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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Accountability [8.7.16]

I am toying with the idea of posting about my weekly activity, to try and hold myself even more accountable to my lofty goals this month. Megan does her Weekly Workouts post every weekend, so that's where my inspiration came from! (Side note: Weekly Workouts is super catchy and when I was trying to think of what to call this, that kept popping in my head over and over. So I hope you enjoy my very much less catchy 'Accountability' title.) Since I'm at the beginning of my month of fitness goals, it's going to be harder than it is at the end of the month (or that is my hope, at least) so I'm just going to ramble my heart out to try and work things out. This will probably be a boring post for everyone else, but I think it will help me keep up with my goals (hence the title).

I have to preface this week with saying that on Saturday, July 30th, we laid down sod in our backyard. We opted to pick it up ourselves instead of waiting a week for delivery...which meant we had to load 63 rolls into the back of my parents' truck. I have zero upper body strength, so this was rough. I carried them to the truck, and Michael arranged them in the truck. Michael did everything else. He carried all 63 rolls from the truck to our yard (much farther than I carried them), he laid each roll down (I'm not a terrible person, I just had to take our car in for recall work)... But anyway, on Sunday my entire body was sore. And it was still sore on Monday. And my legs were already sore on Saturday because I ran for the first time in months on Thursday night. I went about a mile and a half on the treadmill on an incline the whole time. Holy brutal. And then we rode bikes Friday night. I have been doing my arm workout routine with my little baby five-pound weights...but like I said, zero upper body strength. So I actually feel it when I do the workout every night (or most nights).

Monday, August 1st
Steps: 10,053
Active Minutes: 57
Activity: I got extra steps and some active minutes because the dogs can't be on the sod for two weeks, so now I have to walk them to go potty (pretty far, actually, because we don't have much area in the front of the house for them to pee and I don't like letting them potty in people's yards) four times a day. I also ran with Michael, which was my first non-treadmill run in probably at least a year. It was SO. HARD. On my treadmill run from Thursday, I burned more calories and was in higher heart rate zones, but that felt so much easier! (Both runs were about 1.5 miles.) Why is that? Because of the air conditioning at the gym? I don't know, but it was rough. Question: Does anyone else in the world get itchy when they workout? I sometimes get it and it's horrible. It's intense and and feels like it's inside my skin, so it's not just my clothes. This article and others suggest it's caused by histamine or vasodilation...but I take an allergy pill every day, and I don't experience this itching on the elliptical, or at zumba, or on the treadmill...I only experienced it on our outdoor run. It made the run that much harder.

Tuesday, August 2nd
Thoughts: I was ravenous this day. I took lunch at noon, half an hour earlier than usual, just so I could go home and eat. I also always bring back snacks for the afternoon (this day it was chips, carrots, and grapes) and I ate all three immediately instead of spacing them out until the end of the day as usual. Monday I was not this hungry, though some days before that I was. I figured that was because of my 'monthly gift' and it must be winding down. But, nope. Still here this day and making me hungry as ever. I felt sluggish and craved chocolate that didn't help. I was also sore from so much physical activity in the previous days as compared to the usual. You have no idea how hard it was to make myself do anything. I had actually resolved to fail my 10,000 steps every day goal (on the second day!) and got myself some Rolos and watched Pretty Little Liars and it was great to just relax and do nothing. And then I said what the heck are you doing, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go walk and don't ruin your goals on the second day of the month! That kind of motivation is so unlike me, so I'm really proud of myself! I'm definitely no Morgan, but I think I'm headed in the right direction. (And no, I don't regret the relaxing or the Rolos. I think if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have recharged enough to force myself to get my steps.) I only had about 5,000 steps before my walk, so it took a while (hence the 58 active minutes--I only had 10 before the walk).
Steps: 10,293
Active Minutes: 58
Activity: Walk!
Really disliking the new Fitbit dashboard where going to the previous day doesn't show your sleep for that have to actually click on it to compare your past sleep. I seriously thought I slept the same exact duration/times two days in a row for a minute until I realized!

Wednesday, August 3rd
Steps: 10,367
Active Minutes: 57
Activity: Treadmill run + walk; walking the dogs to potty added some active minutes too, as usual.

Thursday, August 4th
Steps: 10,734
Active Minutes: 67
Activity: Stair climber, elliptical (+ dog walking in the morning)

Friday, August 5th
Steps: 10,243
Active Minutes: 51
Activity: Walk. I had planned on Friday being a more restful day (plus cheat meal day), but then I remembered that it's mostly impossible to get 10,000 steps on a work day without at least taking a looong walk. The good news is that means as long as I'm getting 10,000 steps a day, I'm very likely getting at least 30 active minutes five days a week, right?! So I'm killing two birds goals with one stone.

I kind of loved writing this, because I felt like I could ramble as much as I pleased and not turn anybody off. I mean, I do think it's pretty boring, but unlike my other posts that I want people to like reading, I didn't actually worry about my rambling or try to cut it down. But I figure a lot of people won't read this past the first few lines. Or maybe they'll just vaguely skim it. But the whole point of me posting this is so it's out there. So I can't hide if I fail my goals the very first week of the month. And I think knowing that I was going to post this made me try harder. When I have a whole month between goal posts, I often forget/slack at one point, and then try to pick it back up. Or I just totally throw in the towel. [Next post will be Saturday-Friday, as will following posts! Not sure if I'll continue this after August, but I do plan on keeping it up for this month.]

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