you got to go!! I've always wondered what it looked like!