Northwest Native: Blogger Love [8.5.16]

Friday, August 5, 2016

Blogger Love [8.5.16]

Sharing some blogger love on this Friday! Go check out some of my favorite posts/bloggers this week!

I already mentioned this in Wednesday's post, but Sara gave birth to her fourth baby (a beautiful little girl) early this week. She had an emergency c-section and was in a medically induced coma after suffering an amniotic fluid embolism. Sara came off the ventilator, opened her eyes, and was talking to her husband yesterday...and then last night, I saw that she was moved out of the ICU, they had named their little girl, and she even posted an update of her own on Facebook! Please keep her in your thoughts or, if you feel so inclined, make a donation. It's finally pay day today, so I will be making a donation of my own.

Olya posted for the first time in two weeks yesterday with good news! Also, I was her very last guest post on Wednesday (shameless plug). I'm so happy to have her back and to hear that her recovery is going well.

Chelsea wrote a great reminder to be inclusive. This post so resonated with me.

This was last week, but Rebecca wrote a great post that was very similar to Chelsea's in some ways, even though it was different. That doesn't make sense...but one is about inclusion, and one is about knowing your worth even if you may be feeling left out because of where you are in life.

I really would post more...but I didn't compile this list as I read blogs, I tried to do it all after the fact, which is not the most efficient way to do this. I just know I missed out on a ton of other posts that I loved recently.

On a personal note...

And by personal, I don't mean deep and profound. I just mean it's not a blog post I'm sharing.

I bought two lipsticks the other day, because I'm always wanting to start wearing it. (I sounds like I'm stepping into dangerous territory...but wait for it.) I've admitted before that I'm not a huge fan of makeup. I really only need one of each product, I don't switch just to try something different. I don't like to spend a lot of money on it. So much so, that when Michael and I walked into Walgreen's I was making disgusted faces at the idea of spending eight dollars on lipstick. I'm cheap, I know. But then...

I found this. For the Mattie-approved price of...two for three dollars.

Yep. I picked up Think Pink and Wine Room. I wore Wine Room yesterday and I couldn't get a picture that I liked, but trust--I put it on at 7 a.m. and my lips were still rockin' that shade at noon. And that's after one cup of coffee, one water bottle, and one apple. I will say, I think it's kind of drying, but you can remedy that with lip gloss or applying chapstick and a new coat. (I always put chapstick on before lipstick anyway.) And for that price, I can deal.

I promise this isn't sponsored, I was just really excited to get lipstick that lasts for $1.50 a pop!

*Comments turned off. Go check out one of the posts above! Or go shopping for lipstick. You do you.

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