Northwest Native: Accountability [8.22.16]

Monday, August 22, 2016

Accountability [8.22.16]

You should know the drill by now, since this is my third of these posts. It's not quite as interesting/jam-packed as last week's.

Sunday, August 14th
Steps: 10,995
Active Minutes: 66
Activity: Walk. Michael, his mom, and my brother all walked the lake near my hometown. It's about three miles, and my brother lives a few blocks from it. We walked from his house and we ended up skipping a small part of it and just cutting across on a bridge because my brother's dog was not having it. She kept laying down because it was hot and she was exhausted (photo evidence below). Also I packed the bare minimum to stay at my mom's two nights (thinking we'd only stay one, but just in case--which is good, because we stayed two) so I got to borrow shoes and socks from my mom, wear denim shorts, and sweat like crazy in a normal non-sports-variety bra.
Monday, August 15th
Steps: 16,717
Active Minutes: 56
Activity: More walking. We walked with Michael's mom at various places in Portland. I actually had 28 active minutes, so while we were in the grocery store that evening I just walked back and forth down aisles (and people probably thought I was crazy) to make sure I got at least 30. And then I ended up walking the dogs that night to try and tire them out so they'd stop barking at Michael's mom.
Tuesday, August 16th
Steps: 10,039
Active Minutes: 60
Activity: Zumba/almost forgetting and not getting 10,000 steps (again) but remembering at the last minute and jogging in place before getting into bed. All the active minutes were from Zumba, but still. Also...still no 'normal Tuesday' because I worked a half hour later to make up time missed dropping my mother-in-law off at the airport that morning. (My normal Tuesday workout is 30 minutes on the elliptical while passing the time until Zumba, then Zumba for an hour.) Apparently August is not my month for that.
Wednesday, August 17th
Steps: 10,218
Active Minutes: 42
Activity: Run/walk on treadmill
Thursday, August 18th
Steps: 10,018
Active Minutes: 47
Activity: Elliptical
Friday, August 19th
Steps: 10,049
Active Minutes: 54
Activity: I was going to go to the gym, but Michael wanted to go to a movie that night (and I didn't want to have to clean myself up--I like to go the gym and then shut myself in the house) so I just walked in circles around the office for the last 10-15 minutes of work (no one was there and I got zero emails and calls in that time). I don't want to tell you this, but we saw Sausage Party. I thought it looked really dumb (and I was correct in my assumption) but Michael wanted to see it, and you do these things for people you love. After that I had to walk in circles around the house for forever. And we don't have air conditioning. And it was a high of 99 (according to AccuWeather--according to our car/digital signs it was over 100). So horrible. And so regretted not just going to the air conditioned gym.
Saturday, August 20th
Steps: 10,908
Active Minutes: 24
Activity: We pretty much always get 'fancy' coffee every weekend day, so I decided to walk to get mine. And then we shopped. We went to the mall and looked at Ross, Nordstrom Rack, boy stores, and I got some scent plug-ins at Bath & Body Works because I needed some. We have two of the Wallflowers, and since it was like 107 degrees I couldn't bring myself to put fall ones in yesterday, so I got two Beautiful Day plug-ins for now, and four fall ones for once those run out. Also, there were lots of things I loved at Nordstrom Rack but I didn't buy them because shopping ban. I can't believe I haven't cracked. (The ban is only on clothes/shoes/accessories, in case you're confused on how I bought BBW stuff and didn't break the ban.)

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  1. Good job getting your 10,000 steps every day-- even if it meant jogging in place or laps at the grocery store! I'm so intrigued by the sleep tracker-- do you find it to be pretty accurate? Or do you notice it makes a difference on nights where you can't sleep well or toss and turn?

  2. You are truly inspiring me to get out & walk some more. Its supposed to be a cooler week so I may put the feet to the pavement this week & get my FITBIT count up.

  3. That dog is so over it. Haha.
    I like how you specified "boy stores", lol.
    I'm seriously so impressed by these +10,000 steps in a day. Way to go! I think Sausage Party looks stupid, too, but K giggles every time the trailer comes on. We'll probably end up seeing it, too. *sigh* haha.

  4. Good job, girl! I know people totally think I'm crazy when I pace up and down or all around trying to get steps in, but you gotta do what you gotta do! ;)

  5. GO YOU!! :) you did great. Currently since getting our new phones last month my fit bit won't sync w/ this one - I've tried "Resetting" it like 4x and no success so I need to call them. I want it to sync so I can keep track day to day again!

  6. Do you not despise when you're sweating your bag off and you're not wearing a sports bra? A couple of times I've forgotten one at home and hells no I won't compromise my gym goings. It's gross.
    Crap man, I was a swampy mess after Shred today, and I look around and some people haven't even broken a sweat. HOW people?!?!

    Your brother's dog IS hot, I can tell by the froggy sprawl out. Lol
    I locked myself out of a house this weekend WITH a dog in their backyard. And a second dog INSIDE, in his crate. That was FUN, the. An hour later, fuc*ed, I got the okay from the owner on the phone that if I could fit in the kitchen window, go ahead and take the screen out and give 'er. And so I did, face first into the window into the kitchen sink. Lol!!! I swear I need hidden cameras on me, I'm such a putz!!! Lol

  7. You're doing great! Lots and lots of steps - nice!

    Okay, that dog is cracking me up... looks a lot like mine and I love when he does the "frog dog" pose with the legs like that.

  8. I love your sneakers! I can't tell what color they actually are, but they appear to have purple laces, and I am all about that life!! And good job keeping up the shopping ban!! You can't ban yourself from everything, that would be crazy! (I totally still bought things during my clothes shopping ban eons ago, just not clothes!)

  9. Great job on your shopping ban! Going to Nordstrom Rack would be so hard on a shopping ban! I love how much of a motivator a FitBit is. I totally walk around at home to get 10,000 steps too! Haha.

  10. You might be a better wife than me for seeing Sausage Party because I'm already trying to see if he can get one of his friends to go with him instead. Way to go for staying strong with your goals though! I always feel like it's easier to get steps in when there's lots of outdoor activity involved, especially when in a new city or showing somebody around you're current city!

  11. Awww, poor puppy. Lol! One of my dogs is super hyper, but occasionally she'll decide it's lay in the grass time and that usually signals time to head back. Way to go with your 10,000 steps! I'm not even close to that - exercising 6 days a week is enough of a challenge, without trying to do steps too. Maybe once I get better at my routine. :P

  12. Over 10,000 steps everyday! That is awesome. I struggle with that at times.

  13. hahahaha sausage party!
    good job on staying strong with the shopping ban! i have to stay out of stores, if i went to a shop, i'd buy stuff lol.

  14. i absolutely love this. i've actually been thinking of doing something like this for awhile so seeing you start doing it makes me like.. yes. i'm going to do this, too.