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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wisconsin Trip: Green Bay

In case you missed it, you can read my recap of the first leg of the trip here.

I've mentioned this before many times, but in case you didn't know, Michael is a Packers fan. (Like huge, mega, die-hard Packers fan.) His dad lived in Wisconsin until he was a teenager and his family moved to Minnesota, so that's where it comes from. Michael has been to Wisconsin a ton of times, and to Green Bay five or six times. Anyway, once we decided to take a full week off for the wedding so we could go to Madison, there was no way he was going to be a couple hours from Green Bay and not go there!

We actually left our leftover cheese in Madison for Abby and Tyler to have, so of course we stopped at a roadside cheese shop on this leg of the trip. I've always said I hate goat cheese, but...I tried some there (it's actually a farm with goats where they make it onsite!) and I loved it. We got a super delicious aged cheddar...and then we went to take pictures with the goats! Have I mentioned that I love goats? We had two when I was growing up. The first was a huge jerk and would charge at everyone. He died, and we got another, and this one adored me. I could run in the yard and he would just follow me everywhere. I totally want my own goat some day.

We also stopped in Fond du Lac, because Michael's dad lived there for a while. We drove by where the house used to be, because unfortunately, it was demolished so they could put in a turn lane. Ha! I also went into a Piggly Wiggly for the first time and it was awesome. Not for any reason other than it's called Piggly Wiggly/I can now say I've been in one. (Oh, and we bought more cheese curds there. We have a problem.)

We went to Lambeau Field (where the Packers play, of course) before we even checked into our hotel! (Okay, we couldn't check in yet because it was early, but still!) It's pretty shocking to see a huge football stadium in this little tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It seats 85,000, and the town is only around 100,000 people! Also...all of the seats are filled with season ticket holders. And the wait list for season tickets is like a million years. It's nuts. But anyway, there are houses right across the street from the stadium, and some had subtle nods to the Packers, but a few went all out and painted murals on their fences, which was super cool. And I didn't take a picture because I was absolutely not in blogging mode on this trip. Oops.

We went to Titletown Brewing for lunch (Titletown is a nickname for Green Bay because they've won thirteen championships--the whooole city is so Packers-centric). I got pizza with mac and cheese on it, because I've wanted to try that forever, and it was just okay. I only added bacon because the waitress said it's too bland without an extra addition, which it would've been. I promise I didn't eat the whole thing. I didn't even end up eating the leftovers I took.

That night, we went to the four bars that were in walking distance of our hotel. We started with Brett Favre's steakhouse (but only got drinks). Yes, he owns a steakhouse there and it's named after him. And somehow it is still in business. (There was a while there when Packers fans really resented him.) They have this 'fame walk' or something that you can do with team history. We didn't do it, but I took a picture of Michael with Favre's number in front of the steakhouse.

After we finished our bar hopping, we drunkenly walked to Lambeau (because it was a straight shot walking distance from our hotel).

The next day, we took a guided tour of Lambeau. There are two options, and we did the more expensive one where you get to go somewhere extra. (I think the rooftop is the extra?) I'm just going to photo dump a bunch of pictures from that after a quick story. I've never really been a football fan. My family are Seahawks fans, but I never really was, and I became a Packers fan for Michael. But I never really felt like an actual fan, just a fan by extension...and I almost cried during the tour. Ha! We walked onto the field from the tunnel the players come out of, and they played recorded cheering, and a song, and the announcement that the players were coming onto the field...and I started tearing up. Hahaha! I think just because of all the history, how many players have gone through that tunnel, and how much football means to the city (and most Packers fans who don't live anywhere near there). So yeah, I'm embarrassing, but I also feel like I can now say I'm a fan.
^We took these pictures with the Lambeau leap statue before the tour...and I of course didn't actually pretend to do the leap like Michael did because I'd rather look cute than be accurate.
Hashtag awkward turtle/giraffe neck *thumbs up emoji*
Yes, my shirt says, "I married into this." It was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law and I love it. Ha!

And then we did a tour of the Packers Hall of Fame...
So this dude^ was in a room commemorating the 'ice bowl'. It was the coldest NFL game ever played or something (it was in the 60s, I think--that's the decade, not the degrees). Anyway, they had this player, and then they had bleachers with two fans, and they made it so you could see the breath of all three of them, which was cool.
Typical clothes-loving girl, but I really liked this display of how the uniforms evolved over the years.
Super Bowl trophies, what what! (Their other championships were won before they looked like this--and before they were named after one of their famous coaches, Vince Lombardi.)

