Northwest Native: Monday Favorites [8.8.16]

Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Favorites [8.8.16]

Oh you know, just some favorites on a Monday. Favorites are not just for Fridays, you know.

Having awesome in-laws/Farmgirl Flowers
My sister-in-law who works for Farmgirl Flowers asked if I would be at work on Friday and what the address was. This gorgeous bouquet and these champagne bears showed up that morning and I was so excited! Their bouquets are seriously so unique--this one had blackberries in it! The card said it was for National Sister Day, which was Sunday. I'm so happy I adore my in-laws.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Powder Foundation
First things first: 1. I got this free from Influenster, but all opinions are my own. 2. I always try to take non-smiling pictures of myself and usually hate them. This one is okay...but I feel like the more I look at it the more self-conscious I feel about it. 3. I look airbrushed. I'm not. It's this foundation/the fact that I'm standing next to a window (natural light, y'all!).
So, the foundation. I love it! It's the fastest I've ever put foundation on before. I just swipe it on and I'm done in like two minutes. Serious. This picture seems to show otherwise, but I do think I need to get actual concealer to use with this though. Coverage is great on my skin, but not so much for using to conceal the dark circles. (Lip color is Think Pink--and I got it at Walgreen's on sale for 2 for $3!)

Facebook Memories
This picture came up on Facebook last week. It was taken on August 3rd, 2013--my brother's wedding. A few months ago I would've seen this picture and only cared that I was heavier then, but now, any picture of me with my dad is an absolute favorite.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Has anyone else watched this on Netflix? We're half way through and I'm loving it. I had heard good things, and I had no idea going into that it's a musical. Kind of. It's totally over-the-top satire, and it's hilarious. It's definitely adult content, so keep that in mind if you have kids or if that might make you uncomfortable.


New Workout Clothes
No, I haven't bought any. I'm still in my August shopping ban. But I'm doing pretty well with being active and think it's time (in September!) to toss the workout clothes I don't love and get some fun ones that will hopefully motivate me even more to get my exercise in. I have wanted 'fun' workout leggings for what feels like forever, and Target always has super cute ones...but their leggings don't fit me even close to right. Old Navy leggings fit me perfectly, but I usually am not a fan of the patterns they have. UNTIL NOW.
workout gear
My favorite pattern of the crops is the left one. I love my other Old Navy compression leggings and crops (I prefer crops though).
I have two pairs of running shorts, one with the normal built-in underwear, and the other with built-in long spandex, and I am just not a fan of the long spandex built-in. I'm not sure how you're supposed to wear it. Are you supposed to pull it down so it's way below the nylon part? Or are you supposed to bunch it up to hide it? Either way, they aren't the best with my thick thighs. I'd like to get rid of those and grab these black perforated shorts or these gray (with leopard print!) running shorts.
I have the lavender top and it's one of my faves. I'd like to get a couple different colors of this shirt!
I'm a big fan of open backs. And neutrals. Sooo to incorporate my beloved olive green into my workout clothes, along with color blocking and an open back? Sign me up.

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  1. That was a very kind gift gesture from your SIL.

  2. I'm always promoting ON work out stuff. I love their leggings & their tanks!!!
    Those flowers - how thoughtful is that!!!!
    I need to check out that Netflix show - sounds like it would be a great laugh on a boring weekend

  3. Those flowers your SIL sent you are gorgeous!!! And I have been wanting to try those gummy bears for forever! Were they everything people claim them to be? Your makeup looks awesome so I will have to check out that foundation! Hope you have a great week!

  4. I love that you came across that pic of you and your dad :)
    And that picture of the make-up example is gorgeous! I think the lighting is great!!
    I have such a hard time finding workout clothes. I hate spending too much money but I need some of the spandex/nylon shorts. (I think it's supposed to help with chub-rub/shorts riding up. My thighs need that assistance. haha!)

  5. That lipstick looks great on you! And beautiful flowers! I'm also easily motivated with cute new workout clothes, I've never used Old Navy's bottoms, but I do have a few of their workout tops which have been great and super comfy!

