Northwest Native: Accountability [8.30.16]

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Accountability [8.30.16]

I am getting so sick of this. Really. For a while I felt empowered and awesome but I'm definitely in the downhill slump. I'm a person who needs a break. Sometimes you just have to come home and sit and do nothing. Or maybe only I need that. But I do, for my mental health. Wrote that and then took a break (you'll see)... Either way, this will probably be the last of these posts for a while. I'll probably just use my goals update post to recap the last few days of the month.

Sunday, August 21st
Steps: 10,030
Active Minutes: 0
Activity: Obviously nothing to give me active minutes, but...more shopping. Saturday and Sunday we shopped for hours...and I didn't buy anything. Sunday was even harder because we went to Old Navy and Target and I found a bunch of things I absolutely loved (see Wednesday's post for evidence).
Monday, August 22nd
Steps: 10,151
Active Minutes: 52
Activity: Elliptical; walking around in circles before bed until my wrist vibrated (for those not in the know, your Fitbit vibrates when you hit 10K).
Tuesday, August 23rd
Steps: 10,185
Active Minutes: 52
Activity: Blew off Zumba because I was majorly not feeling it. Then had to walk FOREVER. I walked outside for a long time, then still had to walk in circles in my house to get there.
Wednesday, August 24th
Steps: 11,282
Active Minutes: 53
Activity: Stairclimber + elliptical. I didn't want to go to the gym all day but wasn't going to walk forever again, so I made myself go and felt awesome after. And I ended up well over 10K without even having to pace in my house!
Thursday, August 25th
Steps: 5,196
Active Minutes: 8
Activity: If you guessed 'none,' you are correct! Towards the end of work, I had a stomach ache, but I told myself it wasn't too bad and I'd workout through it. Then it pretty much went away. And then it came back with a nasty vengeance and there's no way I could've worked out through it. I got home and it went away while it was still light out and I guess I could've walked, but it was still really hot out and I would've had to walk forever. I probably would've forced myself to do it if I hadn't already failed this goal (on accident) earlier. I don't regret it or feel guilty. It was nice to have a break and it recharged me for the next six days.
Friday, August 26th
Steps: 10,304
Active Minutes: 49
Activity: Stairclimber, elliptical <--- the sweatiest elliptical session of all time.
Saturday, August 27th
Steps: 10,086
Active Minutes: 51
Activity: Partial walk in my mom's neighborhood waiting for her to get home, two full walks of the neighborhood with Mom later that night.
Sunday, August 28th
Steps: 11,807
Active Minutes: 55
Activity: Walked the same lake I walked two weeks ago, this time with my mom and same brother as last time.

FINAL REMINDER: The first installment of Lexi and I's linkup 'Weekly Lessons' will go live tomorrow (Wednesday)! It will be open until 11:59 next Tuesday (because after that it'll be time for the next one to open up!).

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