And then we wandered the gift shop (which is something insane like twenty thousand square feet) and left to get 'breakfast' (except it was like 2 p.m.). We went to Pancake Place, which is one of Green Bay's more well-known restaurants. My one pancake was gigantic, and had bacon, ham, and sausage baked in. Michael got their other specialty, stuffed hashbrowns, eggs Benedict style.
Spotted as we were leaving. This isn't a legitimate ambulance. Someone just bought an old ambulance and decked it out, presumably to use for tailgating.

And there you have it. The next installment will be Minneapolis/the wedding and I have a total of two pictures for that it'll be way shorter than this, trust.

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  1. That pancake is intense... I'm sad your pizza wasn't stellar- I think it looks delicious! I love this photo dump! But I totally think it looks like that statue is checking you out. Hahaha!
    I understand your on-the-field emotion. I don't give a lick about basketball but when the Cavs won I cried because I could feel how excited Cleveland and my state was :)

  2. I can only imagine how much Michael was freaking out about visiting Greenbay and touring the field! I love your shirt that you wore on the tour! That's so awesome! I can only imagine the insanity that the town of Green Bay has surrounding the Packers!

  3. haha i'd rather be cute than accurate as well. that pizza with mac and cheese on it looks AMAZING, sucks it was just okay. if a waitress suggested i add something because it was too bland without it, i'd probably not order it. actually that's a lie, i quite like bland food. well, i don't like bland food, but everyone always tells me that the food i like tends to be bland. shutting up now.
    KC and I went to green bay when we first started dating - we drove like 8-9 hours from KY and it was our first road trip (actually still our only one on our own) and we arrived, stayed in a hotel, went to a game (vs cowboys, KC is a cowboys fan, horrible game for the cowboys and the next day they fired their coach lol) and we were FREEZING. went back to the hotel, slept, left. needless to say, KC planned that 'trip' and he is not allowed to plan things anymore. i'd love to go back and see more of the actual town, or at least eat somewhere other than the food we got at the game to heat our fingers up haha.
    thanks for linking up with us :)

  4. I never knew there was a thing where mac & cheese on pizza existed. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH! That looks amazing.

    The farm next to my dad used to have those fainting goats. I always felt so bad when they'd fall over stiff legged.

  5. Fun!!! I love Wisconsin! In 08/09 I had to go there quite a bit for work and I realized that I had underestimated it my whole life. It's pretty fun! And GOATS ARE THE BEST. Fun to be there with a diehard fan of the team, that always amplifies it!

  6. I don't know about this Packers fan business... ;-) (I'm from Chicago and so the Bears are my team after the Seahawks!) but seriously, I would love to visit Green Bay because the atmosphere seems amazing! Those fans love their team! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  7. That is pretty cool. I love all the places you visited. I have never been to Green Bay but I would love to visit. Such cute goats and you always have to stop for my cheese. Too bad the mac n cheese pizza wasn't as good.

  8. So cool to see the pictures of the stadium. My cousin's husband works for the Packers, so it's neat to see where he goes to work!

  9. Wow, that stadium is huge !! Loving your photos and all the stuff you guys did and places you went to. The goats at the beginning tho had my heart. :)

  10. I love the I Married Into This shirt, how cute!! I think my favorite part of the tour would have been those old uniforms, so cool!

  11. That is so awesome that you guys had goats! I think they are so cute, haha! I hope to go to a Packers game some day because they sound like a lot of fun. Curtis is a Chiefs fan so maybe we will make it up there someday. Their stadium looks awesome! And I have to get the Chiefs version of that shirt.. love it!

  12. That shirt is so funny! Luckily my husband and I have the same favorite sports teams (even though he's from a different city) or I would buy that! Looks like such a fun trip and it's really cool you got to go in the stadium. Thanks for linking up!

  13. Your shirt is super cute! That tour sounds really interesting, even though I'm not much of an NFL fan, other than fantasy football. Haha. How fun that y'all had goats growing up!

  14. I'm so glad you liked GB/Lambeau!! Packer fans are diehards, no matter where they live! my family actually has had season tickets my entire life so i get to go to quite a few games during the year. It still gives me butterflies being there!

  15. After your posts I officially want to try cheese curds now-- I actually have no clue what they are? I didn't get the leap statue at first, but sooo cool! That breakfast looks delicious!

  16. That mac and cheese with bacon pizza looks amazing! Bummer that it was just "okay" - it sure looks good!

    So glad you guys had such a great time!

  17. Only 100,000 people live there?! I seriously can't believe they fill such a big stadium then! You two are such cuties in your Packers swag. :) And how fun that you had goats growing up!