Northwest Native: October 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

October Budget [2016]

2016 Budget Remaining
$187.23 - Annual budget remaining
$17.87 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$19.43 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$41.96 - Nordstrom credit
$100 - Nordstrom gift card
$15 - Old Navy Rewards
$494.15 - Maximum budget amount available

So, my budget actually increased this month because I got a $100 gift card to Nordstrom for my birthday (thanks, Mom!) and spent less than $15! My mom also gave me two more colors of my favorite t-shirt that I bought in July (the navy one in this post--it's sold out now; she got me black and burgundy), and my gift from my MIL hasn't arrived yet, but I have a hunch she bought me these booties (in whiskey leather) that I asked for.

Animal Print Boyfriend Cardigan - $19.99, on sale for $14.99 - 5% REDcard discount = $14.24

2016 Budget Remaining
$172.99 - Annual budget remaining
$17.87 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$19.43 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$41.96 - Nordstrom credit
$100 - Nordstrom gift card
$15 - Old Navy Rewards
$479.91 - Maximum budget amount available

Linking up with Franish's budgeting bloggers!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Birthday Lessons

It's Weekly Lessons with Lexi and I! Share what you've learned this week, or in life in general! It's my birthday today, so I really should be sharing one of those, "What I've learned in my lifetime" sort of birthday posts, but 26 things was too many to wrap my head around. Sorry guys!

How to zipline.
Really, there's not much to learn. The harness and the guides do all the work. But, on Sunday I went ziplining for the first time and it was so much fun! It started out fifteen feet from the ground and we worked our way up to 120. Not bad for someone with a fear of heights!
Before! (Michael, me, my mom, my brother, and my aunt...and part of my aunt's dog.)
This was after the first zip line and on the first of three suspension bridges. This was the shortest bridge by far, and the only one that wasn't a steep climb at the end.
Here is the last suspension bridge. One hundred plus feet in the air. And waaaay steeper than it looks.
On the last zip line, there's a camera that takes your picture. My mom only bought Michael's picture because, I mean, just look at it! Hahaha.
And here's a picture I took in the parking lot because I thought it was pretty. Ha!

Major first world problems...
We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. Picking a restaurant was the hardest thing ever. Portland is a major foodie city, so there were pages and pages of 4+ star restaurants to choose from on Yelp. Even with Michael not eating gluten or dairy narrowing down my list of was so hard. I wanted to complain...but shouldn't having lots of options be a good thing? Anyway, I learned that picking a restaurant in Portland is no joke. I think Michael has chosen most of the restaurants we've been to, or we've heard good things about them and just decided to go.

Are we in the 18th century?
So, on Monday, I go to make a reservation at the restaurant that I chose and was really excited about. I chose it last week and should've made a reservation then, but I kept forgetting. So I check Open Table...and they're not on there. I check Yelp and their website...and they don't take online reservations. I grudgingly go to call them, and realize that they're obviously not going to be open in the middle of the day...and then I saw that they're open Wednesday-Saturday. Please cross your fingers that when I call when they open at five, they have a reservation for seven! Lesson learned: Don't procrastinate and maybe pay a little more attention to these things when researching restaurants.

Starting The Walking Dead may have been a huge mistake.
I got all caught up through season six just days before the season seven premiere on Sunday. And then the premiere ruined my life*, so I'm questioning my life Netflix decisions.
Being caught up on The Walking Dead really sucks.
How do people wait a week for a new episode?! Luckily, Sunday's episode didn't end in a cliffhanger, so I'm fine for now...but as the season goes on I think it will be unbearable. (Yes, I'm going to continue watching it, even though my previous lesson might suggest otherwise.)

I will never not cry my eyes out during Jim and Pam's wedding.
Jim and Pam are not friends whose wedding video I creepily watch every once in a while (I do wish they were real and my friends though), they are from The Office, in case you didn't know. We got to their wedding episode on Monday night and I was a wreck, as per usual.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Outfits Lately, Vol. 1

I was going to post this a week ago, but I got super lazy and didn't finish the post. Also, aside from my crappy mirror pictures taken on my iPhone, you can tell I'm not a fashion blogger because 90% of the items linked are 'similar' because mine are old. And some of the ones linked exactly are still old, but they still sell that item. (When I link 'similar' items, I try to find something from the same store, even if it's not the same color or pattern; if I can't find anything from that store/brand, I try to find something at the same price point or cheaper.)