  6. Your SIL sounds like the best, and the flowers that she sent you are so pretty! I've heard nothing but great things about those gummy bears, so obviously I need to find them soon so I can try them! I had no idea that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was on Netflix! I had seen previews of it, but didn't know what channel it was on. I might have to check it out!

  7. That's so nice that your sister-in-law sent you flowers!! I've never gotten flowers at work from anyone before--I think I would die, haha! Literally all of my workout leggings are black. Like, I bought a pretty blue pair and I never ever wear them. For some reason, I'm self-conscious of being all bright and sparkly at the gym (or yoga/physical therapy, let's be serious). Oh, and your selfie looks great btw! Jealous of your lovely straight hair!

  8. What a sweet gift from your sister-in-law! I've been wanting to try those gummy bears! Love the lavender work out top you got! I might have to pick that up.

  9. That bouquet is gorgeous! What a sweet SIL you have! That foundation does look flawless - I think I need that!

  10. That foundation looks amazing on you! Have a great week <3

    Edye | Http://

  11. That bouquet of flowers is really quite stunning and so unique! Love!

    See, I'm with you. If you need an instruction manual to figure how a piece of clothing and how the FK to wear it, no. Just no. That's too complicated girl, love on. Have you tried padded bike shorts? Lololol, youll feel like you're wearing a cross between a maxi pad made for a giant and depends. It's so sexy. Moving along.... Lolol

    That picture of you and your Dad is beautiful. Print it and frame it, girl.

  12. i feel like we are the same person right now haha well just with our shopping freezes and whatnot. my mum is coming to the US next month and i am planning on shopping (it will be 3 months of no shopping so i deserve it!) and some of the things i want to buy are more workout clothes. i have a lot i don't even like, it's so silly. and i hate the spandex shots underneath like running shorts. also, i feel like an idiot with non smiling pictures too. you look fabulous though! i will check out that foundation (you know, when i'm letting myself spend money again).
    love that picture of you and your dad <3

  13. Nice sister in-laws I can relate too as I have a nice sister in-law

  14. Old Navy shorts are the best! And they are always on sale too which makes them hard to pass up. I have quite a few pairs of their regular shorts (not the ones with the spandex) & they are awesome for working out. I don't normally wear leggings unless it's cold out but I think I need those royal blue & black printed ones now. That foundation looks great on you! I have been loyal to Revlon Colorstay but I'd be open to giving Maybelline a try. And those flowers are beautiful! :)

  15. You sister in law is precious!!! Was just with mine Sunday and she had chilled moscato waiting for me since we had just moved our son to college and had a box of the softest kleenex by the bed. You're so BE-U-TI-FUL!!! Fun foundation! Here's to a great week ahead sweetness!!

  16. Oh my WORD. That bouquet is amazing and how sweet of her to randomly do that for you?!?! I love it!! :) also, I have the Old Navy black perforated shorts and LOVE THEM. They are my new go to pair. I found them for like $9 at the store (Which I hadn't gone in in forever prior to that day) and am so happy I snagged them! I also got the foundation from Influenster and LOVE IT. I'm usually a liquid foundation girl but this has changed me!

  17. Those flowers are beautiful! And I love how you can tell how close you are to your in-laws. I'm envious.

  18. I recently got rid of a bunch of old workout stuff because it's definitely something you want to be flattering and comfortable and functional! Loving that open back tank! That bouquet is so pretty and I still need to try those gummies-- everyone says they're so good! Such a sweet photo of you and your dad <3 and that foundation sounds amazing- you look gorgeous!

  19. That makeup really does look great on you! Love that it went on so smoothly and quickly! :)

  20. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  21. Hi! It's me, Elle!
    I LOVE Fb memories!! I do Timehop, and it's always fun to see those daily.

  22. I want to try that foundation now. Your skin looks great! Love facebook memories! How cool was it that your flowers had blackberries in them! I love the champagne gummy bears. My favorite!!!

  23. Those flowers are beautiful, how nice of your sister-in-law! And I love that photo of you and your dad—I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m sure that those photos hold such dear memories to heart.

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’