Northwest Native: Accountability [8.15.16]

Monday, August 15, 2016

Accountability [8.15.16]

Back again. Last week I posted this on Sunday because I didn't want it to interfere with "normal blogging"...but then, I only blogged one day last week. I'm struggling with what I want to do with this blog. I posted that favorites post last week and then I was like...I didn't even like posting that. I like to talk about things I like here, but I don't think the favorites format is for me anymore. Maybe a 'currently' post is the way to blog about things I like. I don't know. But it made me feel like a bad blogger. And then I just didn't know what to do so I took the rest of the week off and here we are.

But I actually did like posting this last I'm posting it on a "real blogging day." And I'm leaving comments on. So, yeah.

Saturday, August 6th
Steps: 10,048
Active Minutes: 13
Activity: No real activity; those thirteen minutes were from walking my dogs in the morning.
Sunday, August 7th
Steps: 11,516
Active Minutes: 8
Activity: My active minutes were from walking the dogs again. But we went to the zoo and walked SO much. It was annoying to not get active minutes, but when you're stopping and looking so often, that's kind of what you get.
You guys, I have really mixed feelings about zoos. I'm not really going to get into it, but I do. Anyway, zoo pictures to follow for your enjoyment/so this post isn't only Fitbit screenshots.
Okay, so I'm kind of going to get into it. I know elephants are probably one of the most debated animals in zoos. (When we were leaving, there were actually protesters outside saying to free the elephants.) We went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle last year just before they shut down their elephant program (it was under a lot of scrutiny--I'm glad it was shut down). There was only one elephant, and it just stood there swaying back and forth. It was really upsetting, especially when I Googled it and found that they only do that in captivity because they're distressed. The elephant enclosure at the Oregon Zoo is newly renovated, the two elephants there followed each other around and got along really well (and no swaying back and forth). I was hoping they would play in the water, and they did! So cute with his (I'm assuming) trunk on her (I'm assuming) back, right? (I assume because after this it got a little PG-13 if you know what I mean.) So, anyway, while I'm not going to disagree with the zoo or the protesters, it's very clear that the elephant program at the Oregon Zoo is far better than the program at the Woodland Park Zoo was. And wow I just went on a paragraph rant about elephants in the middle of a workout post. Two thumbs up.
1. The shadows around my eyes are super creepy. 2. My legs actually look long and skinny, which is the opposite of true (not saying they're fat, but they're pretty short and stubby compared to my upper half). 3. Michael got the awesome traffic cone in the picture. I purposely cut it out of his because I'm a gem. (Yeah, yeah, cropping exists...but I'm lazy.)
Monday, August 8th
Steps: 10,874
Active Minutes: 65
Activity: Walking. Had a crappy day again, like last Tuesday. Just feeling blah.
Tuesday, August 9th
Steps: 12,943
Active Minutes: 67
Activity: Tuesdays are actually my big workout days. You wouldn't know it because the Tuesday before this was my pity party Tuesday, but I get off work at 4:30, head to the gym, use the elliptical for half an hour (usually done around 5:20) and then do Zumba 5:30-6:30. On this day, around 6:00 my stomach started to feel upset. Like, I thought if I continued to jump and move around I might poop my pants (you're so welcome). So I left. It felt extremely weird/upsetting to leave in the middle of class, but my stomach ended up hurting on and off for the rest of the night, so I think I made the right decision. (I didn't poop my pants, swear.) Hopefully next week I'll be able to do my full Tuesday workout for the first time in weeks!
Wednesday, August 10th
Steps: 11,557
Active Minutes: 43
Activity: Walk a quarter of a mile, run a mile and a half, walk a little over a quarter of a mile (treadmill). I actually felt like I could've run longer, but I had to pee and also had to get gas, go buy pillows for the guest room, and go buy dog treats. I'm convinced this run felt 'easy' because I was reading Inside the O'Briens and it's amazing. Lisa Genova is the greatest. I've read all of her books and rated them all five stars. I think I own Still Alice Kindle edition and the others were library books, but I decided I'm going to buy all of them in hard copy because I love them so much.
Thursday, August 11th
Steps: 12,014
Active Minutes: 56
