Northwest Native: There's a cute dog picture in here.

Friday, September 2, 2016

There's a cute dog picture in here.

Yesterday, I was going to post my goal results, and that I'm done with blogging my goals again. I know, I'm such a flip-flopper lately. One day I think, "Posting this will be fun/easy/make me happy" and the next I'm like, "Posting this is a chore." Goals were exciting to bring back at one point, but now they feel like a chore to post again. I'll summarize quickly though: 10,000 steps every day = fail (four days under; that's really good for me though), 30 active minutes 5 times a week = success (and I'll continue to shoot for this, just not blog about it), shopping ban = success (so glad it's over!!!), vegetarian dinners = big huge massive fail.

Okay, now that that's over with, let's talk about some good things, shall we?

Link-up success!
You guys...Lexi and I were floored with the participation in our very first Weekly Lessons link-up! We had eleven posts including our own. I was expecting a maximum of five including us. So thank you to everyone who read, commented, and especially linked up a post! (Also, we're trying to work out some of the technical difficulties we were having. Hopefully next week everything will be working perfectly!)

My shopping ban is OVER!
Yesterday after work I went straight to Nordstrom Rack. There was a sweatshirt thing that I loved when we were there two weekends ago and I was just hoping they still had it. They only had my least favorite color left, and they only had one of the two sizes I would try. It just looked pretty 'eh.' But I tried on about a thousand tops and ended up with two. Are you seeing a pattern among the pictures below...? Yeah, I'm obsessed with peplums/ruffle hems.
Top 1 (not online) - Top 2 - Top 3
The first top isn't online, but it's Lush brand in case you have a Rack near you (the back laces up! [not all the way...a respectable amount]). The second one is here, and I kind of wish I hadn't looked for it because I found out they have it in nine solid colors here. I might be buying one...or nine. The third I had been eyeing for a while, but didn't let myself try it on until I wasn't on a ban. It's only $15 full price, but I didn't buy it because I have a feeling there'll be a Labor Day sale coming up. I tried it with the camo skinnies (this is now my third time talking about them in the last two weeks...yikes!) and I think this is my new favorite outfit in the world. I bought the pants because there was a 20% off jeans Cartwheel coupon but...these didn't qualify. So I might return them and re-buy them if they go on sale for Labor Day.

Fall decor!
I put up my fall decor on August 31st because it was overcast and a high of 70ish. It's been like that for days and I am so happy. Part of me was sort of sad to think about summer actually being over but once these temps hit I realized I was being ridiculous.
Literally the only decoration that isn't there all the time is the pumpkin made of twigs on the left.

Tully's face!
Humble brag: my dog is cute.

Tully kisses.
While I was working towards the above perfect selfie of the Tullster, I caught her (and me) mid-kiss. Tully will attack your face with kisses at any moment. Flora is so much more selective with her's an achievement when you get her to kiss you and you didn't just get home after being gone for hours.

Australia, is that you?
Is it just me, or does this splotch on the lid of my makeup kind of look like Australia? Obviously it's not totally spot on, but there's a resemblance!

Nostalgia and deja vu.
I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone this week. I've only read it once and it was at least fifteen years ago...but it's so weird because I swear it feels like I read it a few months ago! I have a weird sense of deja vu while I read it.

That this week is almost over (plus a three day weekend)!
This week has been sooo insanely busy. There are two people who do my same job (but I'm the lead #fancy) and the other one is gone this whole week. My supervisor is in, but she was gone all last week so she's behind and can't take on much when the emails start piling up. On top of that, I had a big report I do every month due today, plus billing gets suuuper crazy at the end of the month. So basically it's been crazy stressful and busy and I am over it! (And it also means I haven't read/commented on as many blog posts this week as I would like to. Boo.)

Also, update on the robot vacuum from last week (because lots of you were curious!): I am LOVING this thing. It's only been a week so I can't promise you that it will last for five years or whatever, but I decided that if it lasts a year and dies, I would buy another. If it lasts like two weeks...guess that means I'm saving for a Roomba because I don't think I can live without one of these now!

Those are my eight (nine if you count the vacuum...for the second weekin a row) things that made me happy this week to link up with Krysten, Lindsay & Charlotte! Also linking up with AndreaErika, & Narci for Friday Favorites!

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  1. I am looking forward to decorating for fall! My fave (and my bday) season. I cannot waitttttt!

  2. I just left a comment but it didn't show up (I don't think) because the Comcast guy is at my house and I think he disconnected the internet lol.. But anyways I am so excited for fall and I cannot wait to decorate next week!! Also, that DOES look like Australia!

  3. Hey, when you look hot in camo pants, you look hot in camo pants, you can't help it girl! Shopping ban is over, I repeat shopping ban is over and I cannot wait to see the goods that she find and I too am hoping for some great sales this weekend! Tully is so so precious and I decorated for fall this morning too and I'm sitting amongst all my pumpkins and red and brown goodness and it makes me so happy! Have the best long weekend sweetie, I hope it's beautiful!!