Monday, September 26th
Sweater (similar) - Top (similar) - Jeans - Shoes (similar)

Tuesday, September 27th
Top - Jeans (similar) - Boots

Wednesday, September 28th
Top - Camo pants - Booties (similar)
Pattern mixing for the win!

Monday, October 3rd
Dress - Shoes (similar) - Necklace
I also wore this the Saturday after this to celebrate our one year anniversary! It was on October 10th, and I didn't post anything anywhere. I feel a little guilty...which is silly. Social media is weird.

Tuesday, October 4th
Sweater (similar) - Top - Jeans (similar) - Booties (similar)

Thursday, October 6th
Sweater (similar) - Jeans (similar) - Boots (similar) - Scarf (similar)

Friday, October 7th
Sweater (similar) - Top - Jeans (similar) - Booties - Necklace (similar)
This is the cardigan from Ross that you may recall me mentioning (but probably not). I couldn't find anything very similar in stores now, but I looove this sweater.

Wednesday, October 12th
Top (similar) - Jeans - Boots - Necklace (similar)
Yes, I do wear white after Labor Day (I think fashion rules are lame). But only if it's not raining. And not in winter. I tried wearing white jeans with a chunky turtleneck last year and I felt really dumb. I can't do white pants in winter.

Thursday, October 13th
Vest (other colors) - Sweater (similar-ish) - Jeans (similar) - Booties
Made the mistake of looking at the current colors of this vest and now I want all of them. Yikes.

Friday, October 14th
Sweater (similar) - Shirt - Jeans (similar) - Booties (similar)
This sweater is like four years old, but Lindsay posted this Target cardigan literally the day I wore this (and was thinking I wouldn't find anything similar to link) and then I promptly bought it for myself. Because you need two leopard cardigans (full disclosure: I also have a leopard pullover). The one I'm wearing has silver metallic threads mixed in with the black,

Tuesday, October 18th
Sweater - Top - Scarf (similar) - Jeans - Booties (similar)
...Told you I bought it! Two leopard cardigans in a row for you! This scarf is jersey knit and it feels like wearing a baby's blanket. My MIL bought it for me a few years ago for Christmas and I wear it alllll the time. I couldn't find a jersey knit scarf, but if you find one, you need it. So soft.

Wednesday, October 19th
Sweater (similar) - Jeans (similar) - Boots
This is my favorite sweater ever. My family had a Beagle, and his coloring was pretty much exactly like this.

Thursday, October 20th
Sweater (similar) - Necklace (similar) - Camo pants - Booties

Friday, October 21st
Sweater (similar) - Vest (similar) - Jeans (similar) - Boots (similar)
Yep, I mixed navy and black and sage green with forest-y green (in the vest). The different greens are more pronounced in person. I kind of thought it would look awful, but I was pleasantly surprised. (Or it looked awful and I just didn't know.) Also, yes, another leopard print sweater.

Tomorrow I'll be linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday (since my Wednesday post is always booked for Weekly Lessons!).

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Reality TV & Nasty Women

Haven't done one of these in a while... Just some favorite things lately!

Our Brush With Reality TV Stars
We went to Roloff Farm on Saturday. If you've ever watched Little People, Big World on TLC, that's their farm. I watched the show sporadically when it first aired because I thought it was cool that it was only about an hour from where I lived. Now, we live fifteen minutes from there! And yet, this was my first trip.
Oh, and did I mention that there were storm warnings that whole weekend? There was even a tornado on the Oregon coast last week. Hence the rain boots, hood, and puddles. We went in the morning, and the wind wasn't supposed to start up until 1. It was actually perfect to go when we did, because it was not crowded at all.
We met Amy Roloff and she was the nicest. We watched her on Chopped Reality Stars, so Michael said, "So, you're famous from Chopped, right?" and she talked to us for a while about her experience on the show. (We only had to wait for two groups to take pictures before it was our turn. I'm guessing when there's not a storm warning, the wait is longer.)
We bought a ticket for their little 'fun zone' and the wagon tour of the farm. There are so many cool structures built around the farm. Our tour guide said TLC contacted them about a show because they heard there was a "family of little people in Oregon with Disneyland in their backyard." Ha! Our tour guide ended up being Audrey's mom (Audrey is married to one of their sons) and I had no idea until she told us, because aside from randomly watching a ton of Zach and Tori's wedding episodes when I was home on a weekday before a doctor's appointment, I hadn't watched the show in years.
They had Noah's ark. There are real animals inside the fence too, and all of them are in pairs. I think we saw a goat and two peacocks and the rest were hiding from the rain somewhere.
The three little pigs' houses! (There are actually three pigs in there. You can see one in the doorway.)
They seriously have a castle made of stone. It's huge.
The picture below was taken from the top of the hay pyramid in their 'fun zone' area.
We also saw Audrey (Jeremy's wife), Tori (Zack's wife), and Sully (Zach & Tori's dog). Oh, and Zach was driving a cart thing around the farm with some people in it and going really fast and almost collided with our tour. Ha! So we saw him too! We also made Jeremy take a selfie with us in the parking lot on our way out. He was more apprehensive about it than Amy, but I know all of them are used to constantly being asked for pictures so whatev.
Note: Michael finally trimmed his beard this week. I realize it's a little out of hand here.
And then after this we decided we wanted to watch the show! It's not on Netflix, it's about a million dollars to buy seasons on Amazon (and not all of them are available), but I found the TLC Go app, which has the fifteenth season (the most recent one). We use our Chromecast to watch it on our TV from the app. It's so weird to think that all of this happened fifteen minutes from our house. And that we've been there. I totally think we'll make this an annual tradition!