Activity: Run--outside. It was awful. I went with Michael and we were going to shoot for two miles because of my good day the day before...and we stopped at a mile and decided to do two separate one-mile runs. We walked for a little bit, then started the second mile. Until I stopped at 0.69 because I was dying. So that's how that went. I do have to say that in the first mile I was trying to keep up with Michael's pace and I am not on his level. We ended up at 9:43 that mile (which is not good at all and still better than my pace, but also still slower than Michael's normal pace because I drag him down). BUT before all this went down, I had planned to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I drove to the gym, and then when I was sports bra was nowhere to be found. The gym is about 20 minutes from my house, but 8 from work. I decided going home and driving back wouldn't be worth it, but I could check and see if I left the sports bra on my desk (I unpack my gym bag to put my laptop on the bottom and then repack it). Nope. And I was devastated. Which is, of course, devastating, but it's also pretty awesome that I was actually excited to run on a treadmill. (Which might be due to not wanting to walk for an hour or run getting to read...but still! Progress! I'm usually way to keen to take any excuse the Universe gives me to skip the gym.)
Friday, August 12th
Steps: 15,758
Active Minutes: 73
Activity: I was going to work a half day (7:30-12:30) this day, because Michael's mom was getting in that night. My dad's celebration of life was Saturday (the 13th), and on Thursday at lunch I was thinking about that and thinking about him and lost it and couldn't stop crying. So Michael told me I should just take the whole day off. I decided instead to just work a half-ish day...but from home. So I worked a while, went to Zumba at noon, and came home and worked some more. I had over 9,000 steps by the time Zumba was over. I absolutely love that feeling. It makes me think maybe I should just work out before work and work 8-5 instead of working 7:30-4:30 and working out in the evening. I also cleaned like a madwoman that day and went to Costco, so that's where the rest of the steps came from.
Saturday, August 13th
Steps: 9,592
Active Minutes: 0
Activity: I think it's really weird that Fitbit counts walks as activity even if they don't give you active minutes for them. I had a 20 minute walk under my workouts, but no active minutes (from taking the dogs out). We had my dad's celebration of life on this day. I was on my feet a lot, but not walking too much. And yep, you'll see that I failed my goal. Almost made it to the halfway point. I was at about 9,000 and was jogging in place for a while, then we took our dogs out, and then we went to go hang out with Michael's mom before bed. And I just totally forgot. I wish I would've remembered, because I would've just jogged in place to get there... So close, but so far away. I'm mostly disappointed because now I can't say that I did it (and I was so close!). I'm well over 10,000 average daily for the week, though, so I'm not crushed. And now, this does not mean I'm throwing the goal out the window.
And now for some pictures from the day. My mom made picture boards and I just had to take a picture of these two pictures right next to each other. I can't always see a resemblance between my mom and I, but look at our facial expressions!
Just a picture of some of the fam. (My brothers have lost a combined total of 189 pounds! Kyle, in the middle, has lost 114 and Tyler has lost 75. And Tyler regularly goes on five mile walks and seven mile hikes and Kyle goes to the gym six days a week and has a personal trainer and I'm just over here like, "Well hopefully I can get 10,000 steps today.")
I know this is super unnecessary to include because it's basically the exact same but without Michael in it, but I have to. I hate my upper arms. I guess it's not hate, because I don't hate my body. I did when I was younger, but I'm past that. I should say, I'm unhappy with them. Kyle made this his profile picture and he cropped it so my whole arm wasn't there and I thanked him. Anyway...I really need to actually do more with weights. Cardio helps too...but I'm not just going to magically get super toned arms from that.
It was a nice day, 144 people signed the guest book, and we all gave speeches. Mine was the shortest of them all. I'm terrible at public speaking, so I didn't prepare a big long speech that I could screw up. I knew the gist of what I wanted to say, and went with that. I was shockingly not nervous to be talking in front of 100+ people. I was nervous before, but during, it didn't even phase me to have all those eyes on me. My sister's speech was very emotional, and she mentioned how we wish he wouldn't have missed out on being a grandfather and being there for her wedding. I cried during that part because those are both things I've cried about a lot. I'm so extremely grateful that he got to walk me down the aisle and dance with me at my wedding, but I'm really sad that he didn't get to do that for Kat. And don't even get me started on grandkids. I hate knowing that he won't meet our future kids and they won't meet him (crying as I type this, even).

