Northwest Native: The one with an awesome announcement and a horrible child's drawing of an owl.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The one with an awesome announcement and a horrible child's drawing of an owl.

Should I do all my post titles like Friends episode titles going forward? Once again, everyone who came here thinking my eggo was preggo--not the announcement. The announcement is number one on my list and in bold and all caps so you probably already saw it by now. But I'm going to keep typing anyway. ;)

That's right, I'm dipping my toe in the link-up water once again. (You may remember the monthly link-up that I was doing with Julie and Katie, but they no longer blog [regularly] and I didn't keep it up. Oops!) Lexi from Lex Be Livin' and I are starting a Wednesday link-up called 'Weekly Lessons'! These can be deep and meaningful lessons, silly lessons...anything! We know Wednesday is the day to link up with Nadine and Kathy for Confessions (one of my faves!), and the good news is you can totally make your weekly lessons and confessions overlap (and if not, just post early or late and still link up!). So, we hope to see your posts linked up on Wednesday, August 31st!

Using the heater in my car.
Fall is coming, you guys. It's really happening. (Don't remind me it's supposed to be in the 90s again this weekend, including today, because I will cover my ears and start saying 'la la la la la I can't hear yooooou.')

Wine rack.
During our Saturday shopping excursion, we went to Pottery Barn. This is not normal--we only did this because we still had a $30 gift card from our wedding. I don't know if you know this, but you can't get much at Pottery Barn for $30. It's not really our favorite store, because holy sticker shock. But Michael has started getting into wine more (yay!) and this wine rack was $29. I actually feel like it makes a huge difference in our kitchen/dining area. I was kind of at a loss as to what to put on the bar. (Also, this super sturdy/heavy wine rack was $29 and a candle was $29.50. I'm just so confused about Pottery Barn, you guys.)

All the neutrals.
As usual. See Wednesday's post for details. And see me trying on the chambray top and camo skinnies from that post below.

Having a library card.
This is always my favorite. But for some reason I had this really deep moment of appreciation for my library card this week. It was weird, but sometimes I'm weird. Like when I was little and reading the fourth Harry Potter book apparently (see the next favorite).

Reading (this has made the list for years).
Michael is rereading the HP series right now. I have only read the books once (and only the first four; I couldn't force myself to get through the fifth), so it's been many years since they've been cracked open. He opened the book on Monday and found this. So, yes, my love of reading is not new.
Hashtag 2 kewl 4 skool.

This article is my favorite because it's fascinating. I mean, I knew we lived in a verrrry expensive housing market, but this puts it even more into perspective. Also, see you soon, Pittsburgh! (JK...but dang.) Also, I always tell people we moved here because there's no way we could afford to buy a house in Seattle. This article proves my point, because that's more money than we make!

The robots have invaded.
I was stoked to not have carpet in the living area of our house. Come to find out, I hate sweeping a whole lot. I've wanted this robotic vacuum (a much cheaper alternative to a Roomba) pretty much since we moved in. Michael's mom bought it for us, and introducing it to the dogs was pretty hilarious. It seems to be working well, but this video was just taken last night and we let it run while we went to bed (it takes itself back to the docking station when it's running out of battery) so I can't give a full report.
New face wash.
Also just used this for the first time last night, and holy amazing! You're all like, "It's just normal Neutrogena face wash..." but seriously, I bought it because it was one of the cheapest options at the store and expected it to work just fine, but it tingled a little bit (I love things that tingle--it's why Burt's Bees is my favorite chapstick) and I don't think my face has ever felt cleaner than after using it.

This is only nine things but it's my party blog and I'll cry if I want to post whatever I want and hope that Krysten, Lindsay & Charlotte don't ban me for not linking up ten things that made me happy. Also linking up with AndreaErika, & Narci for Friday Favorites!

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  1. Let me just say, the fifth Harry Potter book is the worst. I've read the series countless times and it is my least favorite by far and always takes me a thousand more days because it's just slooow. But they get really good again after that and if you've seen the movies you really could just skip over that book. Pottery barn is stupid expensive but your wine rack is perfect! Have a great weekend!!

  2. That note in the HP book is so adorable! And you'll have to let us know your final decision on the vacuum. I keep debating.