Stuff I Want From Target
Last Friday I went to Target after work to try on these three things. I saw them when Michael and I ran in quickly one night but didn't want to make him sit through me trying them on. The jacket is suede (faux probably?) and super soft, but it's like $50 which is hard for me to pay when buying clothes at Target, you know? I don't own any midi dresses, but I might have to make one of these (I think the middle one) my first! But then I remember my giant wish list post and I feel like I want those things more... Sigh.

Taco Salad
I love when my food is healthy, colorful, and pretty. This was day two of taco salad and it was prettier the day before because I had red pepper instead of yellow, but whatev.

More Fall Decor
My friend bought me this sign to use at our wedding, but we didn't get to because there wasn't really anywhere to put it. I can't push it in far enough so it just falls over. Boo. Also all of these pictures are taken very haphazardly because I didn't want any neighbors to see that I was taking pictures of our porch hahaha.
I saw this jack-o-lantern at my hometown Ross, loved it, didn't buy it, went back the next time I was home to buy it, and they were gone. Luckily the next time I went back they had it. Also, another shout out to Audrey for Instagramming this doormat so I could buy it for myself.

Operation Read Harry Potter Still Going Strong
I made it through the fifth book! And it wasn't boring! For some reason, when I tried reading it when it came out, I got halfway, stopped reading it for a long time, started over, got halfway, and gave up. Anyway, the fifth book was frustrating to me because I feel like there was an unnecessary death (it's been out forever, and I won't say who it is...but anyway, we're past spoilers). And yes, I did see the movies when they came out, but movies 5-7 (maybe 4-7) I saw in the theater and never watched again. So I totally forgot. Plus, without reading the book, I was less attached to this character, I guess. So anyway, J.K. hurt my heart. I'm currently reading the sixth suuuper quickly...I don't want to be done with all of them yet!

Veggie Grill
A while ago, Michael and I tried Veggie Grill, which is basically just a vegan 'fast food' restaurant. It is really delicious, even if you're not vegan (or even vegetarian). We had it again last night. I got the same salad both times, and the crispy "chickin" is sooo delicious! Their nachos are also amazing, and I never thought vegan nachos (I mean, cheese is the most important part!) could be.

If you know me, you know I love me some popcorn. My mom and dad have always been advocates of the occasional popcorn-for-dinner night and I am too. My parents bought a Whirley Pop years ago and they gave me one too and I've always loved that thing. But we went to Michael's parents' and they have this contraption that's even easier because there is no stove or oil required. Michael's mom ordered one for us and I am loving it. I totally recommend either one, but the latter is just sooo easy, and it's cheaper too.

A few extra things:
+Are you a nasty woman?
If so, you might need this t-shirt. It also comes in a men's shirt and a sweatshirt. Half the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. I bought one for myself and two as gifts. (This is not an affiliate link!) OH! And check out this Etsy shop with a bad hombre tee, a nasty woman tee, and the combo: bad hombre raised by a nasty woman. A portion of the proceeds of those three goes to Mobilize the Immigrant Vote.
+So, I'm still pretty into This Is Us but at this point I think saying it's the next Parenthood is an insult to Parenthood. Don't kill me. I just adored Parenthood and felt much more of a connection to those characters that I'm not feeling yet. Maybe it'll get there for me as the show goes on.
+I think I'm in the minority, but I loved Twitter on debate nights. I follow tons of hilarious comedians (and some bloggers too) who tweet the best things. I was a favoriting/tweeting/retweeting machine on debate nights.