  4. I love that you went right to Nordstrom Rack and your specification of the back of the top not lacing allll the way up, lol. Love all three of the tops and still obsessed with your camo skinnies!

  5. I'm so excited for fall. I cannot wait for cooler weather. So over this heat and humidity and so isn't my hair.

  6. I want a robot vacuum!!!! I love Nordstrom Rack and that Lush brand has some really cute pieces that aren't terribly priced which I appreciate. It is my go to store for clothes...well when I am not pregnant anyways. I always see random shapes in things like your Australia. Haha!

    1. And congrats on your first link up! I hit publish too quickly!

  7. I totally think that I'm gonna put up my Fall/Halloween decorations this weekend. They are my favorite decorations so I just really want to get them up as soon as possible to enjoy them longer. :)

    Have a great weekend, Mattie!

  8. I love that you went to the store right after your shopping ban ended, hahahaha! Those types of shirts make me look pregnant but you look great in them! I feel like I need camo skinnies now to be cool...
    Your puppy picture reminds me of the one I posted yesterday of Enzo! He's a kissing-whore, too. Hahaha ;)
    YES TO HARRY POTTER. If you ever want to discuss it you know where to find me :)

  9. You do love peplum! You totally pull it off, too! :) I really need to get more Fall decor!!!

  10. You saw the movie, right? That's probably why it feels like deja vu
    I totally see Australia :)
    I am so in love with your camo skinnies!!!
    Puppies!!! I always love fur babies pics

  11. Haha, your make-up does look like Austrailia. Fall decor is the best so no shame in decorating early. Today's rainy and overcast on the east coast as we're expected to get hit with 5-8 inches of rain from hurricane hermine, so today does feel like the first bit of fall weather.

  12. That does look like Australia. How cool. I love the peplum tops and may have to snag a solid color one of the second one for myself. Love them. Perfect for fall. Love the fall decor and that you got to put it up early!!!

  13. I thought that your linkup was so much fun, and it totally went perfectly with my Seattle post! Seattle by the way was so much fun! The PNW is quickly becoming one of my favorite places, and I'm so jealous that you lived in Seattle and are currently living in Portland. Anyways, Tully is so freaking adorable, and I love that you caught y'all mid kiss! Puppy kisses really are so much fun! Have a great three day weekend!

  14. Tully is such a cutie! And hooray for Harry Potter!

  15. I scrolled to look at the doggie pictures first, then I read the post. :) The "Harry Potter" books are my favorite. I often re-read chunks of them for "comfort reading" before bed, if I am not reading another book. I used to wonder why so many grown adults like them, but several main characters are adults, and the plot is more complicated that I expected. I don't think they should even be in the childrens' section of bookstores.

  16. Tully sure is adorable! Cute tops! Enjoy your long weekend! :)

  17. If it makes you feel any better, I found your fitbit recaps to be a kick in the butt for me. I very rarely hit 10,000 steps, especially being home with an infant. Your recaps were a reminder that some people literally hit those numbers daily.

  18. I love that first peplum top! Those look so cute on you! I tried on a peplum top from Loft and it looked terrible on me, but I might have to try another one though!

    I am sooo excited for fall! I bought a few fall things at Target from that darn Dollar Spot (it gets me every time!) but they have so much cute stuff! It's still not cool enough to feel acceptable to put fall stuff out, but hopefully soon!

    And you should totally buy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrated edition! It's the British version (which is awesome!), so it's a little different than the American version.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Girl I have no idea what you're talking about, you have skinny legs!! Those camo pants are the shit!! Jealous!! :)

    I just love Tully's facial expression. <3

    Have a wicked long weekend girl!! Xo

  20. Those peplum tops are cute! I love the first one. I need to put up some Fall decor, but it's still so hot. I can't wait for cooler weather.

  21. Love your tops from the Rack, especially the first one with the flowers! I might need to go check that out for myself! And yeah, regular posts can be a real pain (thinking about my August weekly outfit posts). Like, they are good for accountability, but actually chronicling/writing/formatting everything can be so annoying. I hope to join your new link-up on a week that I actually have my act together, haha!!

  22. Yay for fall decor! I got out fall candles out this week. I usually love summer but this year I'm ready for some pumpkin!!

  23. We’ll figure out the technical difficulties for this week—once again, I’m so excited about our link-up and the first week’s success. CONGRATS that the shopping ban is now over! I’m personally on one myself, to be lifted when the boyfriend’s new job’s paychecks start coming in :) Love love love the fall decor! I’m beyond excited for the autumn season. Love just as much that you are reading Harry Potter again.

    Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

  24. Those tops are so cute! I have such a thing for peplum tops, and I swear that Piper & Scoot is my latest addiction for them!