  3. 1. LOVE the wine rack. 2. I have the same face wash and the tingly fresh feeling is the best. 3. I just introduced Max to HP. He says Harry Potter with a British accent. I think he still may be too young though. :) Happy Friday!

  4. Girl. The 5th HP book is one of my favorites. I strongly believe Hedwig would encourage you to soar back into reading it ;) Haha.
    That outfit is so classy and chic! Apparently the Midwest is where it's at as far as housing prices go. Hahaha. You should probably just move here. (Our market is similar to Cleveland & Pittsburgh, but less then that because we're not as urban.)
    My dogs would have a fit with the vacuum, too! Haha!

  5. Yay! I'll have to remember your link-up going forward... I am always struggling for ideas these days and that sounds like fun! :) PB has nice stuff but I think we own maybe 1 thing from there, and it was the result of a gift card from our wedding as well haha.

  6. I'm looking for a new face cleaner & Neutrogena is one of my favorites anyways so I'm picking some up this weekend.
    yippe for a new link up!

  7. That wine rack is really nice! We never go into Pottery Barn for the same reason. That store is just crazy expensive! I find it frustrating how expensive the Seattle housing market is. From what I've seen looking at houses around there, I still think that figure is too low. I'm a semi-fast reader, but the fifth Harry Potter book takes FOREVER to get through! It is good, just SO LONG!

  8. Ohh what a fun new link up!! And our confessions link up is only once a month these days anyways. And it could totally overlap! I have read all the HP books once...and that was about three years ago. I loved them and I have the new book but I want a refresh. I think I am going to try to watch the movies before I read the new one. I have never seen the movies.

  9. How have I never been here before--you have such a fun blog! You know what's funny? I'm watching all episodes of Friends. For the first time ever. I KNOW! One of my coworkers has been up my butt for ages about it and I kind of had to put it on the backburner to deal with family stuffs, BUT I'm going to pick it up again next week. And then maybe your headline will make sense to me :p

    Also your dogs are so cute! I actually played this clip and my parent's dog Pedro FREAKED out, lololol. so cute.

    I love having a library card. I'm there every week! I've never read Harry Potter books though. I KNOW! Also I haven't been to Pottery Barn in ages either. All their stuff is so $ but great score on the wine rack!!

  10. Love the chambray/olive combo! Actually the colour of your fitbit will pair with it nicely as a fall accessory as well :)

  11. Love the wine rack, but totally agree that everything at Pottery Barn is SO overpriced. Looks like you scored a great deal! If you love things that make you tingle, you should check out Lush's Mask of Magnaminty and/or Biore Self-Heating One Minute Mask. I've recently been trying some new products and those are at the top and you definitely feel a little tingle! Oh, and thanks for sharing that vacuum- I have all hardwood floors and hate sweeping but didn't want to pay for the Roomba!

  12. Yay a new link up!!! I love that wine rack. So pretty. I am digging the neutrals too. Love those pants!!! Let me know what you think of that vacuum. We are putting in hardwood floors soon and I don't want to sweep either. The Roomba is so expensive so if this one works well, I want to get it too!

  13. K maybe it's cause I usually come to your blog on my phone, I don't notice the sidebar as much, but I LOVE the picture of you and Michael on your wedding day with the leaves. That is just the prettiest. You should get it blown up for your place if you haven't already. (Look at me telling you what to do.. LOL)

    Love your link up idea. Might just have to mix it up and play along. I love Blog Paws WW and Confessions (although I've not done too many confessions as yet).

    Can I just say that I love your sense of humour and that I think we're soul sisters? You don't have to agree with my psycho pants self, it's all good. I just think you're swell. *cue sappiness* lol

    Your camo skinnies - did you get the 4 or the 6? I reallllllllllly like those. I've always wanted camo pants. Not sure I want to spend $40 Canadian and then shipping. God damn you Target for leaving Canada!!!! :(

    But seriously, what the hell is up with the numbers you need to afford a house in San Fran? That's flippin RIDIC man!

    Your new vacuum is awesome!! Your dogs reactions are priceless. Love the peering over the couch and approaching the robot, only to step back. LOL Love the apprehension, I'm sure that's exactly what the boys would be like, too!

    Have a great weekend hun!