Pulling myself together to close out the post... Again, it's apparent that I have to get my active minutes in on week days (aka week nights) because they just aren't happening on weekends. And this week I finally got to the point where I'd rather just go to the gym every single day and get my steps out of the way quicker than have to take hour-long walks, so that's huge for me.

And now, some questions for anyone who made it this far, since I'm reevaluating my blogging game. What kind of posts do you like from me? Are there posts I've done in the past that I should continue with (including these accountability posts)? Is every post I've ever written total garbage and I need to do something totally different? Are there any posts I've never done that you'd like to see me do? Do you have any questions for me and want a Q&A post? (I'm really really boring to be honest, and mostly everything about me is on the blog, so I feel really lame asking this. But you never know!)

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  1. UMM....BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! to both of your brothers!! I 'm over here as well being like I hope I can hit 10,000 today.... I lost my fitbit one awhile back, sometime in July and since I didn't want to cough up money for another one I went with a jawbone up2 which I got for free (cause free is always good), but the app isn't as sleek as fitbit so I'm sure I'll go back one of these days...hah

    You are killing it with the steps girl! Keep it up, also people who say the enjoy running I'm always just like pardon??? I used to run competitively but it's still tough as shit to run all the time. Thankfully most people can walk or run and that's free, no gym membership needed.

    liz @ j for joiner

  2. I'm loving how jam-packed this post is after your radio silence :) I enjoy opinion and life posts from you! You're hilarious. I'm still dying laughing about the upset tummy blurb during your workout on Tuesday.

    I'm glad the Celebration of Life for your dad went so well- you have such a beautiful family. I bet you guys made life so, so good for your dad. I worry about us putting off kids and family members not being around someday when we do have them, but I think family is always around- even if they're not physically here. They're the ones that give us sunny days and perfect moments :)

    I'm totally with you on the zoo thing. It kills me to see animals unhappy in captivity, but I love to watch animals and I'm all about the zoos that take in the ones that can't be released. I dunno. It's a tricky thing...

  3. I love all your posts -nothing stands out as something I'm passing on in your blog.

    I am the SAME way about zoos. I leave always feeling so sad for the animals & their small confined places. I feel claustrophobic when I have to stay in my office 9 hours a day - but I can leave. Those animals are STRUCK in those small places every day of their life. Its kinda cruel really.

  4. I’m in the exact same situation as you with blogging, struggling to figure out what I want to blog about and how to keep it consistent. (In fact, I just launched a reader’s survey today because I’m asking the same questions!) Favorites posts aren’t really for me either, and neither is the standard “currently” posts. Would you like to talk about doing a link-up together? We could make it something along the “currently” lines, but with a twist. A weekly link-up would also keep us both accountable for at least one post a week! Email me ( if you’re interested and we can further discuss.

    Congratulations on your Fitbit steps! I’ve never even gotten close to achieving my step goal that many times in a row. That’s AWESOME!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin'

  5. I think that there was a huge slump in blogging this summer and I hope that we all get rejuvenated for the the fall! I feel like my creativity is stronger then anyways. But I just like posts where the person is themselves sharing something about their life. What they did that weekend, a recipe, a product they like, random facts, whatever.

    As I have gotten older, sometimes zoos and aquariums depress me too. Like I think the Atlanta Aquarium is amazing and the penguins and seals always look like they are having so much fun! I went to the Chattanooga aquarium last year and I literally cried in their penguin area. They looked so miserable and I just wanted to free them all. So I totally get what you are saying about the elephants.

  6. I'm finally starting to get back into a blogging routine and it feels so good to have posts go up that I'm excited about. I have a post for Friday that's not quite a favorite post but not really a currently post- so I feel your struggle on finding a format. (I always love your favorite posts!) It's so frustrating when you get to the gym and then realize you don't have something and then you feel totally defeated. It sounds like the celebration of life for your dad was wonderful-- what a great way to honor him and have your family together<3 I enjoy all of your posts-- anything shopping/budget related or fitness or just general life/house updates!

