Northwest Native: Love/Hate/Personal [9.12.16]

Monday, September 12, 2016

Love/Hate/Personal [9.12.16]

I did a post like this a while back and considered making it a series. Still not really going to call it a series...but I'm going with it for the second installment.


That we all still hate Brock Turner.
You know how some things are a flash in the pan and then they're gone? Well, I'm glad that the outrage about Brock Turner is still there. I know he was just released from prison (after serving half of his pitiful six month sentence because of "good behavior") but I hope this outrage is here for good. We gotta make some changes. And here are just a few examples of women I 100% agree with on the subject:
This article that Michael's cousin shared on Facebook. It's long, but it had me nodding (and shaking) my head in a fit of rage. Our country is allowing crimes against humanity and us women are the victims of it.
Audrey and I agree on everything. Like this! Again...the system in place in this country is designed for men by men. All the feminist rights movements have gotten us the right to vote and wear pants...but not the right to not be raped or for our rapists to actually be punished.
And like Erin, I am clearly still pissed off.
At least this verdict (that Erin also brought to my attention in this post) is more respectable. Why can't Brock be in prison for 15 years?


Brock Turner. Rapists. Rape culture.
Enough said.


Okay, let's move things away from the dark side, shall we?
Remember the top from my last Friday post that lots of you loved but wasn't online? Well, I found it online!
I was also going to do a "what I wore" post, inspired by Jess, but I decided I'd just leave those here. It seems less scary than devoting one post to them. (Note: I'm not a fashion blogger. I have an iPhone and a mirror to work with...not a DSLR or DLSR or whatever the heck they're called and a pro photographer and editing software.)
Wednesday, September 7th
Stripes and neutrals are my jam. I forgot to take a picture at home before work and on this half-shot in the office bathroom had to do. I was wearing dark jeans and cognac booties.
Top - Vest (similar) - Necklace - Jeans (similar) - Booties - Watch

Thursday, September 8th
More neutrals minus my top--which is one of like only two colors that I wear semi-often. (I gravitate towards peach/rust colors and burgundy, if not neutrals.) And I am sooo happy I got this color jacket instead of the olive!
Jacket - Top - Jeans - Booties (similar)

Friday, September 9th
Mission WEAR ALL THE NEW TOPS: Success. I wore this plaid shirt on Tuesday for the first time too. The Friday before, I wore this top for the first time. Monday will probably have to incorporate this one to keep the streak alive...then I'll be done wearing new tops. I think. And guess what? I only forgot to take the tags off two times out of five! Woo! *insert see-no-evil monkey here* Also, I kind of wanted to hold out and wear this top for the first time with my camo skinnies...but I'm weak. Also also: high of 82 = sandals instead of booties. Even though it was a high of 82 the day before. I wore the same jacket as Thursday's outfit over the top.
Top - Jeans (similar) - Sandals (similar) - Watch - Necklace

In un-clothing-related news, I'm on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in my first ever reread of the series since I read books one through four when they were released (or a couple years after). I had the first five books, started book five twice and got about halfway through each time before giving up. This time I am going to read all seven! It amazes me how much of these things I remember too. And yes, I've seen all the movies, but most of them I've seen all the way through only once, minus the first one, because I owned it. But it had been yeeears since I watched any of the movies!

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  1. Hate.Brock.Turner.Too!!! This has to stop. What should go on and on is your sweet style!! Love all your looks and happy you got the tan colored ,military jacket too, I LOVE it on you!! I love rusts in the Fall too and you look so cute in those peplum you!! Have a great week ahead!!

  2. The BT situation gives me SO much rage, that I can't even talk about it. In total agreement. Love the stripes/vest combo. Always a fave of mine!!!

  3. F*ck Brock Turner. And his dad. And the p.o.s. judge. And any motherf*cker that thinks like them. (Thanks for the post share!)