    P.S. We'd never think of banning you darling. ;)

  14. Oooh the new link-up sounds fun! I want to get back to doing Confessions-type posts... I really fell off the wagon there ha! And I can't see a roomba-esque vacuum without thinking of DJ Roomba from Parks and Rec! I'm sure your dogs would love that too! :D

  15. Haha! I love the dogs with that vaccuum. They must be so confused.

    And yay for library cards, because I'm a librarian lol. I love that HP drawing too - hilarious!

  16. My Library card still feels good in my hands, lol!! You're so stinkin cute in chambray and Camo!!! Yay for that darling wine rack and your new link up! Sounds fun!! And I hope you have a marvelous weekend!!

  17. Never read any of the Harry Potter books my youngest however, has read them over and over again, I love my library card and I usually go to the library once or twice a month.

  18. I love going to Pottery Barn in the Fall and Christmas seasons only... mainly I find inspiration and then copy it at home, every once in a while I buy something but agreed some things are way over priced and others are just right!

  19. We have a roomba! It's awesome, mostly. Sometimes it gets stuck under the couch or stops in the middle of the floor, but for the most part it keeps up with the dog hair and we almost never have to clean the main floor of the house (which is great because I don't know what kind of maintenance to do with wooden floors. Swiffer?). It runs at night and our one dog used to wake us up barking at it, but now she's finally used to it.

    I love your owl picture!!! One of my sisters was obsessed with pairing off the characters and she had similarly childish doodles with Hagrid and Hagrid's girlfriend, Hermoine and Hermoine's boyfriend, and so on. All significant others were non-book characters of course.

  20. RIP Hedwig. I'm still sad about it lol.
    i have never tried that Neutrogena face wash so I am definitely buying that next time i see it.
    yay for your link up! i have a post that day scheduled already and it's not really lesson-y at all but i will link up one of the next times.
    i despise sweeping. we put flooring in soon after we moved in and got rid of the carpet, and i miss the carpet lol. i want a robot.

  21. I'm not ready for fall either - why does summer ALWAYS go so fast and winter drags on forever!


  22. Yay for the new link up! Sounds like a fun topic too, especially if you add in some confessions along with it. I don't think I've ever shopped at Pottery Barn but what the heck? How are those two things the same price?! That top is cute too! I just walked through the Target clothing section for the first time in about a month (shopping ban...) and there are SO many cute things now. Thankfully the month is almost over, right? I definitely might need to look into one of those robot sweepers since we have all hardwood floors now. LOL at the dogs freaking out about it too.

  23. Love that wine rack! My roommate just got a wine fridge for her birthday so now we have a liquor cabinet, a wine rack, and this fridge...not at all extravagant. #jk

    That article makes me want to cry. I'm from Pittsburgh and I moved to DC BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE THE TEACHING JOBS ARE DARN IT! I might just have to join your link up even though I'm another not so regular blogger;)

  24. Um... I want to say all the things on this!!!!!! But I'm just going to say that you're awesome, that wine rack is awesome, your new linkup sounds awesome, and HP is AWESOME! ;-)

  25. Oh my gosh at that hedwig-- so cute! I actually only read the first 4 HP books when they first came out, and then two (or 3?) years ago reread the entire series and loved it. Report back about the robot vacuum! I would loooove one.

  26. I used to use that Neutrogena face cleanser for years? Why did I stop? I don't know. What I do know is I'm going to start using it again.
    Weekly Lessons....hmmmmmm...something to ponder.
    I love the camo/chambray combo.

  27. Don't feel like you need to reply to this comment: I just wanted you to know I love the link-up idea and I am so excited for you!!!!! That is all. :)

  28. ha, so cute! I love the roomba vs. dogs. Let me know how that vacuum works out! We are all hardwood and I'd love a cheaper alternative. The wine rack is cute! I don't generally pay full price at places like PB too, unless it's something with some real pizazz.

  29. I'll have to try that facial cleanser. I like things that tingle too. That wine rack is pretty. I don't shop at Pottery Barn, for the same reason you mentioned.

  30. You're so right about Pottery Barn not having much available for $30, but the wine rack looks totally worth it! It's always the best when husbands start to like wine a lot too! Rumbas are so awesome! My sister has one and she loves not having to deal with all of the hair from her collies!