  7. Yes indeed, a huge slump in blogging by all this Summer. Coming by your lil space in the Internet is a highlight of my day, I love it when you just talk about what is on your mind. I did that today with a humanity post and it felt great!! BTW I am addicted to my fit bit and totally random, but you look great in red!!

  8. I love your elephant rant. Slow clap for that haha. (Side note that I just learned that elephants are terrified of bees, so now I love them LOL!) What is a Zumba class like? Am I at risk for a panic attack? (I really want to do some sort of dance class/movement therapy, but I've gotten really overwhelmed like to the point of tears in classes before eek.) The celebration of life for your dad sounds lovely, albeit very sad. He seems like such a wonderful man. <3 As for your posts, I enjoy everything you write so maybe I'm not the best person for input, haha! I really enjoy your writing style, how funny and honest you are!

  9. my motto is blog what you wanna blog, girl. its your blog. i don't think i've ever read a post of yours i didn't like. but honestly, why waste time and energy churning out something you don't even want to do? my blog might seem boring to some, but i post what i want to post, regardless. i don't want to force myself to post something specific or be like other bloggers. who has the energy or cares for that?
    also,i feel you on zoos. i am also extremely conflicted. on one hand i'm like no, zoos are bad. and on the other i know they do good things sometimes. bad zoos should not ruin it for good zoos, but there you go.
    congrats to your brothers - that is amazing. i am with you on just trying to make it to 10,000. like, the other day, i had to walk around my house for 3k steps before bed because i was that far behind. i got dizzy! haha.
    9:43?! that's not bad??!!! i am slower than that.
    glad the celebration of life for your dad went well <3

  10. Way to go on staying so active during the week! I feel like I've just been crashing and burning on the whole staying active and eating healthy train this summer, probably because we've been doing so much more lately, and because it's hot outside, and who wants to do that much when it's hot outside. Anyways, keep it up, and that's so incredibly awesome how much weight both of your brothers have lost too!

  11. Well thank Christ you didn't poop your pants. Lol! I've been there and it's like "shit, am I going to fkn make it!?!?"

    I think I may have just deleted a massive Barbados post but have to log into gotomypc when I get home. God damn iPhone messed it up me thinks and if so, I'm not impressed. It was huge.

    I feel the same about Eles. Toronto's elephants were sent to a sanctuary in California (PAWS). They were old, unhappy, one elephant killed another accidentally when it knocked on over... Bob Barker was the one that finally made it happen and I tell you, they're so happy just living their lives, not for the entertainment of others. It's beautiful. I can't bring myself to goto zoos anymore. A year before the ladies left the Toronto zoo, I went and said my farewells and cried. I just can't do it, it hurts to see so many animals suffering because of corporations wanting to make a buck.

    Whatever you write, I always enjoy or am laughing, just saying. :-)


  12. Once a pond a time zoos were not the best places animals kept in cement enclosures but now days most zoos are awesome places many are open plains type zoos with lots of natural enclosures or am I clueless.

  13. Ok, I really need to get a fitbit. :) I've been thinking about it for months, I should just do it. I enjoy reading all your posts!

  14. Hi!!! I'm the worst blogger so don't feel bad!! I sort of feel like...we change all the time, so why would our blogs stay the same? Plus I think we are both very similar, we're doing it for fun and for us and it's not a job but we take it seriously sometimes so it feels like a job. (Am I making sense lol?) So first of all, YOU GET SO MANY STEPS!!! You should have been in the fitbit group I did a few months ago, you would have killed it lol. And don't feel bad about the active minutes. I did a crazy cardio workout this morning, went on two long walks with ted and mine only shows 9 minutes. Maybe it's because I work out in a small space and I do "stop" a lot. But I die. I'm trying to run at least once a week too. And I die, lol. OH and the elephants. I love you say you're not going to get into it and then you have to get into it, lol. I really don't know how I feel about the zoo either. Especially the elephants!! I would be crying for days if I saw that one swaying back and forth.

  15. Good for you!! You are really getting it, even if you think you aren't! I hate running as well, which I why I don't do it. But I run sideways, even on a treadmill...just run right off the sucker.

  16. Way to go on making your steps. I am sometimes so bad about it. Unless I go to the gym. But the struggle has been hard the last couple weeks with blazing temperatures.