I'm linking up with AndreaErika, & Narci for Friday Favorites! Also, if you count each thing and my last three bullet points, I do have ten I'm also going to link up with Krysten, Lindsay & Charlotte for Ten Things That Made me Happy!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Alllll the notifications.

You know the drill, it's Weekly Lessons time with Lexi and I!

So Michael and I got married on October 10th last year. Do you want to know when I uploaded wedding pictures to Facebook? Last night. I forgot that when you upload a mass amount of pictures, particularly of something like this, you get buried in notifications. So that was a lesson I re-learned. That's 99+, but the tab was saying 120.

I also learned that this dry shampoo sucks. I have my beloved Batiste on a subscription from Target every four weeks, but I think I need to change it to three so I don't have to keep buying more while I wait for it to arrive. This was the cheapest option at Walgreens, and I don't get it. It's actually wet. You wait for it to dry and then you brush it or rub it in with your fingers. Anyway, I feel like this made my little baby hairs stay down which was nice, but it didn't make my hair look clean. I don't know how to explain it. It basically still looked just as greasy, but this stuff made it less stringy or something? I don't know.

And, as I learn pretty much every single week, I need to make sure to write my posts in advance! This was all written just before ten last night.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Weekly Lessons: The Fall One

It's Weekly Lessons with Lexi and I! Today, I'm going to be doing things a little differently. I'm going to write my blurb and then add the lesson at the end (a format I stole borrowed from Lexi). The last lesson is a looong (tons of pictures) one. Sorry!

Michael picked this up in the checkout line of Walgreens. I love me some pumpkin spice (and get super annoyed by everyone being all negative about it--it's okay to not like something without hating on everyone who does like it) but I made a disgusted face at him. It actually ended up being pretty good. I wouldn't make this a regular purchase or anything, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Lesson Learned: Try new things.

Lesson Learned: Grilled cheese and tomato soup tastes even better than I remembered. I didn't think this needed an intro. ;)

And now...using this link-up as an excuse to post my fall decor!

You saw this picture already, but the pumpkin and fox are fall decor, so I had to include it again. I did a little sign that you can see below.

I love this guy. I put a battery-powered tealight in there. This is one of the first Halloween decorations my mom bought for me!

I feel like our dining table/dining area looks pretty boring usually, because 1) the table/chairs/floor are a similar color, 2) the table is always empty, 3) I still haven't done the gallery wall I'm planning, and 4) the table is too small for the space. Just adding this makes it look and feel SO much better! I'm going to need centerpieces for all seasons.

Excuse how dusty this is... That gold pumpkin is there year round, and so are the skeletons. The candle is kind of only there because I don't know where else to put it, but isn't the little owl witch so cute?! My mom got it for me after Halloween last year, so I haven't been able to put it out until this year.

I have a bunch of these little tiny signs that I don't really know what to do with. I can't really hang them on a wall because they're just so small. So I put this one on the doorknob of our coat closet.

I've shown our mantle before...even with the addition of the twig pumpkin for fall. But I added the little sign that, like the one from above, is too small to hang up on a wall in my opinion. The birdhouse was made by my dad. He used to make tons of them. This one in particular has a metal roof that is the lid from a cookie tin or something. I have three of the birdhouses he made and they're all indoors because I love them so much.

I love this guy! It was between him and one with glasses and a pointy hat (no mustache) holding a spider. I feel kind of bad for him though, because twice now I've run the robot vacuum without moving him and he gets knocked over.

Aren't the little pumpkins that spell 'fall' so cute?! And then there's the little tealight holder with a fake tealight. (And Packers stuff because I have a husband. Also don't look at how dusty the Playstation is...)

Just a BBW candle with a fall sleeve!

Decorative kitchen towels from Ross for the win! I have so many, I'm going to have to switch them out a couple times.

Is this not the cutest?! I love him. The Beagle in the background was our family dog who passed a few years ago. <3

Lastly... This hallway had nothing hanging in it, and my mom bought me this sign this year. I feel like it makes a huge difference. Not sure yet what I'll hang there during other seasons, but I'll figure something out!

This is just a glittery foam hanging sign. I actually just propped it on top of a framed print we have hanging up after I took this. It does look cuter on the dog, though.
Lesson Learned: I don't ever buy home decor, apparently. Embarrassingly enough...every single piece I featured, aside from the BBW candles and candle sleeve, was purchased for me by my mom. They're all from a local boutique we love minus a few things that are from Ross. There are three more things that I didn't get around to photographing, and I bought two of them, so there's that, at least.

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