    I freaking love your style! The strips+green vest and the flowy shirt with the mint pants are seriously adorable! I'm trying so hard to dress well this fall and I might need to steal those looks :)
    Hell yes for plowing through the HP series! The third is one of my favs <3

  4. Yess, I really hope we can use the horrific situation to make positive changes and not just forget about what happened until it happens again and makes a big impact across the media. Love all of your outfits-- especially that jacket! The similar one (in burgundy) I wanted from Forever 21 is sold out in my size (I've been waiting for my thredup cash out), so I might try that one because I love the tan!

  5. Cute outfits! I like your style. Probably because it's pretty similar to what I wear! haha Hooray for reading Harry Potter! There's so many fun things in the books that they didn't include in the movies.

  6. So you finally made it through the 3rd book? YES! Keep reading girl.
    I love the olive green vest with the stripe shirt... I just saw a dress in that stripe - it makes me want to get it to wear with an Olive green jacket now!

  7. I love your Friday outfit! Very cute.

    Awhoo hoo on reading some Harry Potter goodness. I love Harry Potter. I just got done reading it for the second time & got to read The Cursed Child. :)

  8. Yay for cell phones and mirrors! Love your Wednesday outfit.

    We have our own rape case judge issues up here, but the one for the Brock Turner case seriously gives me the creeps. Seriously, he'd make me want to cross the street if I saw him.

  9. I'm the opposite of stylish but am trying to work on it a bit. I love your outfits a lot! That vest and those booties... Love!

  10. Congrats on finding the top online! I always want to do a "what I wore" post but I have the same issues as you do- maybe I should just go for it anyway. I see you're in the "wear white after Labor Day camp"- I'm always so torn about that! Love all your combos.

  11. Ughhh freaking Brock Turner man. That stuff still enrages me so much! I need to go through and watch all the HP movies I haven't seen any of them but I have read all the books except the new one once.

  12. I'm glad people are still talking about Brock Turner because I am still so mad I can hardly take it. I love all of your outfits, especially your olive pants. It's my mission to finally find a good pair of olive pants this year!

  13. Yay outfit pics!! You'd probably want to tear your hair out (like me) if you put them into their own post, haha. And I have no clue what I'm doing with my own outfit pics, so solidarity! (Everyone on those link-ups looks so profesh and I'm over here like heyyyy.... Ha!) Your outfits are sooo cute, can you dress me??

  14. I have no idea who Brock Turner is, but if you hate this person that is good enough for me, you are looking awesome in those outfits.

  15. I love all of your outfits! Especially that jacket! So cute. I want to reread Harry Potter again, I just have started the first one and can't seem to pick it back up... Have a great week :)

  16. I love the simplicity of your last outfit, but yet very put together as well.

    Thanks for the post share. Oh, and that article you shared. Ugh. Made me sick.

  17. The army green vest with a striped shirt is one of my favorites! I've been wanting a vest like that but I'm super picky with how they are put together, haha. You always post cute clothes... more outfit posts!?! And no worries about the iPhone pictures.. I think they look just fine!

  18. Mattie I have a DSLR and access to fancy editing software but I'm not still not a fashion blogger. It seems so odd to be to "stage" outfits that I'm not even actually wearing lol. Your iPhone works just fine, love the ootd from sept 8 best

  19. I really want to re-read the Harry Potter series! I know that my family owns all of them so I've been trying to track them down. And I LOVE that white top with the blue flowers, so cute!

  20. Seriously the Brock Turner sentence only being *3* months is so ridiculous. UGH. Now he can at least enjoy his favorite food- steak- with his dad now. (I don't remember if you said you read the letter but apparently his dad wrote that he can't even enjoy his fave food because of stress. poor little baby)

    Anyways, LOVE that vest with that striped shirt. Please come be my fashion guru and help me be cute. THANKS. Also I feel like I've tried to re-read the HP series 100 times. They're so good!! I just need to make time to FINISH them haha

  21. i would give up pants if it meant we never got raped again. okay, i don't want to give up pants, but seriously. we can vote and wear pants and be allowed to do things and work places but raping? no, sorry ladies, you don't deserve that luxury.
    i kind of prefer outfit photos that aren't fancy cameras or professional photoshoots. i don't have a dslr or whatever, just a point and shoot and i even hate getting that thing out, can't imagine an even bigger one lol. the iphone is just so handy dandy.